NBA Regular Season 2023/24, Tuesday, 11/14/2023

It’s a little NBA tidbit tonight at the TD Garden and according to my Celtics Knicks betting tip, the home side should come out on top.

The duo of Jayson Tatum and newcomer Kristaps Porzingis could well put one over on the New York Islanders for the second time this season. Especially as the C’s already seem to have found their rhythm

In my eyes, the Celtics are the team that can not only make the NBA playoffs, but may have already landed the right trades this early in the season to make it to the title this time around.

Nobody has come out of the starting blocks quite like the C’s and some of the trades that have been made in recent weeks and months have already hit the ground running. Most notably that of Kristaps Porzingis.

By the way, Porzingis made his debut for the Celtics on October 25, 2023 against the New York Knicks of all teams and helped Boston to a 108-104 season-opening win by scoring 30 points, eight rebounds and four blocks, including 15 points in the first quarter alone.

His 30 points, incidentally, set the record for most points in a debut in Celtics history.

The Latvian center gave the Knicks a fright the last time they met.

World champion Dennis Schröder’s Toronto Raptors also had to learn how difficult it is to contain Porzingis (21 points) in their 94:117 defeat against the Celtics last Saturday.

But that’s not the only top trade Boston has made. Jrue Holiday is another big-name addition who has not yet fully settled into his new role. Nevertheless, his performance potential is also huge!

This impressive combination of new quality players, coupled with the fact that the Celtics are still unbeaten at home with a 4-0 record, gives me confidence for tonight. They might even be able to climb to the top of the conference

Meanwhile, according to some reports, the Knicks were willing to trade three key players and two or three first-round picks in exchange for Joel Embiid from the 76ers.

The board has recognized the need to secure a powerful center like the Cameroonian, as there are deficiencies at that position that quickly become apparent, especially in duels against teams that excel at the five.

The “Knickerbockers” also have slight technical deficits in the zone compared to the Green & Whites and had to play a game against the Hornets last night at 6 p.m. CET, which they won 129:107.

It was supposed to be a close affair, but the upgrade after the Porzingis trade gives the Celtics a qualitative advantage at the board.

And of course, there’s Jayson Tatum, who scored 34 points in the first season duel between the two franchises. Against him, I very much doubt that the Knickerbockers have suddenly found a suitable recipe.

As a result, German bookmakers have understandably decided to assign the Green-Whites the role of favorites in their Celtics Knicks odds – with values averaging 1.25 to 3.90.

In addition, the Celtics have not lost any of their last six NBA home games against the Knicks in regulation time, even though two of those games were lost in overtime.

Still, I’m encouraged by the fact that the Knicks have lost their last two away games against teams that feature a strong center like the Pelicans (87-96) and the Bucks (105-110).

This suggests that they will probably not be victorious this time either. In my opinion, Kristaps Porzingis is one of the best players at his position at the moment.

Conclusion: There is much to suggest that the game at TD Garden will be similar to the one on October 18 during the preseason, when the Celtics prevailed 123-110.

With Porzingis, the Bostonians have acquired the center the New York Islanders would like to have, and with Jayson Tatum, they already have a player the Knicks don’t get along with at all.

If Jrue Holiday can at least reach normal form on Tuesday and the home crowd doesn’t let the home side down, the Celtics should remain unbeaten at home.

My Celtics Knicks tip: BOS wins with handicap -9.