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Champions League tips for all games of the 2021/22 season - our experts will help you with your betting tips with comprehensive Champions League predictions, professional betting predictions supported by analyzes and statistics as well as always up-to-date betting odds.

Champions League tips - all information at a glance

Would you like to bet on the Champions League? - This is how it works

“How do I bet correctly on the Champions League?” That is a question that every sports betting enthusiast asks himself. Because in addition to the Bundesliga tips, bets on the premier class are among the really big hits.

No wonder, because it is the best of the best who compete for the handle pot every year. What has to be considered is, above all, the consideration of the respective tournament phase.

In addition to the top clubs such as Bayern Munich, Paris St. Germain, Manchester City and Real Madrid , the eight groups also have a large number of outsiders who can cause surprises, especially in the group stage.

In addition, the fact that some of these clubs, which have made it into the 32 best in Europe, are not exactly among the best-known teams makes it more difficult.

This is how Champions League fans bet correctlyA season in the premier class has a lot to offer, especially with the right Champions League tips. (© IMAGO / PA Images) 

Who would have thought, for example, when predicting bets this season that Sherif Tiraspol from Moldova would pose problems for Real Madrid and Inter Milan? Even if the favorites regularly prevail, there is always a little room for surprises – even at the very highest level.

Exactly for this reason, in order to reduce unpleasant surprises from the weather’s point of view , the experts of the betting friends provide comprehensive forecasts of the games in the premier class, all of which are collected in our Champions League tips category.

Of course, for us betting enthusiasts, too, it’s about finding the right Champions League bets . Which tip promises value based on its betting odds? Which bookmaker delivers the best odds for the premier class?

These and other questions are answered in our betting predictions for the individual Champions League games.

In general, a few tips and tricks have proven themselves in Champions League betting. Due to our many years of experience, these can serve as a guideline for successful betting tips on the premier class.

Unfortunately – and this has to be emphasized again and again – there is no guarantee of success . However, with the necessary knowledge, at least the probability of one or the other gain can be increased or the risk of loss can be reduced.

This is how I bet correctly on the Champions League - 5 tips from betting friends:

Use expert knowledge: Even if your own knowledge of the Champions League is so great, it cannot keep up with the data pool of the betting providers. In order to make up for this disadvantage compared to the bookies, it is important to obtain comprehensive information. Tips from betting friends can be a support for this.

Find the right bookmaker: There are a large number of betting providers, who often focus on different things. Some put the focus on particularly attractive quoted favorite bets, with others, for example, special bets come to the fore.

In order to always be able to place your bets at the highest odds, it is advisable to register with several reputable bookmakers.

Hide personal preferences: Of course, the heart bleeds when the mind advises not to bet on your favorite club. To avoid this conflict of interest, it is advisable to ignore personal preferences when placing Champions League bets.

Be careful with favorite bets: Especially in the group phase of the Champions League, pairings can occur that contain a more than clear favorite position. However, caution is called for here, because it happens again and again that supposed underdogs trip the favorites.

As a rule, the wheat from the chaff has been separated from the wheat by the CL quarter-finals at the latest, so that the starting position is more balanced. Which doesn’t make placing the right bet any easier.

Control through money management: Sports betting should be fun and personal entertainment. Losses are not fun and, in the worst case, can have serious consequences. It is therefore important to keep your betting behavior under control.

Do not fall for the cardinal error by trying to make up for any losses with increasingly risky and higher-paying bets. Therefore, apply consistent money management (for example with units) in order to maintain an overview and control.

What is the most common result in the CL?

When asked which result is the most common in the Champions League, the answer is very quickly with a 1-0 home win. In contrast to the German Bundesliga, in which 1-1 is the most common (1995/96 to 2019/20 season), this answer is correct with regard to the premier class.

Our statistics expert Gerald checked his data pool and came to the conclusion that the 1-0 result was the most common result in the Champions League (including the European Champions League).

In over 10 percent of the 7746 games (as of November 9, 2021), the score was 1-0 at the end. This is followed by the 1: 1 with a little more than 9 percent. You can find a detailed list in absolute and relative numbers here:

The most frequent results in the CL (1955 - 2021)
  • 1-0: 798 times (10.30%)
  • 1: 1: 725 times (9.36%)
  • 2-0: 687 times (8.87%)
  • 2: 1: 651 times (8.40%)
  • 0-0: 585 times (7.55%)
  • 0: 1: 504 times (6.51%)

As of 11/10/2021, 7746 games in total

It is clear from these results: A Champions League tip on a close victory for the home team is very likely to work. However, both a goalless and the lowest draw can also be found in the top 5.

What's next? Champions League odds today for the 5th matchday


Ajax Amsterdam

* Odds as of 24/11/2021 06:28 . Information provided without guarantee. The quotas are subject to ongoing adjustments and may have changed in the meantime. 18+ | Terms and conditions apply.

How do you read Champions League betting odds correctly?

Betting odds provide the probability that an event will occur. This means that Champions League odds in the classic 1 × 2 bet provide information about the probability of the betting providers assessing a win, a draw or a defeat.

Every tipper should therefore have a certain understanding of the quotations when it comes to finding betting odds with real value.

The representation works best with the percentage specification. This means that we convert the decimal rate that is common in Europe into percent. This is easy with the following formula:

Convert betting odds: this is how it works!

1 / odds x 100 – probability in percent

Dynamo Kiev – FC Bayern
Kiev win rate: 10.0
1 /10.0 x 100 = 10
Kiev wins against Bayern with a probability of 10 percent.

Bayern win rate: 1.22
1 / 1.22 x 100 = 81.96
Bayern win in Kiev with a probability of 81.96.

How do I type CL at Tipico, Bet365 & Co.?

In order to be able to successfully place Champions League bets, it is of course necessary to open a betting account first. There are countless betting providers, the large bookmaker comparison of betting friends gives an overview of the best bookies according to our expertise. If you have decided on one bookmaker or several bookmakers for the purpose of optimizing odds, registration begins. This is kept simple throughout and usually follows the same scheme. Once this hurdle has been overcome, the first deposit must be made to the new betting account and any new customer bonuses to be received.
5 steps to your first successful Champions League bet:

1. Select a reputable bookmaker.

2. Complete registration and make your first deposit.

3. Select the tip you want.

3. Determine the bet.

3. Place bet.

Then it's in medias res, i.e. about choosing a Champions League tip. The range of different betting markets is extremely large, after all, no bookmaker wants to mess with the premier class, of all places. Then the desired bet that is appropriate to the risk is selected and the Champions League tip can be placed. If the betting credit has subsequently (hopefully) increased noticeably, the fruits can be harvested by means of a payout. Provided that the personal data is verified again in order to comply with legal requirements.

Can I earn money with Champions League bets?

It is of course possible to make money with Champions League betting , but whether or not you can make a living from sports betting is a completely different question. Although there are numerous sites on the Internet that claim exactly that, such offers that promise "quick and safe money" are strongly discouraged. There may indeed be one or the other professional tipster who makes enough money to be able to make a living from betting on the Champions League, but this is the absolute and extremely rare exception. In order not to get yourself into financial difficulties, we urgently advise you to view sports betting as an entertainment and hobby that, through perseverance and a little luck, can bring one or the other profit. A positive betting balance is possible, but the risk of a total loss must always be kept in mind. A consistently implemented money management can serve this purpose.

7 top bookmakers for Champions League tips















The English bookmaker giant is not generally one of the best in its field when it comes to football betting , but also in many leagues:

In addition to the Bundesliga bets and Premier League bets, the British bookie is also absolute top in the Champions League

Bet365 of course has all CL games in its repertoire, garnished with more than 100 additional bets per game.

Since the odds level is also very appealing and a large number of long-term bets are offered (overall winner, group winner, etc.), the British bookie for tips on the Champions League is highly recommended.

This is one of the reasons why Bet365 is our test winner in soccer betting !


/ 100


Our test result: Excellent

Because Bet365 can also convince with an exceptionally good live performance – also in the “premier class”.

On the one hand with a very good info graphic in which the action can be followed exactly, on the other hand with a large number of betting options.

Another plus: At Bet365 there are campaigns for Champions League games at irregular intervals.

→ To the Bet365 test report
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888Sport has blossomed into an absolute top address for sports betting in recent years. At least since the purchase of the traditional bookmaker William Hill by 888 Holdings, the bookie has also risen to the top of the industry in our test .

The betting offer in the premier class is extremely comprehensive. First of all: your Champions League tips are in very good hands there.

It goes without saying that all games in the premier class are taken into account. Usually the bookmaker delivers a number of betting markets in the three-digit range.


/ 100


Our test result: Excellent

Special feature: 888Sport regularly delivers an additional quota boost for new customers for selected games, especially those with German participation.

On every CL match day of the premier class, increased betting odds can be found for several German games. You can find this as a promo in the relevant Champions League tips.

888Sport also delivers a very good performance in the premier class.

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→ As with the Premier League bets, Betway also manages to be included in the group of the best in the Champions League.

Here, too, the entire package simply fits: Betway impresses with a very extensive range of bets (well over 100 additional bets per CL game), with a good level of betting odds and also in the long-term bets segment.

If you join Betway, you can’t go wrong.

→ To the Betway test report
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→ This bookie is one of the oldest online bookmakers – online bets have been offered since 1997 and the company now has over 5 million customers.

This is due to several components: A top betting program with over 100 additional bets per EL game, betting odds with a very high payout key (95 percent and more) and there is also a very attractive live betting area.



/ 100


Our test result: Excellent

As befits a betting provider of this quality, Unibet also offers a variety of long-term bets .

These are all reasons why Unibet is at the forefront of our overall ranking – and is also highly recommended for Champions League bets.

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Mybet logo
→ After its inglorious departure in 2018, the well-known bookmaker Mybet is celebrating an impressive comeback under a new owner and has been back in Germany since autumn 2020.

The bookmaker pioneer, who was founded in 1998 and had to file for bankruptcy in 2018, wants to return to its old strength and is also proving that it is on the right track with its Champions League bets.

The betting program for the premier class is extensive and Mybet is also playing well again in the area of ​​betting odds. The reward: a place among the top 5 providers of Champions League bets.

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What should you watch out for in Champions League betting?

Due to the great popularity of the Champions League with betting enthusiasts, most betting providers try to find a perfect offer – the differences are therefore not as great as in some other areas.

Due to the sometimes very high stakes on Champions League games, the betting odds are also calculated by the respective bookmaker with the greatest care, so there are not too great deviations between the individual sports betting providers.

Therefore always take a look at the betting odds comparison !

The professionals among the betting enthusiasts have betting accounts with several providers anyway in order to be able to compare the odds and thus be able to bet with the respective best odds.

You can find the right, always up-to-date odds comparison in our betting predictions.

Even when betting on the upcoming champion of the premier class, it is advisable to pay attention to the odds.

Especially before the start of the season, the Champions League overall winner odds differ quite significantly.

But not only in terms of quotas, there are a few things to consider when betting on the “premier class”, but also with regard to the game plan – after all, in the Champions League there is first a group phase and then a knockout phase.


Tips for betting on the group stage

Since there are only six games in the group stage, the “big ones” may only be able to afford one slip in order not to jeopardize their promotion to the round of 16.

It can therefore be assumed that the top clubs do not want to miss anything, especially in the first group matches.

Note: In the event of a tie, it is not the goal difference that counts in the end, but the direct comparison.

A good result in the first leg creates a better starting position for the second leg, which may even be about promotion or group victory.

The group win can be very important for the further course of the competition, as the group winner will play against another group runner-up in the round of 16.

This means that bets on group victory in Champions League bets are also always in great demand in the betting community.

It is very popular to combine several group winner tips into a combination bet so that the overall odds increase!

In addition to the long-term bets for group victory, the individual games for betting friends are of course also in focus.

It should be noted here that the performance gap is now very strong and that there has been an increasing number of runaway victories in recent years.

Of course, this also has an effect on the winning odds of the top teams …

That is why the demand for handicap bets in group games has increased significantly in recent seasons. The odds of the “Goliaths” in the duels with the “Davids” were too low.

Tips for betting on the knockout phase

Once the group phase is over, the European elite league continues with the knockout phase.

Here, the promoted team is determined in a two-way leg. A defeat in the first leg can have serious consequences. This then has to be stamped out in the second leg.

The rule of eight goals, quarter finals and semifinals have made the away goal rule particularly explosive.

It says: If the score is a draw after the first and second leg, the team that has scored more away goals will advance to the next round.

But this rule no longer applies from the 2021/22 Champions League season!

This rule was very, very important for those players who have a thing for live betting.

Because of the away goal rule, the situation in one game could change completely with one hit from one second to the other with one blow.

There are plenty of examples of this in the recent past …

CL bet "Who will come next?"

Another betting option that only arises after the knockout phase is the “Who will advance” or “Who will rise” bet.

This is about which team will make it to the next round after these two games – whether after regular time, extra time or penalty shoot-outs.

This means that the risk is a little smaller than with conventional win bets. Because here the result from the first leg is relatively irrelevant if there is still a realistic chance of promotion in the second leg.

Because only the ascent counts. It doesn’t matter whether this succeeds with two draws due to the away goal rule or only after penalty shoot-out, or a 0: 1 in the second leg from the first leg – it doesn’t matter. Only those who progress one lap count.

The time at which the bet was placed is very important: the odds that are fixed after the draw can be completely different after the first leg …

On the one hand, they fall if the team that was previously trusted to be promoted, on the other hand, they rise if they have lost the first leg.

In both constellations, it depends on who played at home or away first.

Advantages & disadvantages of betting on the Champions League winner

Bets on the overall winner are very popular – because almost every tipster hopes that their favorite team will win the pot at the end of the season!

However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to betting on the winner of the European Elite League:

The attractive betting odds are a big plus. While top teams like Bayern Munich or Juventus Turin only have “mini quotas” for the national championship title, they are significantly higher for the CL title.

Smaller periods of weakness do not have a major impact, especially in autumn. A bad day can easily be ironed out – the top teams are still pretty sure to make it to the round of 16.

The fun and excitement last quite a long time – normally the top teams like Real Madrid, Manchester City or Bayern Munich always make it to the round of 16, if not further.

The capital employed is tied up over a long period of time. Those who bet on the CL winner before the start of the season have to wait around nine months for their win.

It is very difficult to estimate a team’s season in advance. A lot can happen in a season, for example through injuries or winter transfers.