Chelsea – Real Madrid Tip

A Chelsea Real Madrid betting tip is a hairy one, as the Blues have their backs to the wall in the Champions League quarterfinal second leg, but they mustn’t charge forward blindly either.

After losing 2-0 in Madrid, the Londoners need an outstanding performance to advance after all.

Such a one is according to the opinion of the bookmakers in their promotion bets, so our test winner Bet365 jumps the 8.00-fold stake, should Chelsea actually throw out Real, rather unlikely, but would not be a premiere.

With the classic 1×2 bet, the Londoners are already expected to win tonight, but whether it will actually happen and whether it will be so high to make up for the 0:2 from Madrid is more than questionable.

For my betting tip, I choose no win tip, because with betting odds of about 2.90 to 2.50 is a little too tricky for me, even if the Blues have been frighteningly weak lately. Rather, I use the “double chance” on a Spanish point win and garnish this with “Both hit”.

A bet that would bring me in case of success at the bookie Happybet odds of 2.25. I explain the reasons for this bet in my following Chelsea Real prediction

The bookmaker forecast

As mentioned above, the bookmakers are expecting a tight affair for the second leg to advance to the semifinals of the top flight, have the pendulum swinging a bit more in favor of the royals after last weekend.

Chelsea blew the dress rehearsal against Brighton (1:2 home defeat), Real comes to London with a sense of achievement (2:0 in Cadiz).

However, betting odds of spread 2.80 on a Blues success or 2.40 and above for a Real win continue to show that odds jugglers are not quite sure.

The draw odds around 3.50 fit in perfectly.

So you can say: the bettors are not at all sure what to make of the starting position in this duel.

Analysis: Chelsea FC vs Real Madrid

From the current form, the matter is clear: Chelsea will have to improve more than significantly if the Blues want to not only say goodbye with respect from the top division, but still prevent the promotion of the royals.

Far behind in the Premier League, even neo-coach Frank Lampard couldn’t do much in his comeback on the Chelsea bench.

However, there are far more thankful tasks than an away game in the Champions League at the current defending champions.

The shortcoming of few goals remained last Wednesday in Madrid. Twelve goals in nine games are the lowest of all quarterfinalists. In three games, the Londoners did not even manage a goal.

The situation is completely different for Real Madrid! Karim Benzema and his teammates have scored 23 goals so far, almost twice as many as Chelsea.

While the Blues have scored in the opponent’s box in six out of nine CL matches, the Madrilenians were jubilant about at least one goal each in nine out of nine matches in the top division.

Even in the only defeat in the current CL season, the 2:3 in Leipzig, the troops of Carlo Ancelotti scored twice. Only in the 1-1 in Donetsk and the 1-0 against the Reds Real cheered only once.

Quote analysis

It is the third time in a row that Chelsea and Real meet in the knockout stage and according to the betting odds, Madrid will have the upper hand for the second time. These do not even reach a 1.10.

Due to the tight race for a win, I suggest you to bet on goals or other special markets. In the over-under bets, the bookmakers expect around three goals. If more than 2.5 fall, an odds around 1.90 is due, fall less, then one around 2.00.

Since I have no doubt that the Royals will score, but not necessarily three times, the outcome of this bet depends on whether the Blues can score for the seventh time in the tenth game.

Naturally, I also need the help of the Londoners for a tip on “both teams score”. The top bookmakers like Bwin clearly assume that both Chelsea and Real will hit the opponent’s goal (betting odds: 1.68 to 2.00).

Will Chelsea make it exciting again?

A 2-goal deficit against Real after the first leg? This is nothing new for Chelsea. It happened last year as well, when the Blues were even beaten 3-1 at home.

To be honest, I didn’t put a penny more on the Londoners in the second leg in Madrid either, but the Englishmen, still coached by Thomas Tuchel at the time, brought the Spaniards to the brink of elimination.

A 3:1 after 90 minutes brought extra time, in which Benzema proved to be a big spoiler, however. The Londoners were unable to make up for his goal to make it 2:3 and were eliminated by a narrow margin.

I don’t think it will be that close again this time. On the one hand, the Blues’ offense is too low-scoring in my opinion (averaging 1.33 goals/game) for that to happen, while on the other hand, Madrid’s defense allows very little when it matters.

Although the Royals have conceded the most of all quarterfinalists with a total of eight goals, they are currently already without conceding a goal for 256 CL minutes.

It will be particularly difficult for the Blues to get through. The first leg also showed that clearly.

Real wants to make everything clear early on

With the title defense in the Spanish league probably only theoretically possible, Real can or rather must concentrate on the Champions League. A place in the semifinals is within reach, but the royals will have learned their lessons from the previous year.

The Ancelotti team is currently impressing with its offense. They have scored 23 goals in their nine games so far (2.55 per game), which is only bettered by Napoli and Manchester City.

So it’s quite possible that the Spaniards will rely on their offensive power, especially in the person of Vinicius Junior (6 goals) and Karim Benzema (4 goals).

The question of the 1st goal will be the decisive one for advancing. If this succeeds the Blues, then it will be quite exciting again, shoots Real the first goal, the question of promotion is answered in my opinion.

This betting market brings about 2.00 times the stake at Bet3000, should the Londoners take the lead, only incomparably lower (1.90) is the odds if the guests score first.

Real seems to know exactly how much is necessary to achieve its goals. In the quarterfinals, for example, there was a brilliant 5:2 away at Liverpool FC, while Ancelotti’s eleven was content with a 1:0 win at home in the second leg.

In this duel, I had the impression that the result would depend mostly on the mood of the royals.

My Chelsea Real Madrid tip:

I expect something similar for today’s Tuesday at Stamford Bridge. The Spaniards can go into the match relatively relaxed with the 2-0 advantage behind them and wait a bit first.

Chelsea must risk, but at the same time avoid running into a counterattack and conceding the third goal.

Even though the away goals rule has been abolished, I don’t think Real will concede at least three more goals that would take Chelsea to extra time in this one.

The defense, led by David Alaba, has been far too strong in the knockout stages recently for that. However, the Blues are clearly stronger at home in the CL, which is why I trust them to score easily.

Since the Royals can also live very well with a draw, I give the following Chelsea Real tip: Double chance X2 and both score.