NFL 2023/24: Eagles – Bills Prediction, Stats & Odds

When things don’t work out, the coach is usually the first pawn to go. It’s no different in the NFL, and so a change was made on the visiting sideline that is wrongly thought to have solved the problem…

However, my Eagles Bills tip in the top game of Week 12 argues that Philadelphia is motivated and capable of proving to the experts that Josh Allen is part of the problem. Because his tendency to miss throws is and remains worrisome …

After weeks in which little went right, Buffalo decided to replace the offensive coordinator. This decision (apparently) bore fruit last week in the game against the Jets.

However, Joe Brady’s ideas on the sideline did not take off immediately! In the first half, the Bills’ offense was in standby mode. In the second half, however, it shifted up two gears.

From then on, Josh Allen also came to life, completing each of his five pass attempts for 145 yards and two touchdowns, including a magnificent 81-yard throw to Khalil Shakir – one of his best passes of the season!

Philadelphia is motivated to the max! This 21-17 win over the Chiefs in Week 11 won’t have made the Super Bowl loss completely forgotten, but the satisfaction will have been great nonetheless.

It wasn’t that the offense was on fire. In fact, it was Kansas City that had the upper hand in almost every crucial offensive category…

But what ultimately cost the defending champs the win was Travis Kelce’s fumble in the final quarter and the Eagles’ defense keeping their own team in the game long enough to pull past KC in the final stretch!

Crucial to the Eagles’ success from a game-analytics standpoint, in my mind, was their ability to move quickly against Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs quarterback was pressured 20 times and sacked once on 50 dropbacks Monday night, but only five pressures occurred in less than 2.5 seconds.

What worked against Mahomes should work against Josh Allen, as I don’t think the Bills’ streaky performances have been fixed by replacing the OC alone.

Allen is also part of the problem and with the pressure Philadelphia can apply along the entire line of scrimmage, it will quickly become apparent why the quarterback has thrown at least one interception in seven straight games!

I think the defense is the team that will decide the game in favor of the home side. However, you can always rely on their quarterback.

Jalen Hurts recorded his tenth game with multiple rushing touchdowns last week, tying him with Cam Newton for the most games in a quarterback’s career with two or more rushing touchdowns.

Of course, this also calls for an Interwetten sports bet at current odds of 1.80 on the quarterback scoring the next six-pointer this weekend.

Because as long as it hasn’t been banned by the association, every NFL fan knows what happens when Philadelphia is only two to three yards away from the opponent’s end zone: Tush Push!

I eagerly checked the Eagles Bills odds from the German bookmakers to find out what they think of the situation and whether they think the visitors are on the upswing again.

The answer? At an average of 1.57 to 2.45, the payout is significantly higher in the event of an Electric Company victory. And in fact, I would put the prevailing balance of power between the two teams in similar terms.

Because thanks to the home field advantage and the momentum, Philadelphia is the clear favorite this weekend

Conclusion: It’s important not to jump to the conclusion that Buffalo is already out of the woods just because they beat a team like the Jets, who have an extremely weak offense.

Concerns remain regarding Josh Allen, and if the pressure picks up along the entire line of scrimmage, he could again show nerves and potentially cause one, if not two, turnovers.

Philadelphia undoubtedly won with some luck in Week 11. Still, the momentum and the dreaded Posh-Tosh could be enough to get them through against Buffalo on Sunday.

My Eagles Bills Tip: Win PHI.