Champion betting England: Compare Premier League Champion betting odds 2022/23 – who will be English Champion 2023?

The football betting providers have a very clear favourite before the start of the season: Manchester City!

The Citizens are not only the current champions, but have also won the Premier League four times in the last five years. The first contender in England champion betting, however, is now Arsenal…

England Champion betting: Can Man City defend their title?

While the Premier League is considered the most balanced and exciting top league in Europe, on the other hand, there have been four times the same champion in the last five years: Manchester City.

Even though the English title race was not decided until the last matchday last season, the Citizens were once again the number 1 on the island.

Just like in 2021, when the Skyblues made an impressive comeback. On Christmas Eve they were only 8th in the Premier League table, but in the end they became English champions for the seventh time with a 12-point lead over city rivals Manchester United.

Never before in the history of the Premier League had a team that was only 8th at Christmas ended up winning the title.

This shows how Manchester City have dominated the English Elite League since 2018. Only in 2020 could Liverpool FC break that dominance.

List of Premier League champions since 2010

So it comes as little surprise that the Citizens also appear at the top of the Premier League odds for the 2022/23 season.

Especially not after the signing of super striker Erling Haaland, who arrived from Borussia Dortmund. He is now expected to make City’s playmaking attack perfect once and for all.

The online betting providers therefore see Manchester City as the big championship favourites in their England championship betting before the start of the season – clearly ahead of Liverpool and even more clearly ahead of Chelsea.

Whether one of this trio can knock the Citizens off their throne?

Premier League champions odds: Liverpool are title contenders again

Liverpool FC lifted their first league title in 30 years in 2020 and their first ever since the Premier League was formed in 1992!

But from 7th football heaven, a brutal fall happened in the following season with history-making defeats!

That a reigning English champion loses six (!) home games in a row has never happened before! The last time Liverpool lost six home games in a season was in 1953/54, when they finished bottom of the table.

In the end, Liverpool even finished third – with 8 wins and 2 draws from the last 10 matchdays.

This shows: coach Jürgen Klopp continues to have the team under control. It works. In pre-season, the Reds stormed to two cup victories (FA Cup, League Cup), the final of the Champions League and almost the league title.

Will Liverpool fare (even) better in 2023?

According to the England Champion betting odds for the Premier League title, the Reds will have to settle for second place again. The bookies apparently don’t trust Liverpool to leave the Citizens behind.

Championship betting England: Chelsea & Man United with chances?

The best betting providers in Germany expect a duel between Liverpool and Manchester City in their champions predictions and betting odds at the start of the season.

This raises the question of whether a team from the chasing pack could intervene in this duel.

Like Chelsea, for example. The Blues finished third last season and are the last English champions not named Manchester City or Liverpool.

In the Premier League champion betting odds, Chelsea are ranked as the third power before the start of the season. But does this imply title chances? In the pre-season, the gap to Man City was 19 (!) points at the end.

The discrepancy between City and United was even greater. The Red Devils only finished sixth with a whopping 35 (!) points behind their hated city rivals.

Accordingly, the bookmakers are cautious with their England champion betting odds for Manchester United.

However, the Red Devils with new coach Erik ten Hag could become an insider’s tip for the Champions League places. As a reminder, in 2021 the runners-up were not Liverpool but Man United…

Premier League odds: Championship chances for Tottenham and Arsenal?

Only Tottenham and Arsenal – the other teams of the so-called “Big Six” – are considered outsiders in the Premier League champion betting odds of the betting providers in Germany before the start of the season.

This duo is considered to have very little chance of winning the title before the start of the season. In England champion betting, the two London arch-rivals are only listed as glaring outsiders.

Tottenham finished 4th in the pre-season, while Arsenal crossed the finish line in fifth place. The season before, Arsenal failed to reach the European Cup for the first time in 25 (!) years.

Can they make the leap from 5 to 1? Hard to imagine. There would have to be a huge improvement in performance…

Premier League odds – who will be in the top 4?

In England champions betting, about five to six teams are favourites before the season starts.

But since in the end there can only be one champion, there is a second major goal for the top teams: to get into the top-4, which speaks to the Champions League.

For this, the circle of candidates is even somewhat larger than for the Premier League champion odds. Roughly speaking, almost half the league is eligible for this before the start of the season.

Other special bets besides England champion betting

Besides the classic England Champion odds and bets for the top 4, there are a variety of other Premier League bets in the form of special and long term bets.

Selection of long term bets on the Premier League

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  • Which club is top of the table at Christmas?