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Betting tips for all games of the Soccer Europa League - professionals help with EL predictions, prognoses and odds comparisons. Since 2008 you can find helpful advice on all areas of betting on - including sports betting tips for the Europa League.

Real experts analyze every game in the second most important European club competition and provide a forecast that you can use as a tip!


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Betway is one of the leading bookies not only in Germany, but also worldwide. Strong odds and a fabulous betting program bring Betway to the top.

The best bookmakers & betting tips for Europa League betting - and: where are the best odds?

Europa League bets at a glance

In addition to the Champions League, there is a second major European Cup competition - the Europa League!

This competition, which was formerly called the UEFA Cup, is unfortunately only in the long and broad shadow of the “premier class” – nonetheless, the Europa League is very popular with fans of sports betting.

5 top betting providers for the Europa League














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The English tradition bookmaker is generally the best provider in the field of football betting .

It can be concluded from this that Bet365 is also top class when it comes to betting for the Europa League!

As in the “premier class”, the British bookie also has all games on offer in the EL – plus: additional bets in the three-digit range.

In addition, the odds level is very good – both in the run-up to the games and during live betting .

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The German bookmaker is known for having a very high level of odds in football betting – this advantage is of course also played out in the Europa League.

Bet3000 also has some deficits when it comes to betting for the Europa League – for example in the relatively small number of additional bets – but all this is made up for with the very good odds.

Because the German bookie often offers an odds ratio between 96 and 97 percent for EL games.

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The bookie with the green and white logo is one of the oldest – online bets have been offered since 1997 and the company is now one of the big players with over 5 million customers.

This is due to several components:

A top betting program with over 100 additional bets per EL game, betting odds with a very high payout key (95 percent and more) and there is also a very attractive live betting area.

These are all reasons why Unibet is at the forefront of our overall ranking !

As befits a betting provider of this quality, Unibet also offers a variety of long-term bets .

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As with the Champions League bets, Betway managed to be included in the circle of the best bookmakers in the Europa League.

Betway offers a very large range of bets (additional betting options in the three-digit range), a very good betting odds level and also a selection of long-term bets.

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What should you watch out for in Europa League betting?

Although the Europa League is now quite popular and recognized by betting enthusiasts, the interest in the Champions League as the premier league in European football is of course nowhere near enough.

Due to the lower stakes on games in the Europa League, there can be more or less large betting odds differences in the assessment of the individual bookmakers.

comparison of the betting odds can be worthwhile here, but serious betting enthusiasts have a betting account with several different betting providers and can therefore always choose the best odds for their online bets.

Especially with combination bets and system bets, even relatively small differences in odds for the individual tips in total lead to a significantly higher payout.

But that is not the only area that sports betting fans should look out for when betting on Europa League – there are a few other “traps” that we want to draw attention to here.

On the one hand with regard to the game plan – because: Like its “big sister”, the Champions League, the Europa League is initially played in the group phase and in the second half of the season in a knockout system.

Tips for betting on the group stage

As in the Champions League, the teams are divided into groups of four – so each team has six guaranteed games in the preliminary round.

The difference to the Champions League is that in the “small European Cup” the performance gap between the top clubs and the (supposedly) “little ones” is not that great.

That’s why the group stage in the EL is a bit more balanced and also more unpredictable.


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In addition to this uncertainty, there is also the fact that you don’t really know lesser-known teams and the actual top favorites are very difficult to assess because you don’t know how seriously they take the Europa League.

Note: As in the CL, in the EL, if there is a tie, it is not the goal difference that counts, but the direct comparison. A good result in the first leg creates a better starting position for the second leg, which may even be about promotion or group victory.

For example, it can happen that clubs from England or Italy only allow the second set to play in the Europa League in order to save their regular staff for everyday life in the league. Because everyone really only wants to go to the Champions League …

Therefore, in the Europa League it can often be worthwhile not to pay attention to the names of the clubs, but also to risk an outsider tip.

Because it happened again and again in the past that especially clubs from Eastern Europe caused the supposed favorites from Italy, England and Germany to stumble.

Therefore, in the group games between the “big ones” and the “little ones”, double chance bets can also be considered …

… namely when you don’t trust the favorite to win and the outsider at least trusts them to win a point. The odds for this are often quite high.

Tips for betting on the knockout phase

Once the group phase is over, the “small European Cup” continues with the knockout phase. Here, from the sixteenth finals onwards, the promoted team will be determined in the two legs.

The knockout phase makes the away goal rule particularly explosive from now on.

It says: If the score is a draw after the first and second leg, the team that has scored more away goals will advance to the next round.

This rule is also of great importance for all betting enthusiasts – but especially for those who prefer live betting.

Due to the away goal rule, a situation can be completely reversed by a hit with one stroke. There have been plenty of examples of this in the recent past. Be it in the EL as well as in the “premier class”.

Another betting option that only arises after the knockout phase is the “who will advance” or “who will advance” bet. This is about which team will make it to the next round after the return leg - whether after regular time, extra time or penalty shoot-outs.

With bets on “who will come next”, the risk is slightly smaller than with conventional win bets. After all, only the advancement counts with this type of bet.

It doesn’t matter whether this happens due to the away goals rule or after a penalty shoot-out, or whether a defeat in the second leg is still being corrected.

In the knockout phase of the Europa League, the same applies as before for the group phase: You shouldn’t always be blinded by the big names!

The top teams don’t always take this competition 100 percent seriously and often only send a “reserve” onto the green turf even in the last sixteen or quarter-finals. This means that the supposedly “little ones” have a very good chance of getting ahead.

In addition, it should be noted: The eight group thirds in the preliminary round will be relegated from the Champions League to the Europa League and may continue to play here.

But the question is: How motivated are the “relegated” – especially if they come from one of the four top leagues – still for the “consolation prize”?

An incentive for the top clubs is that the winner of the Europa League has a fixed place in the Champions League in the following season – regardless of their performance in the national championship.

In the 2016/17 season, for example, this sparked the ambition of Manchester United to want to win the “little Europa League” …

All of these considerations should be made when making tips on Europa League bets.

Advantages & disadvantages of betting on the Europa League winner

Bets on the overall winner are very popular – because almost every tipster hopes that their favorite team will win the silver cup at the end of the season!

However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to betting on the winner of the "small European cup":

The attractive betting odds are an advantage. There are some top favorites – especially the representatives from the four top leagues – are automatically counted among the title contenders.

The fun and excitement last a long time, because you can cheer for your favorite for a long time.

The invested capital is “gone” for several months. Those who bet on the EL winner before the start of the season have to wait a long time for their win.

It is very difficult to find a real favorite – especially because the “relegated” from the Champions League will not join them from the sixteenth finals.