Serie A, Thursday, 28/09/2023

The season goal of a promoted team? Of course, this can only be about staying in the league, and as early as possible! I now get to deal with the best promoted team of the season so far, which truly has it all.

On Thursday, it comes to a home match against an opponent who has only two points more on their account. Why Betano are the underdogs, why I expect a close match and why I expect both teams to score? I’ll reveal all that now in my Frosinone Fiorentina tip!

2015/16, 2018/19 and so now 2023/24! Frosinone Calcio returned to the highest Italian division a few months ago and of course everyone is now hoping: please don’t let us get relegated straight away again!

The promoted team started the season really well, even though they lost 3-1 to Napoli at the start. But already here the potential became clear, a 1:0 lead did not last.

The following 2-1 against Atalanta Bergamo convinced even the last doubters that this team definitely has what it takes for Serie A. 0-0 against Udinese Calcio, 4-2 against Sassuolo and 1-1 against Salernitana were the results that followed.

Of course I have to emphasise the 4:2 against Sassuolo, because here Frosinone was already 2:0 behind! You have to have this mental strength first, obviously the home advantage was also helpful here.

The 1:3 against Napoli was followed by two victories with six goals, while away from home they have only scored once in the two matches so far. Fans, then, are full of anticipation with another home game coming up on Thursday.

Even though things are not going as well as expected in terms of personnel. Double scorer Abdou Harroui has been missing for a few days already, Francesco Gelli and Pol Lirola are also stricken.

Against Fiorentina, Frosinone will need every fit man, although the short direct comparison reads anything but bad. 1-0, 1-1 and 0-0, the most recent three duels were not high-scoring, but all the more successful for that!

The visitors should have their work cut out for them, although they are rather clearly in front with an average of 2.00 to 3.50 at the bookmakers in our betting provider rankings.

Fiorentina have started with three wins, a draw and a draw, not much better than their upcoming opponents. Boredom? There was definitely no boredom in any of the five matches!

4:1 against Genoa, 2:2 against Lecce, 0:4 against Inter Milan, 3:2 against Atalanta Bergamo and 2:0 against Udinese Calcio, only the latest result lacked goals conceded as well as the surpassed mark of over 2.5 goals.

Whether away or at home, this team seems to be completely indifferent so far. In the Conference League, it had started with a 2-2 draw against Genk, here the Italians had twice given away a lead.

On Thursday there will be one or two likely absentees to compensate for. Nicolas Gonzalez is injured, and Dodo and Yerry Mina do not yet know whether they will be able to play against Frosinone.

Last season, Florence only managed six trebles away from home, and that should obviously change in 2023/24. I wonder if the players are aware that they have yet to win against their upcoming opponents?

It will definitely not be an easy task for Fiorentina if they are to get a win at Frosione on Thursday! Both teams have started similarly well in my eyes, especially scoring goals.

The promoted team seems to be particularly strong at home, Atalanta has also been defeated at home. But Florence are not short of action either, they have already scored 20 goals, which is an average of four.

So for this direct duel, according to my analysis, I don’t suspect boredom, because both are in too good form for that. So in the end I can only come to one betting recommendation:

Both clubs can score!