Serie A, Friday, 26/05/2023

Sampdoria Genoa’s time in Serie A is now coming to an end. Relegation has been certain for a long time, now the team hopes that they can at least say goodbye to their fans in a proper way.

In the last home match of the season, however, the club is once again the underdog at Bet365. Why will I bet on a “BTS” for this duel? I’ll explain now in my Sampdoria Sassuolo tip!

Three wins, 24 defeats, only 18 points on the account – there is no question that Sampdoria Genoa completely deserved relegation in 2023. With 22 goals, they scored the least, and with 67, they conceded the most.

Bitterly, the team failed to score 20 times in the opponent’s box. Whether at home or away, there is really hardly any difference worth mentioning in terms of points.

But: At least the defence works decently when their own fans are there to support them. 41 goals conceded away from home and 26 at home, that’s almost respectable in comparison.

Only twice have they conceded more than two goals at home, and curiously enough, Monza and Cremonese were the two promoted clubs responsible – and not, as one might think, one of the many top clubs.

A 0:3 against Monza at the beginning of October was the clearest result, so all other results were closer. Ten goals were scored in 18 home games, which is not exactly a parade yield.

As if the team didn’t have enough problems already, they will also have to play the last game at home without suspended defender Koray Günter. At least there is a small glimmer of hope on the other side.

The club has only won three times in 2022/23, but one victory came in Sassuolo of all places! At the beginning of January, they took home a 2-1 win, and the previous home game against Sassuolo a year earlier had even ended with a 4-0 win.

The supporters would definitely like to see their team win again. The fact that our betting providers are a little sceptical, however, is only understandable in view of the table.

The odds average 3.70, while the visitors remain below 2.00. Sassuolo travel without sporting goals, and the season will end somewhere in the lower midfield.

The Neroverdi never managed to get into a consistent phase. Sometimes a few victories followed, then quite a few defeats, but just as often the results simply alternated.

For the first time since the turn of the year, Sassuolo have now gone winless four times in a row, even losing three of their last four games. Good: With Lazio Roma and Inter Milan, two very tough opponents were also among the opponents.

Sassuolo is a team that is basically up for any result. Whether it’s 1-0 against Juventus Turin, 5-2 at Milan, 0-3 against Salernitana or 1-2 against Monza – there’s no real explanation for these fluctuations.

After a very strong phase away from home, including two victories with nine goals against Milan and Roma, things are now much worse again, with four defeats in a row.

With eleven goals conceded, the focus is mainly on the defence, but not in a positive light. Since mid-September, they have only managed to escape without conceding one goal away from home once.

Sampdoria Genoa will be rebuilding in Serie B in 2023/24, but before the new season starts there, they have one last first-class home game to play. After only a single treble at home, the fans would like to be able to cheer once more.

It’s a good thing that Sassuolo is an opponent who is not in good shape. On the contrary, the black and greens have lost their last four games away from home and conceded eleven goals.

I could also see in my analysis that Sassuolo have only gone once without conceding a goal in an away game since mid-September. Since I trust Sampdoria to go all the way again, I’ll go for the following tip: Sassuolo and Genoa score!