Premier League, Saturday, 12.11.2022

Is there no one who wants to join Arsenal FC and Manchester City? In our Premier League champion bets, especially the other clubs from the capital have a hard time.

Also the one from the north of the country, which begins to weaken shortly before the winter break. On Saturday, the Spurs are still favored. Why this is not only at Bet365 and I have rather many goals in mind, I now reveal in my Tottenham Leeds tip!

Actually, the Tottenham Hotspurs finally wanted to play for the title again, but whether that can really work? After the strong start with five wins and two draws, they lost to league leaders Arsenal, but immediately came two successes again.

But now it is here, the crisis that the capital’s inhabitants had feared so much. Admittedly, the defeats were conceded against strong competition, but whoever loses these games has lost nothing at the top.

0:2 against Manchester United, 1:2 against Newcastle and 1:2 against Liverpool, between these bankruptcies is only a 3:2 in Bournemouth, which was retracted in the last second. Even the invincibility in their own stadium is gone.

It started with five home wins in a row, but then lost to both Newcastle and the Reds. For four league games, Tottenham have always conceded two goals, so defensively they are clearly degrading.

In the last two home games it was already 0:2 at the break. If you need further proof that the stable form is over, you may have followed the EFL Cup.

At the bottom of the league, Nottingham Forest, Spurs drew 2-0, although they were allowed to outnumber them for a long time! This may not only have been due to the absence of Heung-min Son, who is still out for some time with a facial fracture.

Whether perhaps at least the direct comparison can act as an encouragement? Only four games really have any significance here, three went to Tottenham, only one to Leeds.

There have been 14 goals in these four games, so it was not boring here. Despite the crisis, our bookmakers can only partially imagine a blunder on Saturday. The average odds come to a 1.60 to 5.30.

At Leeds United you have to ask yourself these days whether we include the EFL Cup in the evaluation of the statistics or not. On Wednesday they lost 1-0 to Wolverhampton Wanderers, so offensively nothing worked.

And I thought the Peacocks had put the dreary times behind them? Six defeats and two draws, five matches with less than 2.5 goals, there was not much going on here.

Recently, however, Leeds turned up again. First they won 2-1 in Liverpool, then the players provided a 4-3 spectacle against Bournemouth. Defensively, it can’t exactly be said that the peacocks are a big number.

Away they have never conceded a goal, only in Liverpool and Brighton it set only one. You know both in Leeds: dreary performances without many goals as well as spectacles in which both teams are allowed to participate.

With Rodrigo, the team has someone in its ranks who is extremely happy to strike. He has been scoring continuously for three games, should he also be successful in London, top provider Betano sends odds of 2.85 into the race.

With what feeling do Tottenham Hotspurs say goodbye to their national players in the direction of the World Cup? The last few weeks were not easy for the Londoners, now there was also the exit in the EFL Cup.

Four defeats from the last five games, two of them at home, high time for a break. Leeds United have recently shown a spectacular side in the league, but then flew out of the cup goalless.

It is also relatively difficult for us to assess the peacocks correctly. Defensively, they always concede goals away from home, which I could see in those times at Spurs.

Since the last four direct duels had 14 goals to offer and none of the defensive lines convinced me, I come to an offensive decision and type:

We see more than 2.5 goals!