NBA 2022/23, on Wednesday, 29.03.2023

In my daily search for great free bets and good betting opportunities to place my money profitably, I just couldn’t pass up the game between the Wizards and Celtics.

Indeed, my present Wizards Celtics prediction addresses the fact that the visitors are currently in their most dominant phase this season, while the Capital Bullets already seem to be shutting down due to their passivity in their own defensive behaviour.

The Bucks and Celtics are rocking each other up. Because both are in the race for 1st place in the Eastern Confernce – and while I don’t think the C’s can catch up to the opposition just yet, the signs are good for a “Win” tonight.

Boston won’t be leaving the winning track they’re on any time soon, their last few performances have been far too dominant for that. Just at the right time to make a successful run to the NBA Finals?

The Celtics may have won 21 of their last 26 NBA games, but they have never been as dominant in that span as they have been during their last three appearances against the Kings, Pacers and Spurs.

The Celtics scored 31 more points per 100 possessions than their respective opponents against those three franchises just mentioned over the course of the last 144 minutes of play – with the Green and White turning it up especially in the 2nd half.

The return of Robert Williams III to the starting five has tweaked the C’s game. Tatum and Brown are also playing strong at the moment, but it is White who has regularly pulled the chestnuts out of the fire during the current run of success, averaging 20.3 points.

In short, Boston are playing excellent basketball across the board and are fit at just the right time to use the WIzards tonight as another springboard to strike fear into the hearts of their fellow NBA title contenders.

The Wizards aren’t going anywhere with a 33-42 record, but when they’ve been good and been able to start short-lived winning streaks, it’s primarily been because of their defensive play, which is undoubtedly their strongest weapon.

However, since the Capital Bullets now rank among the ten worst defenses in the NBA with a def-rtg of 114.9, it should come as no surprise that they have lost five of their last six NBA games.

From a playmaking standpoint, the Celtics should also come away with a comparatively easy win tonight because Washington can’t generate enough pressure to force their opponent into mistakes.

When Tatum and Jaylen can pass the ball back and forth, defeat is usually inevitable – and the Capital Bullets are extremely weak at forcing turnovers.

With a rate of only 12.2 opponent ball losses per 100 possession phases, they are the second-worst team in the entire NBA in this category.

Watching and snacking on popcorn may make sense if you’re watching a basketball game on TV with a sports betting bonus under your arm, but not if you want to win against the C’s on the floor.

The two season duels together have already gone clearly to the Celtics, 112-94 and 130-121 respectively. But tonight I expect at least as one-sided a performance as during the last two meetings.

Since then, the Wizards have lost a lot of ground defensively and only seem to be able to celebrate victories against teams like the Spurs and Pistons (2 times). The play-off train has also left the station!

One of the most one-sided NBA games on the markets tonight is probably the one between Washington and Boston.

It’s quite understandable that the bookies have priced an odds of around 1.16 for a C’s success, which incidentally needs a handicap bet to be raised to a satisfactory level for me.

Conclusion: The Celtics need this win at all costs. While their play-off participation isn’t in jeopardy, of course, finishing first in the Eastern Conference would definitely put them in the optimal position for the upcoming title hunt.

The Wizards, meanwhile, like other clubs at the bottom of both conferences, are already in offseason mode.

Furthermore, the Capital Bullets have also degraded in the only area that has kept them halfway afloat – defence. In the game against the Celtics, I expect long periods of possession by the C’s, who will also play themselves into a frenzy tonight.

My prediction: Boston wins with HC -11.5.