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Wolfsburg – Mainz
Wolfsburg - Mainz betting tip, prediction & odds 18.05.2024
Wolfsburg – Mainz betting tip Mainz is simply a great team under Bo Henriksen. Dortmund’s B-team or not, the 05ers conceded three goals in 30 minutes to the Champions League finalists last...
Frankfurt – RB Leipzig
Frankfurt - RB Leipzig betting tip, prediction & odds 18.05.2024
Eintracht Frankfurt – RB Leipzig betting tip The Bundesliga is coming to an end and the last matchday is traditionally a changeable one. Even if Frankfurt and RB Leipzig are facing each other. Sixth...
Union Berlin – Freiburg
Union Berlin - Freiburg betting tip, prediction & odds 18.05.2024
Union Berlin – SC Freiburg betting tip The bad news up front: It’s going to be complicated. The good news: I’ll spare you unnecessary details. It’s clear that Union Berlin and SC...
Dortmund – Darmstadt
Dortmund - Darmstadt betting tip, prediction & odds 18.05.2024
BVB – Darmstadt 98 betting tip The 34th matchday of the 2023/24 season is here! While a number of decisions have already been made, a few others are still to come. At the same time, of course, there...
Hoffenheim – Bayern
Hoffenheim - Bayern betting tip, prediction & odds 18.05.2024
Hoffenheim – Bayern betting tip Season finale in the Bundesliga. On Saturday, all 18 teams get down to business once again at 3:30 pm. The conference with nine games should definitely not be boring,...
Leverkusen – Augsburg
Leverkusen - Augsburg betting tip, prediction & odds 18.05.2024
Bayer Leverkusen – FC Augsburg betting tip The Bundesliga offers one more chance, if it doesn’t work, it’s over! On Saturday, all 18 teams will line up for the final matchday –...
Marseiler, Luca
Marseiler moves to Darmstadt
Marseiler, Luca  – FC Viktoria Köln + SV Darmstadt 98 It had been looming for some time, but on Thursday afternoon it became official: Luca Marseiler, currently still playing for third-division club...
Antwerpen, Marco
Antwerp remains Waldhof coach
Antwerpen, Marco  + SV Waldhof Mannheim The expiring contract of head coach Marco Antwerpen at third-division club Waldhof Mannheim has been extended after the club achieved relegation. This was announced...
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