Argentina – Canada betting tip, prediction & odds 21.06.2024

Argentina Canada betting tip

What a wonderful summer 2024 soccer fans are in for! In addition to the European Championship, the Copa America taking place overseas will soon offer plenty of entertainment.

It all kicks off on Friday with the opening game, featuring the defending and current world champions. Will the “Albiceleste” lift three valuable trophies in just three years?

In my Argentina Canada betting tip, I see no reason why this strong squad shouldn’t celebrate a one-nil victory over Maple Leafs, who only have first-class players in certain positions

If you don’t have a plan yet for what to bet on, don’t despair! Because my fellow betting friends have summarized the best Copa America betting odds for you.

In my Argentina Canada betting tip, you will find out why a win for the defending champions in the opening game has a statistical probability of 99%.

I will also tell you which two or three additional conditions are best suited to turning a less lucrative single bet on ARG into a much bigger win with a bit of luck

The betting operators’ forecast?

The European Championship betting providers, who are among the best in their field, are of course also our first port of call for an insight into the current Argentina Canada odds.

However, these do not reveal any surprises! The Argentina odds for an opening win for the defending champions are currently around 1.30.

By comparison, the Canada odds for the opposite outcome are around 9.75, which corresponds to a probability of around 10% in bookmaker language.

Analysis: Argentina vs Canada

Argentina are in first-class form. In my eyes, they are simply the most productive and consistent national team in the world.

Even if some of their superstars are now elderly, they still manage to impress as a collective. In any case, the desired operating temperature has already been reached before the opening game.

They recently played two test matches of varying difficulty against Ecuador (1:0) and Guatemala (4:1), from both of which they emerged victorious.

Watch out: Messi and Martínez really shone in their performance against Guatemala, scoring two goals each and creating plenty of goalscoring opportunities

Canada’s primary goal is to prepare for the 2026 World Cup. The Copa America should be used to form a powerful squad by then, which is currently still in the development phase.

Meanwhile, Chile are considered to have a better chance of finishing second behind Argentina in Group A. Nevertheless, the Maple Leafs should be able to put up some resistance at this tournament.

In the recent clean sheet against France, the defense held firm until the end. And with the exception of keeper Crepeau and defender Bombito, the starting eleven that was used consisted exclusively of European first division players.

The North Americans should therefore not allow themselves to be overrun next Friday, not even by the world champions.

Quota analysis

Unless you use a lucrative Euro 2024 bonus for sports betting, an Argentina Canada bet on a conventional victory for the defending champions is not very profitable.

Fortunately, however, there are suitable alternatives to incorporate promising additional conditions into your bet without having to expose yourself to a disproportionately high risk.

In view of the South Americans’ recent performances, these are the betting options “1/1” and “Argentina to win by zero”, which are trading at odds of 1.90 and 1.95 respectively.

In addition, an ARG win with HC -1 at a value of around 1.90 would be particularly recommended for sports betting fans with a slightly higher risk appetite.

Argentina is currently winning almost every game!

The Canadians shouldn’t let themselves be overrun, but how can you bet on a surprise against a team that has won 19 of its last 20 international matches?

Precisely because Canada only scored twice in their last two test matches against the Netherlands (0:4) and France (0:0), a win to nothing bet on the Albiceleste is a good basis for profiting from the one-sided Argentina Canada odds.

Especially as the only previous clash between the two nations in 2015 went 5-0 to the South Americans

Argentina quickly turns 77% into 99%

As is also the case with our European Championship bets, you should know that bookmaker odds represent a percentage probability of occurrence.

In the case of the defending champions, this value is around 1.30 based on the current Argentina Canada odds – as already mentioned.

This in particular makes me sit up and take notice, as the associated probability of occurrence is 77%, but the Albiceleste have won 99% of games with exactly these pre-match odds in the last four years.

In addition, the Argentines have fielded a first-class team from head to toe for the Copa America, having already won the title at the last edition three years ago.

Only Paolo Dybala is a world-class player who could be missed. But as I’ve already shown you, Messi and Martínez put in an impressive performance against Guatemala.

Unfortunately, there would be no place for the Roma man among two such great players, even if he were healthy and in form

By the way, do you know why I would recommend Lionel Messi for a goal bet? The aged world-class player played in Major League Soccer until June and is therefore in good form.

Messi also scored a goal in each of his last two appearances for his employers Inter Miami and also scored two goals in the two subsequent test matches for Argentina.

He is therefore in impressive form, and the 1.77 goal odds quoted for him by Bet365 on Friday are therefore an additional condition that you should add to your betting slip.

My tip:

Argentina and Canada will meet in the USA next Friday.

In this exciting duel, the spectators are likely to be on the side of the Canadians, as they are geographically closer and perhaps have a larger fan base in the stadium. However, this is the Maple Leafs’ only supposed advantage.

Argentina will line up with a first-class team. The defending champions have outstanding players who are performing at the highest level and are in top form. Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martínez in particular have shown their class in recent games.

While many scenarios are conceivable, I think a bet along the lines of “Argentina wins to zero” is the best choice. Canada have hardly shown any goal threat in their last test matches and will find it difficult to cope with Argentina’s solid defense

My tip: Argentina win to nil

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