Bolivia – Uruguay betting tip, prediction & odds 28.06.2024

Bolivia Uruguay betting tip

There are no surprises in Group C of the Copa America after matchday 1. The two clear favorites have clearly prevailed in their respective opening games.

In all likelihood, this will also be the case on matchday 2. Especially as the differences in quality within my Uruguay Bolivia prediction are so great that it might even be worth placing a handicap bet.

Which European Championship free bets should be used to maximize your profit margin is also part of my Uruguay Bolivia tip written for you

There are quite a few pundits these days who have long since stopped dropping the name Uruguay behind closed doors when it comes to the potential favorites to win this prestigious trophy.

In their Copa America betting odds, the bookmakers have also come to realize how good a chance the “Celeste” now has of leaving Argentina behind in the battle for the most editions won (15 each).

Since my Uruguay Bolivia prediction is firmly based on a 2:0 or maybe even 3:0 for the “Celeste”, I recommend suitable betting options that are just as freely available to you as the best European Championship bonus offers on the net

The forecast of the betting providers?

As on matchday 1, you can expect two preliminary round matches in Group C, each with a clear favorite.

In the case of the Uruguay Bolivia odds, with a value of around 1.16, this is of course clearly the Celeste, who will be in the bookmakers’ favor next Friday.

As little chance as Bolivia had in their opening game against the USA, it should come as no surprise that their odds of victory against this much stronger opponent have been set at around 26.00.

Analysis: Bolivia vs Uruguay

Uruguay really do have an extremely strong team that has already caused a stir in the run-up to this tournament. To dispatch the Mexicans 4-0 just weeks before the opening game says a lot.

The opening game of this Copa America? A tailor-made victory. Nothing too spectacular, as the Panamanians were able to make occasional pinpricks until the beginning of the final phase, but there is no shaking the deserved 3:1 for Uruguay.

The two-time world champions simply have first-class difference-makers who make a lot out of very little. Araujo’s dream goal is a perfect example of the quality that can be found in this perfectly functioning 4-3-3

Bolivia have won just one group game in their last nine appearances in this competition, and that is where they will remain for the time being.

The weakest CONMEBOL representative from South America simply cannot generate enough attacking threat and only a great deal of hard work prevented a heavier defeat against the hosts last Monday.

With the 2-0 defeat against the USA, the Bolivians have now lost four games in a row, scoring just one goal in the process.

Even Panama should prove too strong for Bolivia in this form on matchday 3 …

Odds analysis

In the introduction to my Uruguay Bolivia prediction, I have already stated that I expect a 2-0 or even 3-0 win for Uruguay.

In any case, I think it’s more likely that the Bolivians won’t score a goal than that Uruguay will be able to celebrate a resounding victory.

I therefore advise you to place a bet of the type “Uruguay win to zero”, which gives you odds of 1.62. A bet along the lines of “Uruguay to win with HC -1”, on the other hand, promises an average of only 1.47 and is therefore clearly my second choice.

Bolivia physically not up to the task

I watched the US opener in full and was amazed at how physically inferior the Bolivians were to the hosts.

Bolivia barely got in front of their opponents’ goal, and with an xG of just 0.13, a goal would not have been deserved.

The pace that the South Americans play at is simply not high enough to keep up with professional squads that are used to a European pace.

That was already evident against the USA and will also quickly become apparent against the Uruguayans.

The direct comparison is unmistakable!

Both nations naturally know each other very well from the CONMEBOL qualifying group when it comes to securing a place at the World Cup every four years.

In the current edition, which guarantees participation in the 2026 World Cup, Uruguay already won 3-0 in November 2023.

This match was less than six months ago and offers some interesting insights, which I have already discussed in my Uruguay Bolivia prediction

In the aforementioned 3-0 win, Bolivia once again achieved an extremely low xG value of just 0.14 against an absolute top nation like Uruguay.

In fact, the last three head-to-head meetings in the Copa America have all ended in clean sheets for the “Celeste”.

Of course, the most relevant one for next Friday is the last edition three years ago, in which Uruguay managed to come out on top 2-0.

This all confirms the suspicion I’ve been harboring since the final whistle of the first group game – namely that the Bolivians won’t be able to make enough of an offensive impact to score this time either.

The only question is whether Darwin Nunez will once again be the most eye-catching Uruguayan on the other side after his goal against Panama and score again!

At odds of 1.60, the bookmakers are very confident about this! And I also find it hard not to give the world-class Liverpool player a good chance of winning the coveted goalscoring crown at this tournament

My tip:

Here, a starting eleven featuring some of the best professionals in Europe will face a team that earns most of its money in the Bolivian league and is therefore used to a completely different tempo.

The deficits that arise from such a situation were already evident in the opening game against the USA, where Bolivia barely managed to leave their own half of the pitch with the ball at their feet.

No, URU are too strong in every respect and even if they had to roll up their sleeves again against Panama, the Celeste’s soccer is far too good for them not to come out on top here.

My Uruguay Bolivia tip is therefore: Uruguay win without conceding a goal

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