Croatia – Italy betting tip, prediction & odds Euro 24.06.2024

Croatia Italy betting tip & the best odds for the 3rd matchday of Group B

Pure drama in my Croatia Italy betting tip?

The impending fate of the Croatians reminds me a little of the 2010 World Cup, when the “Azzurri” set off for South Africa with a team made up of over-aged world champions who were no longer quite as productive, only to be knocked out in the preliminary round without a sound.

The Croatians are now also being accused of possibly having failed to make the necessary generational change, as they appeared unusually lethargic in their first two group games.

Next Monday will be their last chance to turn things around after all, with only a win now helping them into the eagerly awaited round of 16.

However, I won’t be recommending any Euro 2024 tips for such a scenario in my Croatia Italy predictions, as I think my compatriots are a tad better prepared

We can say that both opponents failed to make any headway against “La Roja” in their respective group games, but the Italians were at least kept in the game by brilliant saves from Donnarumma until the final whistle.

I was also surprised by the harmlessness of the Azure Blues. Not only did Italy lose to zero, but they also took the fewest shots in a European Championship match (4).

In any case, I’ve put together some European Championship bets for the upcoming game against the red and white tiled team, which I’m checking for suitable Croatia Italy odds

The Croatia – Italy prediction from the bookmakers

The fact that the Italians were able to overturn their deficit against Albania and the Croats were not seems to have influenced the European Championship bookmakers in their considerations.

In any case, the current Croatia Italy odds give the defending champions slightly better chances of winning the head-to-head with average odds of 2.40 to 3.15.

That’s all the Azzurri would need to guarantee qualification for the round of 16.

A draw, on the other hand, promises odds of around 3.15 and is linked to a probability of occurrence of around 31%, but would not take the Balkan footballers one step further

Croatia vs Italy odds: Where are the highest Italy odds?

For our European Championship tips, we only consider the best bookmakers to ensure that you always get the best odds and the most reliable service.

In the case of these Croatia Italy odds, this is undoubtedly Betano.

Betano sportsbooks are not only known for their attractive odds, but also for their reliability and user-friendliness.

Betano is also the official sponsor of Euro 2024, which further underlines its seriousness and trustworthiness.

Analysis: Croatia vs Italy

The Albanians have done it again! This refers to an early goal for a 1:0 lead, which after ITA now also put CRO in trouble.

However, the Italians were able to turn this deficit around fairly quickly thanks to a superior opening and created many more first-class opportunities.

Croatia, on the other hand, fell into a state of shock and displayed a far too lethargic style of play, which was probably also caused by the number of players who had already passed their peak and could not be overlooked.

A number of changes and a high phase shortly before the start of the final quarter of an hour brought about a turnaround, but as we all know, it was short-lived.

Albania scored in stoppage time to make it 2:2 and Croatia are now on the brink of elimination – or will my Croatia Italy tip give the chequered team new hope?

Interestingly, Italy only narrowly lost to Spain on paper (0:1), while the Croatians were left unassailable on the scoreboard in the first half of the match.

Nevertheless, the Azzurri hardly put the 2010 world champions under any pressure with an offensive xG value of 0.24, while Croatia were seemingly cheated out of several goals in the game against La Roja with an xG value of 2.27, including penalties.

In the first half of the game against Albania, however, the Balkan team looked incredibly pale and stiff in their movements. Which version of the red-and-white tiled team will we see on Monday?

In my opinion, the answer to a good Croatia Italy tip lies in the starting position. The Azzurri are defending masterfully and can no longer finish top of the group anyway.

With a draw, they can set the course for a feasible opponent in the round of 16, which is why they will probably not start this third group game like a shot from the gun.

The Croatians will have to come to terms with this in the first half of the game. But after the change of ends at the latest, they will have to gradually increase the tempo and the risk.

My recommendation: Bet in your sports betting app at odds of around 2.07 that the second half of the match will be the highest scoring half

Analysis of odds

The Croats’ need for points naturally changes the dynamics of this game. Because sooner or later, the Balkan kickers will have to resort to the crowbar.

All three goals against Spain were scored in the first half, while three out of four against Albania came after the break.

With this data in mind, I opt for a wonderful special bet at Betano, where the associated Croatia Italy odds also convince me.

This is as follows: Most goals will be scored in the 2nd half, which promises odds of around 2.07 and corresponds to the most likely course of the match in my eyes.

Croatia vs. Italy odds: First win for Italy?

Yes, I too rubbed my eyes in disbelief! But it’s actually never happened since Croatia’s independence that they have been defeated on the soccer pitch by an Italian selection.

However, Croatia have only emerged victorious three times from these eight encounters, while the last three encounters have all ended 1:1.

In fact, this would have been one of my preferred Croatia Italy tips on Monday, but the starting position and the Balkan side’s pressing need for points will have an impact on the dynamics of the game.

ITA rarely slip up in important European Championship games

The match between Italy and Spain helped me to get a better idea of the Azzurri’s actual playing strength.

Because while the defending champions have recently had to be removed from the list of absolute top favorites, Spain is now only behind France and ahead of Germany on my list.

What I’ve also noted on my notepad for my Croatia Italy prediction are recommendations for some of the best Euro 2024 bonuses for sports betting that I was able to find out during my research:

Spain has demystified Italy, which is why I will be lowering my expectations of my compatriots from now on.

Nevertheless, my obsession with data makes it difficult for me to ignore the fact that, statistically speaking, the defending champions rarely lose the really important European Championship games.

After all, Italy have only lost one of their last 11 games at the UEFA European Championships (7 wins, 3 draws).

So I think they’re just a little bit too ripped off to let themselves be duped and possibly knocked out of the competition by a team that has made such glaring defensive errors as Croatia so far

Croatia’s midfield is ageing and has looked inflexible so far, but the Azzurri have some fine, nimble players who can dance between the lines.

Nicolò Barella is one of my favorite players, who is also suitable for a goal bet in a sophisticated Italy Croatia prediction.

The Milanese has been directly involved in 5 goals in his last 8 appearances for Italy (2 goals, 3 assists), including a goal in the opening game of Euro 2024 against Albania.

Barella failed to score in three consecutive internationals for the first time in his career against Spain, but remains one of Italy’s most dangerous players on Monday

My Croatia Italy tip:

Italy have the advantage of being able to let their opponents come and then counterattack with ice-cold precision, even if Federico Chiesa was hugely disappointing against Spain.

Croatia, on the other hand, have already conceded four goals in the first half and will therefore do everything in their power to avoid conceding a fateful goal in the first half that could decide the game early on.

The Italians should be able to come to terms with that at first. I therefore expect the score to be level at the break before the game picks up pace after the break.

CRO will then try to break down the Azzurri’s defense, while the defending champions will be on the lookout for counter-attacking opportunities. It promises to be an exciting duel

My tip: Goals in both halves? No.

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