Düsseldorf – Bochum betting tip, prediction & odds 27.05.2024

Fortuna Düsseldorf – VfL Bochum betting tip

Is this thing already over? We were actually looking forward to an exciting relegation to Bundesliga 1, but now it seems as if the decision has already been made after the first 90 minutes – to the disadvantage of VfL Bochum.

A few days ago, Bochum were beaten 3-0 by Fortuna Düsseldorf and experienced a pitch-black evening. Do they still believe they can turn it around in the second leg? Probably not for everyone, because the buck has to be stopped on the road of all places.

Of course, the team in the Ruhr will be combative, what else can they do? However, one or two of them will immediately call up the away statistics in their heads and perhaps resign themselves a little

Due to Fortuna’s big lead, the odds with our German bookmakers are actually not all that different, with the home side in front at an average of 2.25 to 3.20. As far as promotion is concerned, however, the odds look quite different.

What’s it all about, why VfL is a very grateful opponent away from home and why I recommend the “double chance 1X” bet with over 1.5 goals? I’ll tell you all about it in my Düsseldorf Bochum betting tip:

The forecast of the betting providers?

Fortuna can actually take it easy after the clear victory in the first leg. A defeat with a two-goal deficit? No problem! This automatically means that the odds for a win are slightly higher, averaging 2.25.

At the same time, Bochum know what’s in store for them. A win alone is not enough, but without looking at the clarity, even that doesn’t seem all that realistic with odds of 3.20.

Of course, a draw won’t help the visitors at all. Although Düsseldorf have only shared the points three times at home in the Bundesliga 2 in 2023/24, the draw on Monday does not seem unrealistic at odds of around 3.45.

Analysis: Düsseldorf vs Bochum

It wasn’t quite the result Düsseldorf Fortuna had in mind for the first leg of the relegation play-off… it was more than that! They won 3:0 in Bochum and now have at least one foot in the 1st Bundesliga.

An own goal after a good ten minutes gave them the early lead, Felix Klaus (64th minute) and Yannick Engelhardt (72nd minute) made the result clear in the end. So 3:0, can it really be gambled away?

It might be worth taking a look at the relegation matches since the reintroduction. Only twice has there been such a clear result in the first leg, both times also 3:0.

What happened in the two second legs? Quite simply, the favored teams won again, both by a two-goal margin! Only a year ago, this was the case with VfB Stuttgart, who defeated HSV 3-0 and 3-1.

Fortuna have traveled to Bochum in very stable form anyway, having previously gone 14 games without defeat in the Bundesliga 2 and eight wins from their last ten matches – now they have nine

Odds analysis

I have a clear tendency regarding the 1×2 bets. Bochum, already very weak away from home, are completely out of their depth, while Fortuna can celebrate promotion with their own fans. That’s why I’m clearly going with tip 1.

At the same time, I believe that VfL will at least try to make a run for it, because only an early first goal will put Düsseldorf under pressure. For this reason, I believe that “Both teams to score” at odds of 1.56 should be a banker.

The home side have an absolute top striker in Christos Tzolis. He made do with two assists in the first leg, but he will be looking to score again at home. I therefore recommend the goal bet with odds of 2.87, which you can place at Bet365

Will Düsseldorf throw a big party?

Can anything go wrong at home? Düsseldorf have recently celebrated six home wins in a row, a streak that is definitely impressive. In four of these six matches, the defense came away without conceding a goal.

In this respect, the Merkur Spiel-Arena is a wonderful place to celebrate promotion together with the fans. Christos Tzolis could play a very special role in this. The attacker has 22 goals and seven assists to his name, and that was before the relegation.

He kept a low profile in Bochum with his goals, but provided two assists. In the last home game before the trip to VfL, he scored a treble against Magdeburg, so he certainly doesn’t seem to be in a bad mood

The second defeat for Bochum?

The fact that Fortuna have lost three of their last four home games against Bochum plays a rather minor role for me, because it happened in the 2nd Bundesliga without a knockout game character.

What does this mean for VfL Bochum? The frustration after the 3-0 defeat naturally ran deep, as everyone was actually counting on being able to make decisive use of the home advantage. It has been known for many months that nothing works away from home.

Last season, the Blues were the worst away team, winning twice and suffering eleven defeats. 16 goals in 17 games, but 45 goals conceded (not even Darmstadt conceded more)? Insufficient!

Twelve of the 17 away games had at least two goals conceded, how will this VfL only survive in Düsseldorf on Monday? Bochum have conceded three or more goals in four competitive games, so it’s no wonder that hardly anyone expects them to stay up.

The past five matches have been incredibly spectacular overall anyway. When goals and goals conceded are added together, the result is an impressive 25 goals, an average of exactly five per match!

The away wins were against Union Berlin and Darmstadt. One of the clubs kept their place in the league at the last minute, the other was relegated without a trace – so both are definitely (or at least) on a par with Fortuna.

What’s more, both victories were by exactly one goal, which would not be enough on Monday. The final piece of bad news is that central defender Bernardo is suspended, as if the defense wasn’t bad enough already

My tip:

Turn a 0:3 around, and then away too! VfL Bochum face an almost impossible task when they kick off in Düsseldorf on Monday evening. Not least because Fortuna are currently very strong at home.

The hosts are preparing for a big promotion party in front of their own fans, know how weak their opponents are away from home and that they concede an incredible number of goals.

Ultimately, I prioritized Bochum’s weakness on the road and defensively for my betting tip and also remembered how long Düsseldorf have been unbeaten. This results in the following assumption:

Düsseldorf will not lose by more than 1.5 goals!

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