France – Belgium Prediction, AI Forecast & Odds Euro Round of 16 01.07.2024

European Football Championship, Monday, 01.07.2024 at 18:00

For me, this is definitely the most high-profile round of 16 match of Euro 2024. My France Belgium betting tip analyzes a match that could easily have been a final of a European Championship or World Cup a few years ago, when the Red Devils were still playing with their Golden Generation.

But even in 2024, Belgium still have quite a strong squad together, many of the top stars are no longer at the perfect age, but they are richer in soccer experience and many young talented players are coming up from below, resulting in a dangerous mix for any opponent. This is also proven by the France Belgium odds.

Nevertheless, in terms of play, the 1980 European Championship finalists have not yet presented us with the yellow of the egg, and I see the defense in particular as a weak point in my France Belgium prediction.

But the French also still have the handbrake on. Therefore, the 2018 world champions are only slightly favored

The games haven’t offered much spectacle so far, but I’m expecting a few goals when these two nations meet.

The Belgian defense, in particular, is always conceding goals. The AI in the form of ChatGPT thinks so too. As a complementary service, we also provide you with the three hottest artificial intelligence predictions for the round of 16.

In the end, however, I have a slightly different opinion in my France Belgium tip and also avoid the high risk by betting on the single Mbappe goal at Winamax!

Even so, England and France are among the biggest disappointments in the group stage of Euro 2024. After all, the two footballing superpowers were considered the top favorites. Despite the quality of their squads, they did not play outstanding soccer.

England won the group with five points and France had to let Austria pass them with a 1:1 draw against Poland, who had already been eliminated, and thus slipped into the tournament path towards the final with Germany, Spain, Belgium and Portugal. Every duel up to the final is likely to have the character of a final!

The France – Belgium prediction from the bookmakers

A group stage that has not encouraged either French fans or Belgian supporters for the knockout phase. In the end, the bookmakers see an advantage for France (1.88) due to the stronger team, although the stake is almost doubled.

Winamax has given Belgium a 4.50. For the French bookie, a draw after regular time is more likely (3.15). Which of these is interesting for the AI?

KI prediction France vs. Belgium: This is what ChatGPT

is betting on.

ChatGPT has put together a nice combination for the France Belgium AI Prediction. Of course, the result tip should not be missing, which not only brings high odds with it, but is also a practical recommendation for your betting community.

The AI sees 2:1 for France as the most likely result, after 90 minutes mind you. Bet365 almost multiplies the stake tenfold for this result tip.

The Belgian goal in particular is likely to be the reason for the high odds, as France have only conceded one goal in three matches

The AI has an even better bet, however, with 48.0 odds as a risk variant for a 3:2 win for France. ChatGPT sees superstar Mbappe, who scored his first European Championship goal against Poland, as the scorer of a brace at the 48.0 odds.

Not bad odds for this bet, as Mbappe is clearly the most dangerous attacking player with the most chances for the French. Nevertheless, the result tip is far too risky for me in this case. Especially in the first 20 to 30 minutes, things could be calmer, I don’t expect five goals.

I like the 2.00 for both teams to score much better. But can Belgium really break down the French defense? After all, France have the best duel odds on the ground and in the air at the European Championships

France – Belgium odds: Where to get the France/Belgium odds?

About Mbappe. If you’re looking for top odds for the match, you’ll find them at Bet365. The popular betting provider is offering increased odds for the market that the striker will score the first goal.

Instead of the usual 4.50, you can look forward to 5.00. A hot underdog boost is also waiting for a Belgium betting configurator combination. Over 2.5 goals with a goal by Romelu Lukaku and Belgium qualify, 15.0 instead of 13.0!

Analysis: France vs. Belgium

Offensively, France have been really poor so far. In the opener against Austria, the team only had a few hot opportunities, with an own goal ultimately deciding the game.

This was followed by a clean sheet against Holland, in which Mbappe remained on the bench due to a broken nose. But even with the new Real Madrid attacker, things didn’t really go any better against Poland, a 1-1 draw, the first goal they scored themselves, but also the first goal they conceded.

What France and Belgium have in common after the group stage: 48 shots taken. This makes the statistics read even better than the teams actually performed.

In terms of the number of chances, the teams ranked fourth and fifth behind Germany, Portugal and Turkey. In terms of expected goals, the runners-up are even second, which is also due to the top opportunities missed

A slight advantage for France in offense in a group with tougher opponents than Belgium and an even greater advantage in terms of defensive record. Only Germany and Portugal conceded more goals, 24 for Les Bleus after three games.

Belgium allowed themselves to be broken up more often and had to endure 37 shots. Like France, they conceded just one goal at the end of the group stage, a 1-0 draw against Slovakia. This was followed by a 2-0 win against Romania and a 0-0 draw against Ukraine

Quota analysis

But not much was missing for the tournament exit. Ukraine had the chance to score the winning goal shortly before the end and Belgium would have been eliminated instead of Ukraine, who would have taken first place with six points.

The Belgian fans were anything but satisfied, booing their team despite their second place. After all, they had expected more in what was on paper an easy group and the direct duel against France could have been avoided.

The tournament win bets have also shifted as a result of the group results. England are now the top favorites for the title at 4.50 with a small lead, the British ultimately have the much easier tournament path to the final, none of the bookmakers’ top five candidates for victory are on the England side.

France has risen to 6.50. Given the potential horror program: France – Belgium, France – Portugal, France – Germany/Spain, France – England, this is no great surprise.

Incidentally, the odds for advancing to the round of 16 are 1.44. Belgium are in the 2.85 range at Winamax.

France vs. Belgium odds: Outstanding Mbappe odds

Belgium have had their problems against the ball and are not as compact in defense as France. What’s more, Mbappe gets his top opportunities in almost every game and is also responsible for the penalties.

A 2.30 for the “Mbappe scores” bet is top in my eyes! Especially as the bet can also be played risk-free at Winamax if you register there. New customers receive free bet credit of up to 200 euros (depending on the deposit amount) as part of the European Championship tournament.

You can withdraw the freebet winnings directly. The real money deposited only needs to be wagered at 1.05 before it can also be withdrawn again.

Mbappe – Man of the match in the last duel

Mbappe’s scoring rate in competitive matches is outstanding: twelve goals in 14 World Cup matches, twelve goals in 13 European Championship qualifiers. Only at the European Championship itself has he not yet achieved the best figures. The goal against Poland was his first ever at a European Championship.

He was on the pitch twice against Belgium, in the semi-final of the 2018 World Cup, where he failed to score in a 1-0 win, but in the Nations League 2021 he scored and set up another goal.

Two scorers and a 3:2 for France, you can see what data the AI has looked at in the 46.0 odds. The 3:2 in 2021 was also the last duel between the teams, plus an anniversary, duel number 75!

Belgium even leads the duel with 30 to 26 wins, the goal average: 3.90! However, poor results have been increasingly common in the recent past. In 2011 and 2013 there were two consecutive nil-nil results, before a wild 4:3 win for Belgium in another test match in 2015.

It was also Belgium’s last win before France came out on top in the competitive matches at the 2018 World Cup and in the Nations League. Mbappe scored five goals in the last match, the average he is currently achieving per European Championship match.

He will once again be the target man against Belgium and will repeatedly put a mistake-prone defense to the test. The Red Devils practically never keep a clean sheet against nations with more dangerous offenses.

Belgium lack the maturity and consistent compactness needed to master such tasks to become the absolute top nation in soccer

My France – Belgium tip:

I expect the Mbappe goal, the odds of 2.30 are tempting, the AI even suggests the double pack odds. He scored five goals in the last duel against Belgium and also scored on average against Austria and Poland. He also takes the penalties.

The opposing defenses are constantly struggling to stop the fast and powerful striker. What’s more, Belgium are not making a stable impression at the European Championships, which is also due to their defensive capabilities.

France are ahead in all statistics despite the tougher group, and they even have the best duel rates of the European Championship. I assume that Les Bleus will cause Belgium problems time and again and that superstar Mbappe will be able to celebrate his second European Championship goal.

Accordingly, my France Belgium betting tip is: Mbappe scores

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