Germany – Switzerland betting tip, prediction & odds Euro 23.06.2024

Germany Switzerland betting tip & the best odds for the 3rd matchday of Group A

I’m getting into the Germany-Switzerland betting tip with deep relaxation! The European Championship 2024 has barely started and Germany are already in the round of 16. At least that’s how it feels to me.

Nevertheless, the DFB team’s last group game against Switzerland today is by no means just about the famous golden pineapple. Winning the group is at stake and therefore – as I will show later – the chance of facing a much easier opponent in the round of 16.

In my Germany-Switzerland prediction, I am therefore not assuming that Nagelsmann’s team will put their feet up and slip up against the Nati after their commanding performances against Scotland and Hungary.

Rather, with my prediction “Germany over 1.5 goals”, I’m aiming for a game that takes account of the three-time European champions’ attacking drive

The three-time European champions have already scored at least two goals in each of their five international matches this calendar year.

On top of that, there has been a lively shootout against Switzerland in several recent duels. Two of the last three clashes have featured over 5.5 goals

General goal betting is likely to come into focus for the neighborly duel. After all, the Swiss have also scored in every group game up to this point, but have not conceded a goal against either Hungary or Scotland.

Based on lucrative Germany Switzerland odds, I will therefore show you numerous betting alternatives that are based on a high-scoring clash.

I think it’s simply out of the question that both teams will eke out a 0-0 draw in the round of 16 on Sunday evening.

First of all, however, the question of how strong the DFB team’s role as favorites actually is needs to be clarified

The Germany – Switzerland prediction of the bookmakers

The Germany-Switzerland odds are really very interesting. Our Euro betting providers see the German team as the clear favorites with odds of around 1.70 to win.

However, the back door that is left open here for a draw is unmistakable. The draw is only priced at 3.70, which is comparatively low. The fact that Germany will also win the group with a draw is of course priced in here.

However, a success for the Nati can be considered a risk bet. The 4.75 is lucrative at first glance, but not worth a Germany-Switzerland bet for me. I don’t believe in a Swiss success against Germany

Germany – Switzerland odds: Where are the highest Switzerland/Germany odds?

What about a start-to-finish victory for the German team? Here, bookmaker Bwin is offering a decent odds boost on the Germany/Switzerland odds. If the DFB team is in the lead at half-time and also leaves the pitch as winners at the end, strong odds of 2.75 are due.

Jamal Musiala could provide the German lead. As I will explain later on, the Bayern star is currently a hot commodity at the European Championships. If the youngster scores the 1:0, Bet365 calls for boost odds of 9.00.

However, if you want to lift your Germany-Switzerland combo tip into special odds spheres, you could consider the “Win Germany & Both teams score” boost at NEObet. The round 3.75 that is called for this is always worth it

Analysis: Switzerland vs Germany

I think the table situation in Group A will ultimately be decisive for Germany’s decision to forgo any major personnel experiments against Switzerland and go all out from the start.

If the DFB team loses to the Swiss, they will face opponents such as Italy or Croatia in the round of 16. The road to the European Championship final would be correspondingly rockier.

If, on the other hand, the DFB team finishes first, a clash with Denmark or Slovenia is likely (if England win their group).

I therefore expect the black, red and gold to get off to a strong start against Switzerland. If Germany scores the first goal of the match, as they did against Scotland and Hungary, the odds on Germany-Switzerland are a solid 1.55.

Looking at the individual players, Jamal Musiala naturally takes center stage. The FC Bayern star has scored in every group game so far and is currently one of the best players at the tournament.

For another goal from the youngster, odds of 3.60 are due. I generally expect the DFB team to score at least two goals. The matching statistics: The DFB team has broken the 1.5-goal barrier in nine of the last eleven matches

The Swiss have four points after two group games.

After the 3:1 win against Hungary, Murat Yakin’s team had noticeable problems in the second group game against Scotland and were even lucky to come away with a point (1:1).

A win against the DFB team is therefore not exactly on the horizon in my Germany-Switzerland prediction. The bottom line, however, is that second place in the group can hardly be taken away from the Swiss

If Scotland win 2:0 against Hungary in the parallel match, they could afford a 0:3 against Germany.

The Swiss therefore do not need to hold back. Nothing stands in the way of an offensive performance to possibly win the group themselves.

Interesting fact for the Germany-Switzerland betting tip: If the Nati scores at least one goal against the DFB team, you can get odds of around 1.50. Solid odds for a realistic scenario

Analysis of odds

The bookmakers don’t really trust the Swiss with the Germany-Switzerland odds. This is particularly clear in view of the 1.70 odds for the classic “both teams to score” market.

Here we are even in a slightly above-average range, considering that the goal for the DFB team seems obligatory.

Incidentally, the “Over 2.5 goals” bet is in the same vein. At 1.80, the odds for this also do not qualify as low odds.

It fits into the picture that in the Germany-Switzerland betting tip, a win by one goal (3.00) is positioned slightly worse than a favorite win with goals conceded (3.30).

If you include my main betting tip in this context, you quickly arrive at a result of 2:0.

At around 9.00, the odds for this risk tip are quite reasonable. However, at 7.30, 1:0 for the DFB team is the most likely result from the bookmakers’ point of view

Switzerland vs. Germany odds: David vs. Goliath?

If you take a look at the Swiss national team’s historic European Championship record, you won’t be far off frowning.

The fact is that the national team has only ever won four European Championships (out of six appearances).

At none of the EUROs have they managed more than one win in regulation time. In purely statistical terms, a win against Germany would therefore be a novelty. Germany’s European Championship record, however, seems like something else.

The DFB team alone has more final appearances (6) in European Championship finals than Switzerland.

These figures make it clear once again why the Germany-Switzerland betting tips mostly revolve around the tournament hosts

Gate flood and German problems

The direct comparison reveals a curious statistic at first glance.

Although Germany and Switzerland have already met 53 times, this is the first time they have faced each other at a European Championship.

In any case, the vast majority of matches have been played as friendlies. Just seven competitive matches have been played.

Four at the World Cup, two in the Nations League 2020/2021 and one at the 1928 Olympic Games.

The overall balance clearly speaks in favor of the DFB team. There are currently 36 German wins, 8 draws and nine Swiss victories.

A small clue for the Germany-Switzerland betting tip: Germany did not exactly dominate the two most recent Nations League matches at will. In fact, they had to settle for a draw each time (1:1, 3:3).

Also noticeable: The last duels between the two national teams have been rather high-scoring

The bet “Germany over 1.5 goals” alone would have paid off in five of the last six matches.

In four of the last five games, the bet “Over 2.5 goals” would also have been successful.

Switzerland’s last victory dates back to 2012. A good twelve years ago, the Swiss defeated the DFB team 5:3 in a test match, with Ilkay Gündogan already playing for Germany at the time

My Germany Switzerland tip:

My bet for the Scotland game was a bit lucky (both teams score). My bet for the Hungary game was a bit unlucky (Over 2.5 goals).

Now I’m optimistic that I’ll come out of Group A with a positive betting record and that Germany will pick up offensively against the NAti where they left off against Scotland and Hungary.

As the Swiss are also likely to be bold, a turbulent match is likely in which there should be no shortage of scoring chances.

My Germany Switzerland betting tip is therefore: The DFB team will score at least two goals

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