Hungary – Switzerland betting tip, prediction & odds Euro 15.06.2024

Hungary Switzerland betting tip & the best odds for the 2nd match of Group A

The time of waiting is finally over: The European Championship 2024 in Germany is about to start! In Group A, in which the DFB team is also involved, I’m devoting myself to a well-founded Hungary Switzerland tip today.

After the Germans play their opening game against Scotland on Friday evening, it’s the Nati’s turn the very next day. Kick-off is at 3pm on Saturday afternoon in Cologne against Hungary. A loss of points? The Swiss can’t really afford to lose.

The first direct duel between these two nations took place back in 1911, and now both would like to reach the last 16 of the European Championship. The impressions from this year and last year? Similar – and that’s exactly what makes a clear classification so difficult

However, the Hungary Switzerland odds have been set to clearly favor one team, and with average odds of 2.20 to 3.20, that’s the team led by captain Granit Xhaka.

In my Hungary Switzerland prediction, I will now take a very close look at both nations and of course keep an eye on which bets are particularly suitable here.

In any case, my basic betting recommendation is as follows: The 2.5 goals will not be exceeded!

Hungary – Switzerland bookmaker prediction

At the beginning of a tournament, it is of course also difficult for our bookmakers to correctly assess the teams. However, since the individual quality of the Swiss is higher than that of the Hungarians, there is an official favorite.

So if you want to place a 1×2 bet, you can still look forward to quite lucrative odds for all conceivable options. After all, a Swiss success also manages an average of 2.20, while one of the Hungarians is even higher with betting odds of 3.20.

But perhaps a draw, which Switzerland enjoyed so much in the European Championship qualifiers, would be better? If both teams start this tournament with one point each, the odds would jump to an average of 3.25.

Hungary – Switzerland odds: Where are the highest Hungary Switzerland odds?

The Hungarians have won three out of four international matches in 2024 – and always by zero. On the other hand, the Nati have only won three of their last eleven international matches.

What do I mean by that? Quite simply that a bet on the underdog might pay off. And if the odds of 3.20 are not enough for you, you should take a look at the Hungary Switzerland odds boost from Bet365.

Here, the odds jump up to 10.0 and the Hungarians would have to win without conceding a goal. Good that they have already done just that in three out of four international matches in 2024.

However, there is of course considerable individual quality in the national team squad, also because they have a very young and really strong attacker in Zeki Amdouni, who would like to become the focus of big clubs at this European Championship.

Chelsea are already said to be interested in him, and that will probably not be the only big name. Amdouni was successful six times in the European Championship qualifiers. I have therefore not picked out a normal goal bet for you, but a 1:0 for the striker in question. If he manages to take the lead against Hungary, Bet365 will boost the odds to 8.00.

Analysis: Hungary vs Switzerland

It was one of the greatest successes in Switzerland’s history! The national team reached the quarter-finals of the 2021 European Championship, eliminated the top favorites from France and only failed when their nerves failed them in the penalty shoot-out against Spain.

The Swiss have never made it through to the top four at a major tournament, so perhaps they will make it in 2024. However, Switzerland would have to improve on their performance in qualifying, and do so considerably

Four wins, five draws and one defeat? More was actually expected against Romania, Israel, Belarus, Andorra and Kosovo. Especially as only one of the last seven qualifying matches ended in victory…

Everyone who followed the national team knew that it would be hard work to get back into shape in 2024. The year began with a 0-0 draw against Denmark that nobody could really classify

The team won a little later, but a 1-0 win against Ireland was not exactly a revelation in terms of play. The month of June seems to suit the Swiss better, because slowly but surely their self-confidence is returning.

They won 4:0 against Estonia, and the duel against their neighbors from Austria ended in a 1:1 draw. More possession, but less goal threat – not everything was successful here either

Quota analysis

Will this game produce a winner in the end? When it comes to the 1×2 bet, I’m actually skeptical about the winner. I think Hungary’s squad is definitely strong enough to keep up – so I think there’s a good chance of a draw.

I also assume that both teams will decide to take risks rather late in the game. The first mistake could mean defeat, and since I’m betting on a prolonged feeling-out process, I’m predicting a draw after 90 minutes. The corresponding Hungary-Switzerland odds jump to 2.60.

Of course, you can also place a real result bet. If you want to take this risk, I think you are well served with the 1:1 final result. The odds: a profitable 6.25.

Hungary vs Switzerland odds: Will it be a duel at eye level?

For the first time since 2017, Switzerland will now face Hungary again – which is why the direct comparison is not the most relevant for the Switzerland Hungary odds.

Nevertheless, it is interesting to note that the two nations have met a number of times in various qualifiers for the European Championship or World Cup, but they only played each other in a tournament in 1938.

The Swiss have only lost one of their last nine head-to-head meetings, although only two have taken place since 2002. Logically, this means that we can’t provide any historical facts that are really helpful

Hungary Switzerland prediction: The underdog wants to surprise

How will Hungary start the game on Saturday? I’ll start by looking at their European Championship qualifying campaign and note that they have five wins and three draws, unbeaten ahead of Serbia, Montenegro, Lithuania and Bulgaria.

The team is familiar with difficult constellations in the preliminary round; three years ago, they were in a duel with Portugal, Germany and France and finished last in the so-called Group of Death.

However, given the points they picked up against the DFB team and the French, the Magyars sold themselves more than respectably at the last EURO!

The world number 26 has played a preparation that makes you sit up and take notice. The 2-1 defeat against Ireland was their only loss, but they won their other three games, all of them by a clean sheet

1:0 against Turkey, 2:0 against Kosovo and 3:0 against Israel – that’s something to be proud of. With these results, it’s easy to get back to a clean sheet against Switzerland, which I had already recommended to you in the odds boosts.

Speaking of odds, if you’re new to sports betting, our collection of European Championship free bets is just the thing for you. At Crazybuzzer, for example, it is possible to bet ten euros without any risk.

The Hungarian national team has lost exactly one match since September 2022, and that was the aforementioned 2:1 against Ireland. As you might have guessed, they didn’t need to lose that game – they only conceded the second, bitter goal in injury time

My Hungary Switzerland tip:

Will Switzerland make a successful start to the 2024 European Championship? The Nati have to survive the demanding Group A, and a slip-up against Hungary could throw their plans for the round of 16 out the window early on.

Not everything has gone smoothly for the Swiss in the last year and a half, victories have been rare and goals have been scored relatively slowly. So beware of the Hungarians, who have almost forgotten how to lose games.

They have not conceded a goal in three of their four games this year, so defensively it is difficult to get past the team. Since Switzerland haven’t made the safest of impressions recently, I recommend the following bet:

The 2.5 goals will not be conceded!

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