Slovenia – Serbia betting tip, prediction & odds Euro 20.06.2024

Slovenia Serbia betting tip & the best odds for the 2nd matchday of Group C

Two favorites and two outsiders, that’s how Group C at this European Championship 2024 was assessed from the start. Slovenia and Serbia would probably only fight out a duel for third place. Does this statement still stand after the opener?

Let’s put it this way, as both had to start against strong opponents, there are no wins left or right. However, the Slovenians will take at least one point into this second matchday, while the Serbs will start from scratch.

So it’s already clear that a draw will only benefit the underdogs. The underdog? That’s right, our bookmakers are clearly of the opinion that the three points on Thursday can only go to the Eagles

Of course, the starting position doesn’t make the game any less exciting, and the approach of both teams is particularly interesting for me. Will we see a stonewalling Slovenia, a raiding Serbia, a tough battle in midfield without many scoring chances?

I will try to answer all of these questions in my Slovenia Serbia betting tip. The analysis is not easy, I can say that much in advance, and that’s why I would take the risk and argue for a split of the points here!

The bookmakers’ prediction for Slovenia – Serbia

Although the Serbs go into this clash with no points and are therefore under enormous pressure, our EURO betting providers obviously have full confidence in the team.

There is no other explanation for the fact that the odds in the Slovenia Serbia prediction for a win are only an average of 1.85.

Slovenia are much less likely to win, is this due to the fact that they conceded six goals against Serbia in the Nations League in 2022? In any case, the odds for the three-pointer are knocking on 5.00 at the top.

The draw will of course help Slovenia significantly more. Should the points actually be shared in Munich’s Allianz Arena, you would be offered odds of around 3.50 – which is absolutely within reason

Slovenia vs Serbia odds: Where are the highest Slovenia vs Serbia odds?

If you want to get away from the normal Slovenia Serbia odds, I recommend taking a look at the Boost offers. You’ll find what you’re looking for at Bet365, who are betting on a specific player.

According to this bookmaker, Dusan Vlahovic is very popular, and if the Juventus Turin attacker scores at 1:0, you could get a boost of 7.00.

At the same time, however, Bet365 has also come up with a boost offer that sees the Slovenians ahead. Since there was already a point here in the 1:1 against Denmark, you could place the result bet 2:1. The reward: a boosted 17.0!

Analysis: Slovenia vs Serbia

Not too bad for a start! The Slovenian national team is one of the big outsiders at this European Championship 2024, only the second time since 2000 that the nation (formerly part of Yugoslavia) has taken part in such a tournament.

Their opponents in Group C are England, Denmark and Serbia, all of whom are significantly higher in the FIFA world rankings. The Slovenians themselves occupy 57th place here, despite a very strong qualification campaign

Looking back at last year’s qualifiers is a bit like analyzing the first European Championship match, because then as now, the aim was to keep up with the Danish selection.

In qualifying, where the head-to-head results were 1-2 and 1-1, Slovenia only came second in the end due to this slightly worse direct comparison

On Sunday, the Dragons started the tournament with exactly this result, a 1:1. In the 77th minute, it was Erik Janza who was able to counter the early deficit through Christian Eriksen after a good quarter of an hour.

With only 32% possession, I can’t really call it a match of equals, but 11:16 shots show that the one point was not undeserved in the end

Quota analysis

With regard to the 1×2 bets, I’m strongly leaning towards a draw. You can even increase these Slovenia Serbia odds if you also see a draw at half-time. A strong 5.20 is due for the bet “Half-time/final score X/X”.

Furthermore, I don’t think we can expect a total shooting match, as the first performances of both teams at this European Championship were not offensive enough for that. For the “Under 2.5 goals” bet, we get average odds of 1.75.

And then, of course, there is the risky option of a result bet. Many results are out of the question in view of my first tips, so in my eyes it’s most likely to be 1:1

Slovenia vs. Serbia: Who is actually better here?

Slovenia have had a very successful year so far, not losing any of their six matches. The victories against the USA (1:0) and Portugal (2:0) were particularly strong, with not even one goal conceded.

Five goals were conceded in the six matches, which is more than okay. In 2023 and 2024 combined, the team has only failed to score once.

There is no question that Slovenia are probably better than the nation was made out to be in the run-up to this European Championship. Now is the time to revise the recent impressions from the games against Serbia

Serbia must up the tempo

2022 The two teams met in the Nations League, and there was not much for the Dragons to take from the game. The 2:2 may have been justifiable, but a lot really went wrong in the 1:4.

Incidentally, three of the four matches had a maximum difference of one goal, which is another reason why I’m leaning towards a draw in my Slovenia-Serbia prediction on Thursday. A draw that would bring Serbia absolutely nothing.

The Eagles started against England, by far the toughest opponent in Group C. The score was 0:1 after just twelve minutes, after which the underdogs tried in vain to get through against the Three Lions

Only one real shot on goal, by the end the Serbs knew exactly what was wrong with their unsuccessful start. So it remains the same in 2024: win or lose, there’s nothing in between (yet).

Even the impressions of the year so far didn’t really make sense to me. You lose 4:0 to Russia, win a very close 1:0 against Cyprus, beat Sweden 3:0 and lose 2:1 to Austria?

I can’t exactly call it a really strong European Championship qualifying campaign, as they only won four times against Hungary, Lithuania, Montenegro and Bulgaria. Since March 2023, they have also only managed to escape without conceding a goal twice

Variable statistics, even though the Serbs actually have some really strong professionals. Above all, the attack shines with players such as Luka Jovic, Dusan Vlahovic and Aleksandar Mitrovic.

Incidentally, Mitrovic, who scored five times in seven games in qualifying, is well ahead in terms of a goal bet. At Bwin, the odds are around 2.75, in the best case you can also check out our free bets to see if there is something here

My Slovenia Serbia tip:

A win is a must for Serbia! After the opening defeat, a significant improvement is expected against Slovenia on Thursday, especially the actually strong offense may show a better side.

But beware: The Slovenians enjoy a very good reputation in my book, are still without defeat in 2024 and have held their own against Denmark for the third time in a short space of time. That’s why I can’t quite understand the clear Slovenia Serbia odds.

Slovenia also have Jan Oblak to back them up. However, since the Serbs are better staffed in the individual positions, I ultimately opt for the following Slovenia Serbia prediction:

Slovenia and Serbia share the points

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