Spain – Georgia betting tip, AI prediction & odds Euro Round of 16 30.06.2024

Spain Georgia betting tip & the best odds for the round of 16

The best 16 teams at Euro 2024 have long been decided. Some were to be expected, but others really surprised us.

I’m now looking at a round of 16 match that probably only has one fitting title: David vs Goliath, or in other words: Spain vs Georgia tip!

Spain, the Goliath, has won everything, survived the group stage without conceding a goal and scored nine points. Georgia, the David, is taking part in a European Championship for the first time ever and has presented itself much stronger than expected

On Sunday evening, these two unequal teams will meet in Cologne and, as was to be expected, the Spain-Georgia odds clearly favor the Furia Roja.

On average, the three-time European champions come away with 1.20 to 17.0 in the Spain-Georgia predictions – a round of 16 tie can hardly be predicted more clearly in advance.

Accordingly, it can already be said: Considering the low expectations, the team from the Caucasus can only win here once again!

Will it be as clear-cut on the pitch? Our Spain-Georgia betting tip not only provides all the facts, including an expert tip, but also includes an exclusive AI prediction as a special service.

Will we be able to rely on it for this match – or will man beat the polished machine once again?

Questions upon questions, all of which I will now try to answer in my Spain-Georgia prediction. And in the end, I can only agree with the betting providers and opt for the following tip:

The favorite wins, and without conceding a goal!

The Spain – Georgia prediction from the bookmakers

Of course, there is no question how the 1×2 bets are distributed with regard to the Spain-Georgia odds. If you want to bet on a Spanish victory, you will have to accept that you will only find values of 1.20.

A three-pointer for Georgia, on the other hand, requires some courage, with the odds approaching 20.0.

At Betano, for example, you can place a 20 euro bet without making a deposit, all you need is the code BONUSVIP. A draw would of course also be very surprising from a Spanish perspective, with the odds averaging 6.50.

KI prediction Spain vs Georgia: That’s what ChatGPT

is betting on.

A European Championship prediction made purely by AI? Quite possible these days! I went looking for interesting Spain-Georgia AI predictions and had the analysis spit out for three bets with different risks.

As far as a result bet is concerned, the opinion here is that a 3:0 is a very good bet. A sensible tip? Definitely in my eyes! I’m betting on the favorites to win by zero anyway, so this result would be ideal.

What’s more, I think Spain are clearly stronger, and it’s not for nothing that they won twice in the European Championship qualifiers. A possible 3:0 is therefore a probable Spain-Georgia betting tip.

A bet with relatively low risk is the Spanish victory despite a handicap with 0:1. A success with at least two goals ahead is definitely feasible, in the qualifiers there was even a 7:1 win

I’ve also asked for a Spain-Georgia prediction, which involves a relatively high risk. How about Rodri as the first goalscorer of the game? So far, the playmaker is still without a goal, and he wasn’t involved against Albania due to suspension.

Rodri wouldn’t be my first choice for a goal, I’d rather focus on Ferran Torres or Alvaro Morata. But who knows, maybe the genius of the midfielder will decide

Spain vs Georgia odds: Where to get the highest Spain vs Georgia odds?

Of course, this round of 16 match cannot be played without odds boosts. At Bet365, the focus is on Alvarao Morata, who is expected to score. Should the attacker score to make it 1:0, the value jumps up to 4.25.

Bet365 is also boosting the odds on a result bet. They have chosen the 3:1, one of the two results that have already taken place in the European Championship qualifiers. If you bet on exactly this outcome, you can get odds of 15.0.

I can also recommend a boost at Oddset. And here, too, the focus is on a potential goalscorer! Georges Mikautadze, who has already scored three times, wants to score against Spain, his boosted goal odds are 6.50.

Analysis: Spain vs Georgia

Does the new top favorite for the 2024 European Championship title come from Spain? After the preliminary round, we can only answer this question with a resounding “yes”! The Furia Roja scored all nine points, no one else managed that.

Let’s start by saying that the last time Spain marched through the group stage without losing a point was in 2008, when they won the final 1-0 against Germany.

For my Spain-Georgia betting tip, I also draw the conclusion from the events of that time that at least the round of 16 is anything but an insurmountable hurdle for “La Roja”…

It wasn’t as if there were no difficulties at all in the preliminary round, but in the end the Spaniards always knew exactly how high they had to jump to collect the three points at the end.

They started with a solid 3-0 win against Croatia, but the Iberians were not as superior as the result suggested. We then experienced the exact opposite against Italy

1:0 through an own goal? Sounds mediocre, but in the end it was very convincing. It was only Italy keeper Gianluigi Donnarumma who prevented a higher victory.

The competition also played their part, and Spain were already group winners after two match days, which meant that the rotation machine could be turned on.

In the final game against Albania, there was a lively rotation, but the professional players still took the game very seriously. They won 1:0 and for the first time ever, a European Championship preliminary round ended without conceding a goal.

Quota analysis

Are Spain-Georgia odds between 1.50 and 1.55 enough for you? If you are looking for a bet that carries a rather low risk, I can recommend the “Both teams score – no”.

At the same time, Spain is of course heavily favored and wants to show that from the very first minute. That brings me to the bet “Half-time/final score 1/1”.

At Betano, a Spanish lead at the break comes to 1.62, if the Furia Roja win both halves, the value jumps to 2.62.

You can take even more of a risk with your Spain-Georgia prediction by specifying an approximate number. A hint before the second 45 minutes?

Should Spain score more than two goals here, the odds amount to just under 3.00.

Spain vs. Georgia: The reunion after qualifying

Admittedly, Georgia will be anything but a tough opponent for Spain in the round of 16. Interestingly, both teams had already met in the qualifiers for this tournament, with anything but close results.

The Furia Roja won 7:1 in Georgia and 3:1 at home a little later, and there was no reason to criticize them, especially offensively. Alvaro Morata and Ferran Torres each scored three goals against their now round of 16 opponents.

As both have already been successful at this tournament, they should of course be kept in mind for another goal. It was Torres who secured the narrow victory against Albania.

If you aim for a goalscorer bet in the Spain-Georgia betting tip, however, it quickly becomes clear that from the bookies’ point of view, almost every Iberian player is a potential goalscorer on Sunday

Will Georgia be the shock favorites?

A qualifier in 2021 also brought Spain and Georgia together, with the favorites triumphing 4-0 and 2-1. Historically speaking, everything definitely points to there being no surprises on Sunday.

However, as this is the first time they have met at a major tournament and it is also taking place in the knockout phase, past matches should not be overrated.

In other words, the Caucasians should definitely not be underestimated in a Spain-Georgia betting tip!

The newcomers to the European Championships reached the round of 16 in their first appearance, and the jubilation at home knew no bounds. The world number 74 had only made it through the Nations League and play-offs

Luxembourg and Greece were eliminated in March of this year, nobody really knew what this squad was capable of. And so they traveled to Germany with two stars in their luggage – one at the front, the other at the back.

With keeper Giorgi Mamardashvili and striker Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, the European Championship adventure began with a 1:3 defeat against Turkey and the first disillusionment.

Frustration? Not for the Georgians! In the second match against the Czech Republic, they missed a great opportunity to win with the final whistle, but still remained in the tournament ahead of the final clash against Portugal

And then something happened that nobody in Georgia will forget. Admittedly, the opponents, already certain group winners, did not field their first eleven. And yet, as Georgia, you still have to beat these players first.

And that’s exactly what they did, winning 2:0 and celebrating their success afterwards. Once again, the focus was not on the aforementioned Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, but on Georges Mikautadze.

He scored in all three matches, making him the sole top scorer. A Georgian top scorer? That would be something! I don’t want to diminish his achievements, but he has scored twice from the spot

My Spain-Georgia tip:

The Georgian national team has already made soccer history, their participation in this European Championship round of 16 is almost sensational. Of course, that was exactly what the Spaniards were expecting.

The Furia Roja completed the group stage with flying colors, not conceding a single goal. The Georgians scored in every game, but half of their goals came from penalties.

I don’t think the fairytale will go on for another round. Spain seem far too ruthless to me, and their defense in particular is uncompromising. I therefore opt for the following Spain-Georgia prediction:

Spain beats Georgia to zero

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