This is Real Madrid star Toni Kroos: salary, wealth, wife, children & his academy

Toni Kroos is, among other things, a world champion, five-time Champions League winner and multiple Spanish champion with Real Madrid.

He has won almost everything there is to win in his “Croatian” soccer career. Except for the European Championship title. This is another reason why he is in the Germany Euro 2024 squad.

Since his comeback announcement, Kroos has been considered THE hopeful for Germany’s EURO 2024 bets on winning the title at the home EURO.

But what makes Toni Kroos tick in his private life?

Who is his wife and how many children does he have? How high is Kroos’ salary at Real Madrid and why does he have a foundation and his own soccer academy?

Toni Kroos salary: top earner at Real Madrid

After winning the World Cup, Kroos’ move from Bayern Munich to Real Madrid became official. The midfielder has been under contract with the Whites since the summer of 2014.

Kroos was a key player for the Madrilenians right from the start and still is today. His standing at the global club is also reflected in his salary.

Toni Kroos’ current salary at Real Madrid is a whopping 24.38 million euros per year.

Kroos’ current contract runs until 30.06.2024. The German has an agreement with the club that he will see from year to year how long he would like to continue. However, coach Ancelotti has already made a strong pitch for Kroos to extend his contract again

Kroos salary per year, month, week & day

Kroos’ salary at Real Madrid has also improved significantly over the years. According to media reports, he received around €11 million per year in his first contract, but the German is now earning more than double that.

With his current annual salary, Toni Kroos is currently the absolute top earner at Real Madrid.

He is followed in the Real Madrid salary rankings by Austrian David Alaba, who earns around 22.5 million euros a year, and midfield partner Luka Modric, who earns 21.88 million euros a year.

The second German in the Royal squad is Antonio Rüdiger. The defender earns around 14.58 million euros per year at Real. This puts him well behind Kroos’ salary

The Real Madrid salaries with Toni Kroos

Toni Kroos’ fortune: This is how much money he has

Toni Kroos is undoubtedly the most successful German footballer of the current era. The midfielder has won almost everything there is to win and has been playing for Real Madrid for almost ten years.

Kroos has already built up a handsome fortune thanks to his highly remunerated contracts. His salaries alone have already earned him more than €185 million gross in his career to date.

How high Toni Kroos’ fortune really is at present can only be guessed at. Judging by the salary figures, however, Kroos is likely to have a fortune of around 80 million euros.

In addition to his salary payments, Kroos also collects further income from advertising contracts. He is kitted out by Adidas and is the advertising face of the Lays potato chips brand, among others

Toni Kroos profile: Age, height, family

Toni Kroos’ wife and children: this is his family

It’s no longer a secret that Kroos is an absolute family man. So it’s hardly surprising that the German has now built up a family of his own.

Toni Kroos’ wife Jessica has been by his side since 2008. Kroos finally married his childhood sweetheart on June 13, 2015.

Both tend to reject life in the spotlight and are anything but a glamorous couple. Jessica Kroos therefore refrains from giving interviews and rarely appears in public.

Although her husband is one of the most successful professional footballers in the world, Jessica Kroos continues to work. She is a trained travel agent and is now actively involved in her husband’s foundation.

The Kroos Foundation website states: “Whether it’s family support, donor care, project management, marketing or event planning – Jessica is involved in all areas of work and is deeply committed to her work. ”

Kroos children: Leon, Amelie and Fin make family happiness perfect

Toni and Jessica Kroos have been together since they were 18 years old. It was clear early on that they both wanted children.

Little Leon was born in 2013, followed three years later by Amelie. Fin is Toni Kroos’ third child and was born in 2019.

Kroos experienced a very special moment with his son Leon in 2018. At the international match against Spain, the Kroos son ran into the stadium holding his dad’s hand.

It was even more special for Toni Kroos when he won the 2022 Champions League. Kroos secured his fifth Champions League title in the final against Liverpool FC on 25 May 2022, but it was a very special one because his family was in the stadium

The Real star said after the final: “That was always the thing that hovered over me, to say: I really want to achieve this when all the children are in the stadium. And I’ve achieved that now. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I no longer have any motivation. But it was a great moment.

The three children were also the reason why Kroos originally officially ended his career with the national team after EURO 2021. However, Kroos has since announced his DFB comeback for the 2024 European Championship at home

Heritage & Parents: From Greifswald to the big wide world

Toni Kroos was born in Greifswald on January 4, 1990, the son of Roland Kroos and Birgit Kämmer. He grew up together with his brother Felix.

Kroos’ father Roland was active as a soccer coach at various clubs, so his sons also got into soccer at an early age. After initially playing for Greifswalder SC, Toni moved to Hansa Rostock, where his father was employed as a youth coach.

Even as a youngster, Toni Kroos’ outstanding performances caught the attention of FC Bayern Munich.

Kroos was literally born with a talent for sport. His father Roland was an active footballer himself and his mother Birgit won the GDR badminton championship ten times.

In the summer of 2006, Kroos finally moved from Hansa Rostock to Bayern Munich. Just one year later, Kroos celebrated his Bundesliga debut at the age of 17 years and 265 days as the youngest FC Bayern player to have appeared in the Bundesliga to date.

As he was unable to establish himself as a regular under Jürgen Klinsmann, Kroos was loaned out to Bayer Leverkusen for 1.5 years in January 2009. After his return, Kroos became a regular at Bayern and was an integral part of the first eleven.

He won the Champions League with Bayern in 2013 and became world champion with Germany just one year later.

As a newly crowned world champion, Kroos moved to Real Madrid in the summer of 2014. He has since won the Champions League five times. He has also won the German and Spanish championships three times each.

Toni Kroos: Brother remains in Toni’s shadow

Toni Kroos went through the youth teams at Hansa Rostock together with his brother. While Toni stood out everywhere, Felix, who was 14 months younger, found it difficult to work his way out of his brother’s shadow.

When Toni Kroos moved to Bayern, Felix stayed at Hansa Rostock, where he finally made his debut in the professional team in the 2nd Bundesliga under coach Dieter Eilts on February 1, 2009.

His coach Eilts praised him: “Like his brother Toni, Felix is an exceptional player: confident on the ball, creative, with a lot of drive for goal.” In the end, however, it was not enough for the Toni Kroos brother to equal his big brother.

After spells at Werder Bremen, Union Berlin and Eintracht Braunschweig, Felix Kroos ended his active soccer career in July 2021

Kroos podcast: Just have a listen

The fact that the two brothers still have a good relationship is more than clear in their joint podcast, which was launched on May 15, 2020.

In the weekly podcast “Einfach mal luppen”, the two Kroos brothers not only talk about soccer, but also about everything else that currently moves them

The name of the podcast comes from a saying by Kroos’ grandpa. According to Grandpa Kroos, footballers should lob much more often instead of shooting hard.

As their grandad has always supported the careers of Toni and Felix, they dedicate the podcast to him

Kroos Academy: exercises for the footballers of tomorrow

In addition to his career, Kroos also repeatedly pursues projects for children. Not only does his own foundation play a major role in this, but also the Toni Kroos Academy.

At the Toni Kroos Academy, he offers various exercises for the young footballers of tomorrow in an app. The soccer star demonstrates dribbling, passing and shooting drills so that pupils can copy them at home.

The Real star came up with the idea during the coronavirus pandemic

Kroos explains: “I had the idea with my Home Challenge to get the kids on the ball a bit. To let them move around a bit, be creative, practise. That’s why I did Toni’s Home Challenge on social media, where I did a new challenge every day for two weeks – and the kids had to practise.”

Many Kroos fans sent in countless videos of their home challenges, so Kroos initially launched the Academy via his own app.

The Toni Kroos Academy now also offers real training camps in addition to the app.

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