Turkey – Georgia betting tip, prediction & odds Euro 18.06.2024

Turkey Georgia betting tip & the best odds for matchday 1 of group F

There is exactly one debutant in this European Championship and that’s who my Turkey Georgia betting tip is about. In an interview, Willy Sagnol called the successful qualification with the Djwarosnebi the “greatest success of his coaching career”. How high would he put a surprise victory at Euro 2024?

I don’t think that’s completely unrealistic. Although the Turkish selection is considered the clear odds-on favorite by the European Championship betting providers, it has not necessarily shown itself in all its glory during the preparations for the European Championship finals

In my Turkey-Georgia prediction, betting on a win for Vincenzo Montella’s team is out of the question for me after five winless international matches in a row.

Instead, I’ll focus on Georgia’s goal tally and take the odds of 1.66 for “Georgia over 0.5 goals” at Winamax.

You can find out how this approach influences my view of the Turkey-Georgia odds in the course of this text:

Georgia have already proven their resilience in the European Championship play-offs. After a difficult qualifying campaign, Willy Sagnol was allowed to let off steam with his team in the play-offs. There, the Djwarosnebi first beat Luxembourg (2:0) and then survived the decisive clash with Greece in a penalty shoot-out.

The Turkish team, on the other hand, took a more relaxed approach to securing their ticket to the European Championship finals. In a group with Croatia, Wales, Armenia and Latvia, the Ay-Yildizlilar ultimately emerged as the strongest team.

There is no sign of stability and continuity in Montella’s team after their poor preparation, and that could have major consequences at the start of Euro 2024.

Turkey – Georgia bookmakers’ prediction

Before the first matchday of Group F at the European Championship 2024, Georgia is branded as the clear underdog by the EURO betting providers.

If you trust the odds distribution of the bookies, you should only ponder a “Georgia win” and the corresponding odds of up to 5.00 with a free bet on the European Championship.

The bookmakers are much more positive about a victorious start for the Turkish selection. If Vincenzo Montella wins the opening game of the European Championship, you have the chance to win 1.80 times your stake.

If you delve into the Turkey-Georgia odds and bet on a draw, maximum odds of 3.70 await you in the event of success

Turkey – Georgia odds: Where are the highest Turkey Georgia odds?

It is not always easy to find the right bookmaker for your intuition on a match. Georgia celebrated three wins in a row before the European Championship finals. If you trust this form, you are best off with the odds of 5.00 at Bet365.

Voncenzo Montella has much stronger players at his disposal across the board, so we don’t need to kid ourselves. If, for example, Arda Güler or Kenan Yildiz have a great day, you should have considered the odds of 1.80 at Bwin for a “Turkey win”.

Neither Georgia nor Turkey have a real shot at the title. Georgia is the only debutant at this European Championship and the Turkish team has never done better than at the 2008 European Championship (semi-final).

Analysis: Turkey vs Georgia

Vincenzo Montella has several players with great skills at his disposal. Kenan Yildiz (Juventus), for example, has had a good season and scored his first goal for the national team in the test match against Germany (3:2).

In addition, the Turkish national coach can once again rely on the skills of Arda Güler, who returned to action for Champions League winners Real Madrid after suffering a knee injury in August at the end of last season.

On the Georgian side, however, there are also several players who can demonstrate an extraordinarily high level. Alongside top player Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, Georges Mikautadze, for example, would be a player to watch.

The center forward has scored eleven goals in his last 13 league games since returning to FC Metz and is an ice-cold striker

These two players alone have the potential to give the Turkish backline an intense evening.

You should also keep an eye on Budu Zivzivadze, who earns his money at Kalsruher SC and has scored three goals in his last three appearances for the Georgian national team.

At the same time, the Jvarosnebi defense is good for a blunder here and there and could be overwhelmed by the individual qualities of Montella’s squad. That was already evident in qualifying, when Georgia conceded a whopping 18 goals in eight games

This meant that Willy Sagnol was able to lead a team to the European Championship finals that was the only team to travel to the tournament with a negative goalscoring record.

Of course, such facts contribute to the Turkey-Georgia odds and make a European Championship bet on a “Georgia win” hardly playable.

However, the debutant can be expected to score at least one goal. The Turkish team does not always shine with discipline in defense and conceded at least one goal in eleven of the twelve previous games at the European Championship finals!

What’s more, the Bizim Cocuklar have hardly had any positive experiences in their last European Championship appearances. On the contrary, Turkey have lost six of their last seven games at the European Championship finals.

There is little or nothing to take away from the last comparisons between these two teams. These duels were far too long ago for that. The last time Turkey and Georgia met was in 2012

Analysis of odds

Turkey have gone five international matches without scoring more than 1.5 goals. From this point of view, the odds of 1.80 for “Turkey under 1.5 goals” at Winamax are extremely attractive.

If you combine these expectations with my Turkey-Georgia betting tip, you quickly end up with “2-3 goals in the match”, which you can play at odds of 2.00.

This is exactly the category in which I classify the comparison of these two national teams on the first matchday and would therefore not include a European Championship betting bonus in the “Over/Under 2.5 goals” option.

If you have developed a sweet spot for the Georgian attacker Georges Mikautadze from my initial explanations, he can repay your trust with odds of over 5.00 for his first European Championship goal.

His congenial partner on the wing, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, is involved in most of his team’s offensive actions with his breathtaking dribbles and is also a possible scorer with similar odds for a goal.

Turkey vs Georgia odds: Plenty of freedom for Kvaratskhelia

Willy Sagnol favors a 5-3-2 formation for the Georgian national team. This will give the free-running full-backs the freedom they need to make attacking runs.

First and foremost, however, it creates the necessary space for Khvicha Kvaratskhelia and his high-risk dribbles, which can be very dangerous if successful.

Although he had a difficult season at SSC Napoli, his scoring figures are still acceptable (11 goals, 8 assists).

His statistics for the national team are even better, where he has scored 15 times in 29 games

Will Turkey find their form in time?

After successfully qualifying for the 2024 European Championship, Turkey haven’t really managed to do anything.

After the 3:2 win against Germany, Vincenzo Montella’s team was left reeling and went five international matches in a row without a win.

The greatest disillusionment came in the wake of the 1:6 debacle against Austria. The Ay-Yildizlilar then held reigning European champions Italy to a 0-0 draw, but were unable to repeat this performance in the dress rehearsal against Poland (1-2).

During these games, Turkey’s attacking play was particularly disappointing, with only two goals scored in the last four matches

Although the Turkish selection has not exactly received much encouragement from me in the lines so far, it deserves praise.

In the run-up to Euro 2024, Montella’s squad managed to qualify for their sixth European Championship. What’s more, the semi-finalists of the 2008 European Championships are on the tournament sheet for the third time in a row.

However, these successes do not protect them from taking a look at their goal difference during qualifying. On the one hand, there are seven goals conceded, and on the other – much more frightening – only 14 goals scored.

This means that Al-Yildizlilar scored only two goals more than their opening opponents from Georgia. In contrast to Turkey, however, they have done much better in preparation.

In my Turkey-Georgia betting tip, I would like to express the surprise potential that I can literally smell in this game

My Turkey Georgia betting tip:

On paper, Turkey are of course the clear favorites. Vincenzo Montella coaches a national team that is well ahead of Georgia (75th) in the FIFA world rankings (40th).

However, Georgia have great potential on the pitch, particularly in attack, and have repeatedly shown their scent in the run-up to their first European Championship finals.

Before I trust the Turkish team, they have to convince me in the group stage, but until then I’ll wait and see.

Accordingly, my Turkey-Georgia bet is: Georgia will score at least one goal

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