Ukraine – Belgium betting tip, prediction & odds Euro 26.06.2024

Ukraine Belgium betting tip & the best odds for matchday 3 of Group E

In my Ukraine Belgium betting tip, I will have a lot to analyze, also with regard to the parallel match

In view of the Ukraine Belgium odds, is it possible to predict who will come out on top? Absolutely, because the Red Devils are ahead with average odds of 1.70 to 5.30. And that in the first ever duel with the yellow and blue team.

The Belgians clearly have the better individual players, as I can say even before my analysis, but in terms of points, all the nations in this group are on a par. Of course, that makes it all the more difficult to make a prediction

I’m not completely ignoring the Ukraine Belgium odds in my analysis, but of course I’m also looking at all the other interesting betting options – you should always have your slide rules to hand.

In my Ukraine Belgium betting tip, I ultimately come to the conclusion that it could well be a close game. And that’s exactly why I’ve decided to bet on “Both teams score” in this game

Ukraine – Belgium bookmaker prediction

The Belgians have fought their way back into the tournament after their false start at the European Championship. Our bookmakers now believe that the Red Devils will win the next match, so the odds are only 1.65 on average.

Ukraine also scored their first win in their second match. However, as the individual class is significantly lower here, it is no wonder that the odds for a win are in the 4.30 range.

A draw would be more likely to benefit the Belgians, as it is also a matter of direct comparison and goal difference. So if the points are shared on Wednesday, you could secure odds of 4.30.

Ukraine vs Belgium odds: Where to get the highest Ukraine vs Belgium odds?

Of course, the bookmakers also have a few bets on offer for this match, where you can benefit from boosted values. One player who has not yet scored in this European Championship is the focus at NEObet.

Not only do they expect a high-scoring match, but also that a goal from Romelu Lukaku will finally be recognized by the VAR. The odds for his goal, including “Over 2.5 goals”, are 4.85.

I also look at Bet365, where there are usually lucrative odds boosts. Lukaku is also the focus here! The bookie offers you odds of 4.50 if the attacker scores the first goal of the match.

There is no doubt that Belgium are favored against Ukraine. At Bet365, they even go so far as to say that the Red Devils will win both halves. This bet is rewarded with odds of 4.50.

Analysis: Ukraine vs Belgium

Admittedly, this Group E with Belgium, Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia did not exactly sound like a constellation in which roaring soccer festivals were to be expected. Does this opinion still prevail after two out of three match days?

Let me put it this way: Nobody can complain about a lack of excitement! Romania, Belgium, Slovakia, Ukraine, so far so good for the general order before the group final

The special thing, however, is that they all have three points! So anything can still happen, even the Belgians know that they are far from certain of a place in the last 16.

They had their first big surprise right at the start when they lost 1-0 to Slovakia. The Red Devils were under pressure against Romania, but played out their superiority in the process

They won the match 2:0 with goals in the second and 80th minutes, but there were not many highlights. The Romanians played bravely, so Belgium coach Domenico Tedesco will know that his team still has plenty of room for improvement.

After the botched 2022 World Cup – Belgium went home straight after the preliminary round – a fresh start was called for, and that 0:1 against the Slovaks was the first defeat since then

Quota analysis

If I had to pick a winner, I would quickly pick a Belgian victory. The nerves were kept after the unsuccessful start, and the stars around Romelu Lukaku are ripped off enough.

At the same time, I don’t believe that the Ukrainians will go down completely. The first two matches of the Red Devils were already given chances by the opponents, so I would also plead for over 2.5 goals at odds of 1.70 this time.

A result bet is always a profitable option at this European Championship. In this case, the 2:1 for the favorites from Belgium seems a good fit to me, the corresponding odds are 8.00.

Do the Belgians have their nerves under control?

A 2-2 draw against England in March was the only way to find out where they stood, as their opponents in the other test matches were Montenegro, Luxembourg and Ireland and were therefore not on an equal footing.

The Belgians naturally have some really strong individual players, especially Lukaku in attack. However, he has yet to score at this European Championship and has already had goals disallowed by the VAR.

Are there any historic events against Ukraine that I can report on at this point? Not really, because Wednesday will be the first ever clash between these two nations

Ukraine must do something for the goal difference

It’s a crucial one, because of course Belgium and Ukraine are also dependent on what Slovakia and Romania do in the other match running at the same time – this is particularly important for the Ukrainians.

Even in the 4×3 constellation, there is one team that will finish in last place. This has to do with the fact that the Blue & Yellows really got down and dirty at the start.

They lost 3-0 to Romania, which was really bad for their goal difference. While two teams (Romania and Belgium) are +1 here and Slovakia are exactly 0, the Ukrainians are 2:4

At least they still have a chance of reaching the last 16, something not everyone would have thought after the first game. The team fell behind against Slovakia, but showed that they can handle such a setback quite well.

In the end, they won 2:1. Concede 0:1, turn the game around and win? The Ukrainians are familiar with this, as it was how they survived the European Championship play-offs against Bosnia and Iceland.

The team is familiar with the arithmetic games that are now taking place. In 2012, they were eliminated with a win in the preliminary round, but at that time there was no system of the best third-placed team in the group

Ukraine benefited from exactly that three years ago when they reached the quarter-finals. Defeat – victory – defeat, this was the order in which they went through the group stage – and it could be exactly the same in 2024!

Of course, you can not only place your bets on the last two Group E matches directly at Bet365, but also on progression.

My Ukraine Belgium tip:

Group E may not sound particularly spectacular, but when all teams are on three points ahead of the preliminary round final, the tension is more than palpable. So will the Belgians live up to their role as favorites against Ukraine?

I tend to think so, but I also expect them to put up a good fight. Ukraine want to reach the round of 16, just like in 2021, and must score to improve their goal difference and keep an eye on their chances of finishing third.

In my opinion, this will lead to a relatively close match in which the Red Devils will have to fight, as they did against Romania and Slovakia. And my tip is for exactly these reasons:

Both teams will score!

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