2nd ESC semi-final 2024: start list, order, favorites prediction & broadcast – who will make it to the ESC final?

Who will be in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 final on May 11? The second ESC 2024 semi-final will take place on Thursday (May 9). As in the first semi-final, the top ten will go through to the final.

The Big Five nations (Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Italy & France) plus last year’s winner Sweden have already qualified for the final.

According to bookmaker predictions, the favorites for the second ESC semi-final in 2024 are Switzerland, the Netherlands and Greece.

All information about the ESC semi-finals 2024 start list & order, favorites prediction with bookmaker odds as well as the broadcast on TV and stream.

2. ESC semi-finals 2024: broadcast, participants & forecast

ESC 2024 semi-final: broadcast and time

The second semi-final of ESC 2024 will be broadcast live on TV and via livestream.

In Germany, the second ESC semi-final will be broadcast live on TV this Thursday (9.5.) on ONE by ARD.

If you would like to follow the two semi-final shows via livestream, you can do so at www.eurovision.de and also in the ARD media library. The final will of course also be shown here on Saturday evening

The 2024 ESC final can also be seen live and in full on ARD TV on Saturday, May 11.

2nd ESC semi-final 2024: start list and order on May 9

  • 1. Malta: Sarah Bonnici with “Loop”
  • 2. Albania: Besa with “Zemrën n’dorë”
  • 3. Greece: Marina Satti with “What They Say”
  • 4. Switzerland: Nemo with “The Code”
  • 5. Czech Republic: Aiko with “Pedestal!”
  • 6. Austria: Kaleen with “We Will Rave”
  • 7. Denmark: Saba with “Sand”
  • 8. Armenia: Brunette with “Future Lover”
  • 9 Latvia: Dons with “Hollow”
  • 10 San Marino: Megara with “11:11”
  • 11 Georgia: Nuza with “Busaladze”
  • 12. Belgium: Mustii with “Before the Party’s Over”
  • 13. Estonia: 5miinust & Puuluup with “narkootikumidest ei tea me”
  • 14. Israel: Eden Golan with “Hurricane”
  • 15. Norway: Gåte with “Ulveham”
  • 16. Netherlands: Joost Klein with “Europapa”

The favorites in the 2nd ESC semi-final 2024

The ESC Semi-Final 2024 order on Thursday starts with Malta. The last entry in this year’s ESC semi-final comes from the Netherlands and Joost Klein with “Europapa”.

In the end, however, the Orange representative is likely to come out on top. In the 2024 ESC semi-final predictions, the Netherlands is one of the favorites – firstly to win and secondly to progress to the final!

The probability is similarly high for Switzerland. Nemo with the song “The Code” in the ESC 2024 semi-final start list as number 4 on stage on Thursday is generally considered the top favorite to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Thus, the semi-final should be survived without any problems

This prediction for the ESC 2024 semi-finals also applies to Belgium and Greece. Israel is also expected to reach the final in the ESC semi-finals betting odds.

The semi-final predictions don’t look too bad for Austria with Kaleen, but it could also be a nail-biter.

The ESC forecast for the second semi-final for the Czech Republic, San Marino and Malta is considered hopeless. This trio are hardly given any chance of reaching the final in advance

1st ESC semi-final result: who will go through to the final

15 countries competed in the first ESC semi-final in 2024 and 10 qualified for the final on May 11.

  • Cyprus: Silia Kapsis with “Liar”
  • Serbia: Teya Dora with “Ramonda”
  • Lithuania: Silvester Belt with “Luktelk”
  • Ireland: Bambie Thug with “Doomsday Blue”
  • Ukraine: alyona alyona & Jerry Heil with “Teresa & Maria”
  • Croatia: Baby Lasagna with “Rim Tim Tagi Dim”
  • Slovenia: Raiven with “Veronika”
  • Finland: Windows95man with “No Rules!”
  • Portugal: Iolanda with “Grito”
  • Luxembourg: Tali with “Fighter”

There weren’t really any surprises in the first ESC 2024 semi-final.

Croatia and Ukraine have been the favorites to win the ESC 2024 for weeks – so it’s only logical that they made it to the final.

Ireland and Finland are two other nations that have made it through to the first semi-final and are among the leaders in the ESC winner betting odds.

Serbia and Slovenia also made it through to the final. In the run-up to the event, this was not even considered so certain, as both were just outside the top 10 in the “Who will reach the final” odds.

With Poland and Australia, there were two at least slight surprises who bowed out early. Poland’s chances of reaching the final were 82% with the bookmakers in the run-up

How the voting works in the semifinals

There is one change to the ESC 2024 semi-final voting compared to previous years.

The jury in the ESC semi-final shows has been abolished. There will now only be televoting to decide who makes it to the final. The top 10 nations from each semi-final will qualify for the final on May 11.

Only the participating nations from the respective semi-finals and three of the six nations that have qualified for the final are eligible to vote in the 2024 ESC semi-finals. These are the Big 5 plus last year’s winner Sweden.

Who from the finalists will be allowed to take part in the voting and when was drawn at the same time as the semi-final draw.

In the first ESC semi-final 2024 (Tuesday, May 7), Great Britain, Germany and Sweden are eligible to vote alongside the participating countries. In the second semi-final on Thursday (May 9), France, Spain and Italy will have a say.

Important: After each semi-final, only the ten participants who have made it through to the final will be announced. There is no announcement of the winner and no ranking of who has received the most votes within the top 10.

This will only take place once the Eurovision Song Contest is over and the “overall winner” has been determined

Germany is only in action on Saturday

German fans were able to put their feet up on Tuesday and Thursday and relax and enjoy two semi-final shows on May 7 and 9.

As a “Big Five” nation, Germany’s ESC representative Isaak has his fixed place in the final show next Saturday (11.5., 21:00 live on ARD).

There are certainly no great expectations of Isaak and his whining song “Always on the Run”. As so often in recent years, Germany is once again threatened with a place at the bottom of the field. It’s also possible that Germany will once again come last in the ESC…

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