Argentina – Guatemala betting tip, prediction & odds 15.06.2024

Test international, Saturday, 15.06.2024

Independent of our European Championship tips, Argentina and Guatemala are set for an unequal test match duel “at the other end of the world”.

Before things get serious for the Argentinians at the Copa America 2024, the team led by Lionel Messi will be looking to warm up in a test match against the underdogs.

Accordingly, in my Argentina Guatemala betting tip, I assume that the reigning world champions will not hold back and refine their dress rehearsal before the Copa with a commanding success

In the recent past, there have been more than a few teams who have fallen into a slump in form after winning the World Cup.

What should come after the greatest possible triumph? Why even buy new shoelaces? Argentina, however, is not one of them.

In fact, the South Americans have only suffered one defeat since the World Cup final (0:2 against Uruguay) and have won 12 out of 13 games. Most recently, they took it a little easier in the test against Ecuador (1:0). However, their success was never really in danger

All in all, the Copa America defending champions’ extremely controlled approach to the game is striking. They have only conceded one goal in their last four games.

Even outsiders such as Salvador were clearly defeated (3:0), but were only outclassed in exceptional cases. So I also expect an extremely disciplined performance against Guatemala.

A 3:0 or 4:0 seems more realistic to me than a 5:2.

Virgin Islands, Curacao, Cuba, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. No, these are not my aunt’s next vacation destinations, but were Guatemala’s opponents in the World Cup qualifiers for the 2022 finals. Incidentally, Guatemala did not survive this “group of death”.

That’s all you really need to classify the performance of the “Chapines”.

One thing is clear: the 108th-ranked team in the FIFA world rankings is in third place at best in international comparison and will suffer a defeat against Argentina. Anything else would be a surprise of historic proportions.

Before things get serious for the EURO 2024 betting providers, however, the bookmakers are now asking themselves how badly the Central Americans will fall by the wayside

And there is indeed a lot to suggest that the underdogs will not be defeated in passing.

If you lose 1-0 to Iceland and draw 0-0 against Venezuela, you can’t be all that bad. In addition, the offensive engine has been fired up recently. With Dominica (6:0) and the Virgin Islands (3:0), no major soccer powers were defeated.

However, nine goals in two games is something to be proud of. If Guatemala scores even one goal against Argentina, odds of 2.50 are due for “Both teams to score”

A look at the direct comparison once again underlines the impression of the match that I am trying to give you.

There have only been two matches between Argentina and Guatemala so far. Nevertheless, the clashes set the tone.

One thing is clear: Guatemala have lost both games. But at 0:4 and 0:3, both defeats were relatively moderate

Interesting fact: In both test matches so far, the Argentinians have taken things seriously in the first half (3-0 lead) and then let it slip away in the second half.

The bet “3:0 at half-time” is therefore also worth considering for the third clash and has excellent odds of 8.00 as a risk bet.

In general, of course, the statistics listed also speak in favor of a one-nil win for Argentina. However, the odds for this are not very lucrative at around 1.53.

Unsurprisingly, there has never been a competitive match between the two national teams.

Both previous encounters have been test matches.

There is a small footnote to the direct comparison anyway. After all, the last duel was several years ago. They played against each other in 2018 and 2013

Conclusion: If Argentina don’t win against Guatemala, I’ll become a member of 1. FC Köln. Like this. My personal stakes couldn’t be higher.

The Central Americans are simply not on the same level as the reigning world champions and their only concern in the end will probably be to keep the defeat to a minimum.

For the Argentines, on the other hand, the game is a casual test before the Copa America title defense.

This is my Argentina Guatemala betting tip: The Gauchos win with a handicap of -2.

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