Atalanta – Hellas Verona betting tip, prediction & odds 15.04.2024

Series A, Monday, 15.04.2024

After the game is before the game! In other words: after the European Cup evening, the next Serie A matchday is already knocking on the door.

And I’ve come up with an Atalanta Bergamo Hellas Verona tip that I really want to share with you.

As part of my prediction, you can find out why the relegation candidates could also benefit from the increasingly obvious signs of fatigue among the Bergamo side

Atalanta catapulted themselves out of the quarter-finals of the 2023/24 Europa League and into the semi-finals early with a 3-0 win over Liverpool in the first leg on Thursday.

However, the timing of the game is inconvenient for the northern Italians because the Bergamo side already looked drained in the shock 2-1 defeat to Cagliari the previous week.

And although the victory over Liverpool was a huge success for the club, the drop in performance on Monday could be all the greater.

Indeed, “La Dea” look to me to be paying the toll for their physical style of play, which is becoming increasingly noticeable in the closing stages of a long season in which they are still involved in three different competitions.

Verona, meanwhile, are fighting to stay above the line that separates the relegated from the non-relegated teams.

This endeavor is known to unleash unimagined forces and, after all, the men from the city of Romeo and Juliet can boast of having lost fewer Serie A games (2) than their upcoming opponents (3) since the 27th matchday.

But the last three matchdays have been bitter! Hellas lost to Milan (1:3) – still justifiable so far – but then came up short in the two basement duels against Cagliari (1:1) and Genoa (1:2) to scare away the spectre of relegation

It’s really hard to ignore the fact that Atalanta have won 9 of their last 10 home games in all competitions and seem to feel right at home at Gewiss Stadium.

However, odds of under 1.50, as quoted by the Interwetten app, are considered far too optimistic in my eyes. Because I think that the Bergamasques will once again run out of steam early on.

Furthermore, it’s hard to favor the home team in this pairing, knowing that they’ve only prevailed once during the last eight non-local Atalanta-Hellas editions.

If Bergamo are not ahead at the break, they will struggle to get to grips with the fresher Veronese.

Just like against Sardinia a week ago, the next relegation candidates could take control of the game right after the restart.

In any case, my Atalanta Bergamo Hellas Verona betting tip is based on this assumption

I’m banking on the Veronese taking control of the game in the second half.

Consequently, I limit a DC-X2 bet exclusively to the second half of the match, for which the majority of sports betting providers also return great odds.

On average, the win multiplier for this is between 1.8x and 1.9x.

In the first half of the season, Bergamo won 3:1, but I maintain that six months ago, their reserves of strength were much fuller.

As an alternative to my half-time bet, you could also discuss whether a general double chance X2 bet would also be a sensible betting maneuver

In view of the fact that you will be paid almost three times your stake in the event of a decent result for the Veronese, my answer to this question is clearly: Yes!

In this context, I don’t want to hide the fact that Hellas have already suffered a number of away defeats this season, but they were almost always “narrow defeats”.

Watch out: Bologna and Sassuolo are the only two Serie A clubs to win a home game against Verona by more than one goal this season

Conclusion: Atalanta already looked flat against Cagliari a week ago and they used up valuable energy against Liverpool during the week.

Meanwhile, they won’t be able to hope for leniency against Hellas, as the Veronese are fighting with all their might against relegation and seem too strong for a demotion to Serie B to me.

I remain of the opinion that if Bergamo are not already 1-0 or 2-0 up at the break, they will find it difficult to win this game at the back. Tiredness will make itself felt early – as it did against the Sardinians.

My prediction: Double chance X2 in the 2nd half!

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