Denmark – Norway betting tip, odds World Championship 14.05.2024

Ice Hockey World Championship Group Stage, Tuesday, 14.05.2024

I would much rather invest my money in a sensible bookmaker offer such as the Oddset bonus than in a draw bet on ice hockey.

Compared to soccer, the probability of a late winning goal or an odd final score is higher in this sport.

In my Denmark Norway betting tip, however, I’m making an exception to this rule. The joint test match series in April as well as the impressions so far at this Ice Hockey World Cup 2024 make it clear that the odds for a potential overtime match are quite high

And after watching the Danes’ game against the overmatched Canadians, I’ve come to the conclusion that the perennial A-World Championship contender can be expected to reach the quarterfinals for the first time in many years.

With reservations, of course, as a victory over the Norwegians would be essential in the battle for fourth place given the high level of performance in this group.

However, what I’ve seen of “Team Norge” so far has been good, but perhaps not good enough to get the upper hand in this Scandinavian derby

For the record, the Danes have four to five NHL players who have declined to join the Danish operation “quarterfinals” after a tough season overseas.

Before the opening game against the Austrians, I therefore had slight doubts as to whether they would bring the necessary quality to the ice to win. But this slight hint of skepticism was completely dispelled by an all-round convincing start to the tournament.

DEN has a strong squad in all positions, with Alexander True of the Charlotte Checkers the only AHL player from North America,

But the physicality shown against the ÖEHV selection by the many DEL-legionnaires and the resulting 5:1 victory is definitely something to be proud of

Denmark have the same great team spirit that carried Germany to the final in Tampere last year.

Now, I wouldn’t put it past their northern neighbors in the Czech Republic to pull off a similar feat, but their subsequent 5-1 loss to Canada makes it clear that they’re better than their sheer number of active NHL players on the roster might suggest (0).

While DEN have played at a high level by their standards in both group games so far, there was one good performance from their upcoming opponents, but it was preceded by a weak one.

The disappointing 2:5 opening defeat of “Norge” against Switzerland must be taken with a pinch of salt, however.

After all, the ice comrades got off to an outstanding start to the tournament this year and were looking for the big score. In any case, they clearly set the tone with a goal-to-shot ratio of 40:15.

In the following game between the Norwegians and the Czech Republic, however, there was a clear improvement in performance.

Don’t let the 3:6 defeat fool you, because the Norwegians only fell behind in the final period, where they also conceded two empty-netters. Until then, they gave the hosts a fright!

What is important to consider when placing an ice hockey bet with a verified provider with a valid German sports betting license is the joint test match series in April.

Because between April 11 and April 27, there were four test games that could not have been more evenly matched: 1 razor-thin win per side and 2 overtimes!

It could be just as close this time! Since the Crazybuzzer app, among other things, is giving me an excellent offer in this regard, I’m taking the risk that it could actually be 0:0, 1:1, 2:2, 3:3 or higher at the end of regulation time

The up to 1.95 you get for a simple Danish win, on the other hand, I would take with a grain of salt against this opponent!

Austria were a technically limited team that lacked fitness at the back.

The Norwegians, on the other hand, must always be considered a surprise after the Czech Republic game at the latest.

Especially as they also have an NHL player from the Minnesota Wild in Mats Zuccarrello, who can single-handedly decide a game on a good day.

Meanwhile, the rest of the squad is benefiting from the increasing investment in national hockey in Norway in recent years

Conclusion: Both nations have had a good start to the tournament by their standards! The Norwegians are still winless, but that’s partly due to the fact that they’ve only faced top teams so far: the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Finland.

The upcoming game against their southern neighbors, on the other hand, should be much more balanced, especially since DEN does not have an active NHL player in the line-up.

Nevertheless, the Danes have made a good impression so far despite this shortcoming, which is why I expect an extremely close game with high overtime potential in the Scandinavian derby on ice on Tuesday.

My Denmark Norway betting tip is therefore: It’s going to OT.

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