England – Slovenia betting tip, prediction & odds Euro 25.06.2024

England Slovenia betting tip & the best odds for matchday 3 of Group C

I would like to be equipped with the same self-confidence with which Morten Hjulmand is apparently blessed by nature when I next visit the club.

The Dane had made the bold decision to shoot at goal from 30 meters and then score.

This long-range shot, which kissed the inside of the post, had an effect and the Three Lions, who had already looked weakened and unsettled in the opening game, began to lose momentum.

I sense an opportunity here for profitable European Championship bets in combination with my England Slovenia prediction, in which I now shed my long-held respect for the British to a certain extent

We’ve seen it time and time again at this European Championship: Even great nations can suddenly find themselves vulnerable against supposed newcomers and teams with much weaker personnel.

The English have yet to fall, but after two unconvincing group games, I no longer rule out the possibility that the Eastern Europeans and Benjamin Sesko in particular, who are playing without pressure, could spring a surprise.

If we take a look at the odds of the various European Championship betting providers in my England Slovenia prediction, you will quickly understand why the bookies are misjudging the situation anyway

The England – Slovenia prediction from the bookmakers

The less convincing the Three Lions play, the lower the England odds for a win in the next game seem to become.

According to the current England Slovenia odds, we have arrived at a value of around 1.35 in this regard, which in my eyes is not worth the paper it is written on.

On the other hand, I think a potential draw and a shock win for Slovenia are much more interesting, with draw and Slovenia odds of around 4.70 and 9.50 respectively.

England vs Slovenia odds: Where are the highest Slovenia odds?

I’ve probably just mentioned that I’m not at all happy with the England Slovenia odds, at least when the bookies are trying to persuade me to bet on the Three Lions to win.

However, the question of where to find the highest England Slovenia betting odds on the internet is still of interest, especially for those who can muster the necessary courage to side with the underdog.

Analysis: England vs Slovenia

That was absolute madness! I’ve rarely seen a game more entertaining than the 1-1 draw between Slovenia and Serbia.

Isabella gave you a Slovenia Serbia tip that you could have framed at home: A draw quadrupling the stake, where she even told you the exact result.

And I was actually very happy with her prediction in the run-up to the game, because that’s exactly what we got on match day 2 of the group stage: A duel at eye level between two teams that really gave their all.

My takeaway from this game is that although the Slovenians don’t have the biggest pool of talent in Europe, they largely make up for this deficiency with their commitment and dedication.

I attach much more importance to these two attributes in soccer than pure technical finesse on the ball.

And precisely because I have the impression that the Three Lions lack the ability to put their heart and soul into the game, Tuesday’s match could be unexpectedly exciting.

There are simply too many good things to say about the Slovenians not to lean towards an underdog bet here. Starting with the Slovenia odds for a three-pointer on matchday 2, which were around 5.50 and had to be paid out by a hair’s breadth by the bookmakers.

At the end of the day, this team also has the necessary self-confidence to go toe-to-toe with England on Tuesday after eight unbeaten international matches in a row

Odds analysis

In principle, any England Slovenia betting tip that tries to give the crass underdogs one to three points is welcome.

A win is of course a little less likely, but at odds of 10 at least I can’t say that the payout wouldn’t make up for the risk.

However, I personally recommend that you make the perfect compromise and trust that the Eastern Europeans won’t come away empty-handed this time either: “Double chance X2” at Slovenia odds of around 3.20.

ENG vs SLO odds: England only dominate in direct comparison

Only the direct comparison speaks for ENG next Tuesday.

Because in the six international matches played against Slovenia, the motherland of soccer has never emerged as the loser (5 wins, 1 draw).

Surprisingly, however, the Three Lions won four times by just one goal and only once by a greater margin.

So if the Three Lions win at all on Tuesday, it will probably be with a result such as 1-0 or 2-1.

England are easing off under pressure

What you have to give the Serbs credit for is that they visibly rolled up their sleeves again after going 1-0 down against Slovenia last Thursday.

The Balkan footballers really put their backs into it and even though the equalizer only came late in stoppage time, it was literally in the air until then.

On the other hand, when England fall behind or encounter unplanned turbulence, they drop off massively at this tournament

EM tips on England I won’t be concluding any time soon because I simply don’t like the body language of the Anglo-Saxons, especially when they run into problems.

In the Denmark game, their performance after the break, when they didn’t seem to be able to digest the goal they conceded, dropped off enormously compared to before the break.

The xG value halved from 0.54 before half-time to 0.28 between the restart and the final whistle.

The fact that these were mostly headless and rushed attempts can be seen from the fact that although the number of attacks increased from 16 to 25, they were far less effective.

A by-product is also the poorer pass success rate in the second half, as only 250 of the 284 attempted passes in this period of the game were actually successful. Not good stats for such a talented squad

The fact that Slovenia have already proved the oddsmakers wrong in two games in a row by not losing the games despite being the underdogs impresses me greatly.

And since there is currently an acute imbalance in the England Slovenia odds, there are many good reasons to put your trust in the Eastern Europeans anyway when looking at the program of the many sports betting apps.

My England Slovenia tip:

In the upcoming match against England, Slovenia urgently need a win and will therefore want to invest much more.

The Eastern Europeans will arrive with enormous self-confidence, which makes them particularly dangerous. On the other hand, the odds for an English victory have been set too low, considering that the Three Lions have not been very convincing so far.

Especially under pressure, they tend to make unusual mistakes in the build-up and in defense, which Slovenia could use to cause a big surprise.

So my England Slovenia betting tip is: The Slovenians will not leave the pitch as losers

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