England – Switzerland Prediction, AI Forecast & Odds European Championship Quarter Final 06.07.2024

European Football Championship, Saturday, 06.07.2024 at 18:00

I’ll tell it like it is: Although yesterday’s knockout of the German eleven offered the best entertainment despite all the tragedy, only my Switzerland England betting tip today deals with the most interesting quarter-final with the most exciting European Championship bets.

The reason: In general, the duel is extremely difficult to assess and must be thoroughly analyzed for a perfect England Switzerland prediction.

Numerous questions arise right from the start. For example: Will England put in another bumpy performance? Or: Can Switzerland build on their performance against Italy and knock out another (nominally) top team?

Of course, the England Switzerland odds from our European Championship bookmakers provide an important clue, revealing at first glance that England’s role as favorites is much more fragile than would have been logical for a European Championship quarter-final against Switzerland in 2024

The fact is that the Three Lions have worked their way into the quarter-finals more badly than well.

Therefore, I can’t give an England Switzerland tip in favor of the motherland of soccer.

With my main tip “Double chance X2”, however, I have chosen a safety-first approach instead of betting entirely on Switzerland.

For me, it is simply a realistic scenario that Switzerland make an excellent impression, take a 1:0 lead and England save themselves in the best “somehow” manner in the last minute to reach extra time.

Just as it happened in the round of 16 against Slovakia

By the way, it should not be forgotten that you don’t necessarily have to play attractive soccer to become European champions in the end.

Do any of you remember Portugal 2016? Or Greece in 2004? It’s also a fact that Germany were more Dieter Eilts than Paul Gascoigne when they triumphed in 1996.

As you can see, even though I see the momentum on the side of the Swiss, I don’t want to write off the men from the island completely. Let’s take a look at what Betano and co. have to say in my England Switzerland tip

The England – Switzerland prediction from the bookmakers

When a market value of 1.5 billion euros (England) meets a market value of 280 million euros (Switzerland), it doesn’t take a quantum computer to side with the Three Lions in the England Switzerland odds.

However, as already indicated, the favorites are rather modest at odds of 2.30 to win.

The tight 4.00 for a Swiss success is extremely tolerable and ideal for an unadorned but sensible risk tip.

The draw is listed at around 3.00 and thus clearly below average. So even with the 1×2 odds, there is a kind of back door for the Euro 2024 tips:

KI prediction England vs Switzerland: This is what ChatGPT

is betting on.

At this point, as usual, you can also consult my good old buddy ChatGPT – a kind of KITT (or KARR) without Trans Am. The tireless tinpot once again has three England Switzerland AI predictions on offer, which need to be ranked accordingly.

The first is a 2:1 result tip for the Three Lions. Here, of course, I have to disagree with my own bet.

If anything, I see England progressing in extra time. Basically, however, I agree with ChatGPT in that I also expect an extremely close game.

In terms of the risk tip, the AI is extremely specific in the England-Switzerland prediction. Here the bet is: “England win to nil and Harry Kane scores the first goal”. Let’s take a look at the facts:

Up to this point, England have played four games at EURO 2024. One of them was a one-nil win (against Serbia). Kane has scored two European Championship goals so far.

The Bayern star actually scored the first goal in the 1-1 draw against Denmark. The statistical basis for a risk tip of this kind is therefore rather thin. What does your gut say?

Meanwhile, the ChatGPT tip “Both teams score” continues without much risk. Here I agree without further ado, as I have a 2:1 for Switzerland or a 1:1 draw in mind for the game anyway

England vs Switzerland odds: Where are the highest England v Switzerland odds?

If you take a look at the boost offers at Bet365 for the match, Harry Kane once again takes center stage.

If Kane scores the first goal of the game (which sounds familiar), the odds will jump to a lucrative 5.50. Not bad for a single bet, I would say.

For me personally, the NEObet boost “Switzerland wins & both teams score” also comes into question. This would ultimately cover the 2:1 for the Nati that I’m aiming for.

The England-Switzerland odds are just under 10.0 and therefore – in my view – in an almost ludicrous range. Is a 2:1 for Switzerland really so absurd after the impressions of EURO 2024 so far? I don’t think so!

On the other hand, those of you who have full confidence in England’s actual potential and assume that the Three Lions will finally go on the hunt can consider the “England win to nil” boost. Whether the odds of 3.60 outweigh the risk is a matter of opinion

Analysis: England vs Switzerland

What do Prince Harry, Harry Maguire and Harry Kane have in common? Exactly: none of the three had a national championship to celebrate in 2024. But that’s just a side note.

Much more interesting: The current criticism of the England national team is by no means exaggerated. Well, they have reached the quarter-finals of the European Championship.

Up to this point, however, they have only won one match after 90 minutes (1:0 against Serbia).

It can also be argued that the other games against Denmark, Slovenia and Slovakia were more a case of “luck of the draw”.

What is striking is that in all four games, the English were never able to score more than one goal in regulation time. If they don’t crack the 1.5-goal mark against Switzerland either, odds of around 1.50 are due

I have to be honest, I’m not that surprised about Switzerland’s quarter-final appearance.

Together with Austria, the national team was one of the smaller soccer nations in the run-up to the tournament that I would have thought most likely to make it through to the semi-finals.

The main reason for the Swiss’ success is not so much the finesse of their play but rather the rock-solid tenacity that they are able to demonstrate time and time again. What I mean: The Swiss have won “only” eight of their last 18 international matches

At the same time, however, only the match against Romania was narrowly lost (0:1). In short, a lot has to come together for Switzerland to leave the pitch as losers these days.

If necessary, the Swiss will simply settle for a draw. Accordingly, I consider the “Double chance X2” in my England Switzerland betting tip to be a perfect bet.

Whether this will ultimately be enough for the Swiss to actually reach the semi-finals is another matter. However, the odds of 2.40 for the bet “Switzerland qualify” are worth considering as a basic betting alternative

Analysis of odds

You already know that England’s role as favorites stands on shaky legs. A closer look at the odds also reveals that established bookmakers such as Winamax are not expecting a festival of goals.

Impressive in the truest sense of the word: the England-Switzerland odds for a match with over 2.5 goals climb to an almost curious value of 2.55. You really don’t see that very often.

The counter bet “Under 2.5 goals” is listed correspondingly low. Here you have to be satisfied with 1.52. In this context, we inevitably turn our attention to the result bets.

With 0:0, 1:1, 1:0 and 0:1, the most likely outcomes are all low-scoring. As a betting alternative, I could also imagine the bet “Draw & Under 3.5 goals”. The odds of 3.20 are quite good for this

England vs. Switzerland odds: European Championship is when it goes wrong

If you take a look at the European Championship history of both national teams, you will quickly realize that neither England nor Switzerland have a love affair with the European continental tournament.

The islanders’ record in particular is downright frightening. For example, they reached the final of the 2021 European Corona Championship for the first time ever, but in the end had to concede to Italy on penalties (as they usually do).

In addition to 1968, there was also a semi-final appearance in 1996. Probably no one remembers the latter better than England coach Gareth Southgate.

On the Swiss side, things look a little clearer. Two quarter-final appearances (2021 and at the current European Championship). In fact, this is only the sixth time the national team has made it to a European Championship final round

England are miles ahead!

If you want to find a statistical reason to back the Three Lions, you have to go head-to-head.

Up to this point, Switzerland have not been England’s opponents to fear. Of the 27 duels to date, the Swiss have won just three. With six draws, a total of 18 games have gone to the British.

The last time the two teams met in a friendly match was in 2022. England narrowly won 2:1, with Harry Kane scoring the decisive goal from the penalty spot

However, the last competitive match to this point was several years ago. In the 2018/2019 Nations League, they faced each other in the match for third place.

For some unknown reason, England held their nerve in the penalty shoot-out and won 6:5.

The two previous European Championship duels came in 2004 (3:0 for England) and 1996 (1:1)

If you add the two games in the 1980/1981 World Cup qualifiers, the six matches in the European Championship qualifiers and the game at the 1954 World Cup, the result is that Switzerland have only won one competitive game against England (2:1 in the World Cup qualifiers). So one win in twelve attempts – that’s not pretty.

Striking: In the last five duels, the bet “Both teams score – No” would have been successful in four cases.

For the duel on Saturday, the bet for this climbs to a lucrative 1.70.

My England Switzerland betting tip:

As mentioned at the beginning: It’s not that easy. If England play to their strengths, Switzerland will have a tough time. The direct comparison proves that.

If, on the other hand, the English play the way they have so far at the European Championship, the Swiss have a good chance of reaching the semi-finals.

Ultimately, it is likely that the Nati will cause the British problems from the outset and play with their usual determination. I therefore don’t believe that Switzerland will leave the pitch as losers after 90 minutes.

My England Switzerland betting tip is therefore: Double chance X2

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