Euro 2024 top scorer betting: Favorites, forecast & odds – Who will score the most European Championship goals?

In addition to the European Championship 2024 bets, the betting odds for the European Championship 2024 top scorer are also very popular with soccer fans.

Who will score the most goals at Euro 2024?

Kylian Mbappe (top odds of 5.50) and Harry Kane (best odds of 6.50) are currently leading the bookmaker ranking for the European Championship top scorer odds. They are followed by Cristiano Ronaldo (13.0), Romelu Lukaku (19.0) and Jude Bellingham (25.0).

The favorites for the Euro 2024 top scorer odds

Who will score the most goals at EURO 2024 and win the “Golden Boot” for the tournament’s top scorer?

In the EURO top scorer bets and odds, two names are listed above all others: Kylian Mbappe and Harry Kane.

Behind the top duo, however, there are several other star strikers who can be counted among the Euro 2024 top scorer favorites in the run-up to the tournament – such as Belgium’s goal machine Romelu Lukaku and Portugal’s veteran Cristiano Ronaldo.

Who will score the most goals at Euro 2024 and become top scorer?

Will Kylian Mbappe score the most Euro 2024 goals?

When betting on the top scorer at Euro 2024, there’s no getting around Kylian Mbappe.

France’s captain has been one of the best strikers in the world for years and he has already shown that at several tournaments. For example, at the 2022 World Cup when he became top scorer with eight goals.

Mbappe also proved to be very accurate in qualifying for EURO 2024. He scored 9 goals in eight appearances. Now he wants to fire France to the European Championship title. His advantage: his team is one of the top favorites for Europe’s crown and should normally go far.

Incidentally, if Mbappe scores a goal at EURO 2024, it would be a first – as he failed to score at his first European Championship, EURO 2021.

That is unlikely to happen at this year’s EURO, especially as Mbappe is also responsible for the penalties. A bet on Mbappe with a EURO 2024 betting bonus would be a possibility.

However, what should be taken into account with the EURO top scorer odds for Mbappe: Les Bleus’ team includes Olivier Giroud, Randal Kolo Muani and Ousmane Dembele, other prolific strikers who could “steal” a few goals from their captain

  • EM 2024 top scorer prediction for Mbappe: ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

EM top scorer bets on Harry Kane?

The second big favorite in the Euro 2024 top scorer betting odds is England captain Harry Kane.

In the Euro 2024 top scorer odds, Kane will undoubtedly be one of the favorites of the best Euro 2024 bookmakers before the start of the tournament, as he is the focal point of England’s attack in the middle of the pitch.

In the European Championship qualifiers, he scored a total of eight times in eight appearances. There have also been plenty of Kane goals in recent tournaments.

At the last European Championship in 2021, Kane scored a total of four goals in the tournament and took his Three Lions to the final. Three years before that, he was the top scorer at the 2018 World Cup with six goals.

In contrast, Kane only scored two goals at the last World Cup in 2022. The “HurriKane” was just a weak breeze. Things should look very different again at EURO 2024.

However, England’s record goalscorer and his strong attacking colleagues also have strong rivals in their ranks who can also score goals. For example, Phil Foden, Bukayo Saka and Jude Bellingham, who scored 19 league goals as a midfielder at Real Madrid last season.

  • EM 2024 top scorer prediction for Kane: ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

That’s why Ronaldo is (k)one of the top scorer favorites for the European Championship

Will former champion Cristiano Ronaldo also win the “Golden Boot” for top scorer at Euro 2024 as he bids farewell to the big stage?

The strong Euro 2024 top scorer odds for Ronaldo are certainly justified. CR7 still delivers reliably in the Selecao’s offense. He scored ten times in nine games in the European Championship qualifiers.

Ronaldo is another reason why Portugal are among the title contenders. CR7 also continues to flourish in attack with Joao Felix and Bruno Fernandes. He is also firmly established as a penalty and free-kick taker. That could result in a few Ronaldo goals in the EURO 2024 stadiums.

Should Ronaldo score the most goals at EURO 2024, he would write another chapter in soccer history: Never before has anyone been able to repeat the European Championship scoring title.

  • EM 2024 top scorer prediction for Ronaldo: ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Romelu Lukaku as top scorer at Euro 2024?

Alongside Kylian Mbappe, Harry Kane and Cristiano Ronaldo, Romelu Lukaku is one of the favorites to score the most goals at Euro 2024.

Belgium’s centre-forward has harmonized perfectly with his congenial partner Kevin de Bruyne for years. Lukaku has scored the most goals in qualifying for EURO 2024: 14 in eight games.

Which could speak against Lukaku as the top scorer at EURO 2024 in the EURO 2024 top scorer betting: Belgium are not among the very big favorites for the European Championship title in the run-up to the tournament.

An early exit – as happened to Belgium in the preliminary round at the 2022 World Cup – could ruin all chances of winning the “Golden Boot”.

On the other hand, Belgium didn’t exactly get a group of death, which could lead to a few Lukaku goals in the preliminary round against the three supposedly easy opponents. An underdog tip on Lukaku with a free bet without deposit would be a possibility

  • EM 2024 top scorer prediction for Lukaku: ⚽️⚽️

Best European Championship goalscorer: Germany’s chances

What are Germany’s chances of winning the top scorer title at their home EURO 2024?

The German European Championship team does not have a super striker like Harry Kane and Kylian Mbappe in its ranks, but it does have a number of attacking players who are capable of scoring goals.

Before the start of the tournament, super talent Jamal Musiala is considered to have the best chance of scoring the most goals at Euro 2024 and thus winning the “Golden Boot”.

In the European Championship top scorer odds, Musiala is ahead of Kai Havertz and Niclas Füllkrug, for example. However, he is anything but a goalscorer, but rather a preparer.

However, the fact that Havertz and Füllkrug will be at the heart of the German attack speaks in their favor. Both have shown that they can score on the big stage, not only at their clubs but also at recent tournaments – Havertz at EURO 2021 and “Füllkrug” at the 2022 World Cup.

There are no other German favorites in the EURO 2024 top scorer betting odds before the start of the European Championships

5 tips for Euro 2024 top scorer betting

There are many contenders for the top scorer at Euro 2024. After all, with the exception of Erling Haaland, the crème de la crème of European soccer will be taking part in the European Championship in Germany.

However, a few “rules” should be observed for successful European Championship top scorer bets.

We give 5 tips for betting on the top scorer at EURO 2024:

1. The quality of the group opponents: Especially in the group stage of EURO 2024, the difference in quality between the teams can be great, so that the top scorers in the first three games can already lay the foundation for the title of top scorer at the European Championship.

Which teams will your favorite for the Euro 2024 top scorer title face in the preliminary round? Do you think they will score a lot in the three preliminary round matches?

2. The quality of their own team: Who ends up being the player with the most goals at Euro 2024 will also largely depend on the quality of their own team.

Mbappe and Kane each have a team around them that is very strong and can go far in the tournament. That also helps when betting on the top scorer at Euro 2024.

3. Internal competition: Is the favorite for the “Golden European Championship Shoe 2024” the undisputed scorer of his team, or is there one or even more players in his own team who could also be considered as the best European Championship scorer?

The best example is probably France: if you bet on top scorer Kylian Mbappe, you have to bear in mind that his fellow strikers Olivier Giroud and Antoine Griezmann could also be in contention for the most goals at Euro 2024 and could therefore “take away” some of their teammate’s goals.

4. Free kicks & Penalty kicks: Anyone placing EM 2024 top scorer bets should also pay attention to whether the selected player is also responsible for penalties and free kicks for their team.

This can end up being the deciding factor if he also scores his team’s penalty kicks. This applies to Kane, Mbappe and Ronaldo, for example.

5. Form: Form is not an insignificant aspect. Will one of the favorites for the most European Championship goals come to the finals in very good form or will he have to contend with a (persistent) form crisis or even an injury at club level in the spring?

If the respective striker is not in the starting line-up at EURO 2024, he will also have worse odds in the betting for the EURO 2024 top scorer.

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