France – Germany betting tip, odds World Championship 21.05.2024

Ice Hockey World Championship Group Stage, Tuesday, 21.05.2024

My France Germany prediction is also about finding out whether I can present you with another successful tip in the last preliminary round match of the DEB selection at this Ice Hockey World Cup 2024 in the Czech Republic.

From handicap bets and simple underdog bets to a goalscorer bet, everything has worked out so far. Now I’m assuming that the Eagles will take the lead against the French at the first break.

“J. J. Peterka, you hockey god!” Just as Germany began to falter against Poland, the huge talent helped the runners-up out of trouble with an important rebound.

In the end, it was 4:2 for the DEB team thanks to two goals from the NHL pro, although strictly speaking I would only have needed one of them to be able to claim a payout for my successful Germany Poland bet.

The Eagles certainly had to work much harder against the newly promoted team than they had against Kazakhstan and Latvia, but the very short breather after the previous day’s action took its toll and the team looked exhausted in places

Germany’s 4:2 victory should not be underestimated, as the Americans had to battle against the deep-standing Poles for a long time before finally breaking them down.

In terms of performance, I think the DEB team should also be able to win the last group game against France.

Especially as the French should no longer feel too much motivation to over-exert themselves.

FRA have already fulfilled their target and secured their place in the group by beating Poland 4-2. However, that was their only success so far, which is why a place in the quarter-finals is out of the question

In addition, I can still remember very well the joint duel at the last World Championship, which clearly went to the DEB team and in which many players from the current squad were already involved back then.

In the 5-0 victory over the hopelessly overstretched French team, two of the scorers from the Poland game scored: Peterka and Ehl.

At the same time, Tiffels and Kahun, who will once again be immensely important for the build-up play at this 2024 World Cup, were also able to collect a scoring point or two on this occasion.

With so much familiar offensive power and a dismantling of the French last year, I simply cannot imagine that the new edition in the Czech Republic will be much different

When it comes to the Germany France odds, on the other hand, I am convinced that most of the sports betting apps we have presented are the right places to place your bets.

Especially as you are also offered generous GER win odds of around 1.50, which is more than 5 times higher than those from the Poland game (1.10), without the French being significantly stronger than the promoted team.

Consequently, in my opinion, this is a clear value bet that you can garnish with one or two additional bets if required

The French, meanwhile, played perhaps their best field hockey in their last group game on Saturday against Slovakia, but were again unable to reward themselves in the end.

With Pierre-Edouard Bellemare as the only active NHL player in the squad, there are too few “difference makers” in the team who can convert half a chance against such an opponent.

The DEB guys have far more of these players in their ranks, even if Moritz Seider of the Detroit Red Wings is sorely missed at this World Championship.

By the way: Leon Draisaitl would definitely not be able to take part in this World Championship if his Oilers win the deciding game against the Canucks on Tuesday and thus advance to the Conference Finals.

The Germans usually get off to a furious start, at least that was the case against Latvia and Kazakhstan, who are on a similar level to FRA in terms of performance.

The plan did not work out against Poland, but that was mainly due to the fact – as already mentioned – that the runners-up were not given much time to recover from the previous day’s exertions.

However, with the generous odds of currently 1.95 for a lead on Tuesday after the first leg, I’m happy to take the manageable risk of a “false start” for the eagle bearers

Conclusion: If anything, France should only demand a nuance more from the Germans than the Poles did at the weekend.

Consequently, the GER win odds traded on the betting markets in this context are worth a value bet.

However, I am deliberately taking a little more risk in my France Germany betting tip and trust that the time to regenerate was sufficient this time to ensure a high tempo in the first half of the match.

This is my France Germany betting tip: The DEB team ends the first period with a lead

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