How the 2024 Formula 1 tests are going: schedule

The Formula 1 test drives in Bahrain mark the start of the hot phase ahead of the 2024 season. It is the first warm-up before things get serious at the first race at the same venue on March 2.

The F1 test days begin on February 21 and will run for three days until February 23. Driving takes place almost all day.

We answer all your questions about the 2024 Formula 1 tests: TV and streaming coverage, schedule, dates and which drivers will be involved

Formula 1 test drives 2024: Schedule & broadcast

Date & times: When are the 2024 F1 test drives?

The Formula 1 test drives will take place over three days from February 21 to 23, 2024.

Driving will take place on all three days from 8:00 a.m. German time in the morning until 5:00 p.m. CET in the afternoon. In Bahrain, this means testing times between 10:00 and 19:00 local time.

This is the only opportunity for the ten teams to test during the winter break before the season officially begins just one week after the end of testing

F1 testing: Dates at a glance

Formula 1 test drives broadcast on TV & Stream

The broadcasting rights for the 2024 Formula 1 season in Germany are largely held by Sky. Every session can be seen there – from practice and qualifying to the race.

The 2024 tests will also be broadcast in full on TV by Sky’s own channel Sky Sport F1.

In addition to the F1 tests on TV, Sky will also stream the entire three days. Motorsport fans can find it on Sky Go and on the Wow platform.

Sascha Roos is Sky’s well-known Formula 1 commentator and will be at the start again this season, beginning with the winter tests.

Alternatively, F1’s own streaming service F1 TV will also broadcast the tests live.

Which Formula 1 test drivers will be in Bahrain?

At the 2024 Formula 1 tests, it can be assumed that it will mainly be the regular drivers who will be in action. This is because, compared to the past, the teams have extremely little time to prepare for the season.

While the drivers always received three test days just a few years ago, there are now three for the whole team, which are divided up among the drivers. This is because only one car is used per racing team.

This in turn means that most teams divide the test drives between their regular drivers for one and a half days each. There is normally no time for test drivers or replacement drivers.

In any case, none of the 20 regular drivers are currently injured. The exact line-up and the distribution of the test days will only be announced immediately before the start.

In principle, all drivers who have a super license from the FIA are likely to take part in the tests on the Bahrain International Circuit

More questions and answers about the 2024 F1 tests

Which teams will be taking part in the 2024 F1 winter tests?

All ten Formula 1 teams want to test as much as possible in Bahrain. In the end, there are always those with significantly more kilometers than others who may be struggling with technical problems.

Why does Formula 1 testing take place in Bahrain?

For the past three years, Formula 1 has held its pre-season tests in Bahrain instead of Barcelona. The reasons for this are the reliable weather conditions and the logistics, as the first race of the season also takes place in Sakhir.

What are the technical requirements for the F1 tests?

The teams are not subject to any restrictions regarding the parts that can be used. The engines used for testing do not count against the annual budget. Sufficient tires are provided by Pirelli.

Will the tests provide any clues for the 2024 Formula 1 season?

The F1 test drives will certainly give an indication of the balance of power in the 2024 season. However, not all teams put all their cards on the table at the same time and experiment as much as they can with different settings.

As a result, the Formula 1 test drives ultimately remain what they are: A test for the seriousness of motorsport life, which will have a purpose again on March 2 with the Bahrain GP.

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