Inter Miami – St. Louis betting tip, prediction & odds 02.06.2024

Major League Soccer season 2024, Sunday, 02.06.2024

Once you find yourself in a really consistent phase, it’s already over again! Inter Miami’s strong run has come to an end and the team led by Lionel Messi must now get back on track.

The next home game is coming up on Sunday night, and the role of the favorites is relatively clear. In my Inter Miami St. Louis betting tip, I’ll tell you why I’m refraining from a win bet and instead advising a “both teams score” bet

Seven wins and a draw? It went well for Inter Miami! David Beckham’s club conquered the top of the Eastern Conference, but now there has been a bitter setback.

A few days ago, they lost 3-1 at home to Atlanta United, even though they had never lost a home game against this opponent before. How does the team now deal with this defeat?

Lionel Messi’s goal was the only offensive impact, the attack actually looks good. It was the third defeat of the season, with the first two followed by a win and a draw.

It’s not easy to explain the goals scored and goals conceded. Inter can quickly go 0-0 or 1-0 up, but on the other hand, results like 6-2, 3-2 or 4-1 are also possible

Of course, Miami can also lose 0:4, which makes it even more difficult to classify them. What’s more, the most recent 3-1 defeat to Atlanta was conceded in their own stadium.

Two defeats, one draw and five wins – the figures at home don’t read like Inter are unbeatable at Lockhart Stadium. Apart from a 1-0 win against DC United, there was definitely a lot on offer, with a total of 35 goals scored in the eight home games

There’s absolutely no line I can give you here either. 2:3, 5:0, 1:0, 6:2, as soon as Inter Miami start at home, anything is possible. Of course, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez can’t ensure victories on their own.

Both superstars have scored eleven times each, making them somewhat of the lone wolves in attack. Perhaps the two former Barca players can help them record their first win against St. Louis

However, this statement in itself is of course difficult, as the two clubs have only met once before. Last summer, they lost 3-0 away from home.

Our bookmakers are of the opinion that things will be different this time. The average odds are 1.40 to 7.20, so the advantage is already very clear

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St. Louis can be found in midfield in the Western Conference, but their record is not really strong. Three of the 14 games have been won, so it’s actually really weak!

The visitors are one of the teams that particularly like to share the points. Half of all games, i.e. seven of them, ended with exactly one point, ranging from a 0-0 to a 3-3 draw

Two 0-0 draws, one 1-1 draw, two 2-2 draws and two 3-3 draws – it’s a colorful mix of draws. At the moment, however, it’s not even easy to score, as the last three matches have all been lost.

What’s more, all three wins have come at home, while the team has remained completely pale away from home. Four draws and two defeats – that’s an extremely poor haul

How is Inter Miami dealing with their third defeat of the season? The 1:3 against Atlanta was not really to be expected, but after all, the team around Lionel Messi has never lost twice in a row.

The visitors from St. Louis are out of form anyway and have never won away from home. What definitely applies to Miami is the problem of unpredictability. There is no clear line either offensively or defensively!

As a result, I can imagine both a one-sided and a heated, exciting game. The bottom line is that I have decided on the following tip:

Both teams score!

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