Pacers – Bucks betting tip, prediction & odds NBA 03.05.2024

NBA Playoffs 2023/24, 1st round, Game 6, Friday, 03.05.2024

The Pacers are young, dynamic and play great offensive basketball. But are they also capable of withstanding the pressure of the 2024 NBA play-offs? They already missed their first match point yesterday.

In any case, my Pacers Bucks tip for Game 6 thinks it’s wise to put my trust in the green-and-whites once again. Because even if various key players will be missing again, the odds offered by the betting providers are too good to simply turn them down!

After Games 3 & 4 in Indianapolis, it seemed almost unimaginable that the Bucks would find their way back into this series. Yes, even many MIL fans didn’t expect a Game 6!

But the Bucks turned in their best performance since the opener on Wednesday at Fiserv Forum and went on to an exhilarating and unexpected 115-92 win over Indiana.

They were led by Middleton, who had 29 points and 12 rebounds, and Portis, who had 29 points and 10 rebounds. But primarily it was a strong performance by the entire team that helped Milwaukee stave off the first match point against them.

Personally, in my successful Bucks Pacers tip, I believed the extra motivation the Green and White would feel, but thought the absences of Antetokounmpo and Lillard were too significant – and not without reason!

Watch out: 13 times the Bucks played without Antetokounmpo and Lillard in the regular season – and 13 times it was the opposing team that won the game! That alone makes it clear how impressive last Wednesday’s win was.

However, I still think that the Pacers occasionally get in their own way and even do the green and white’s work to a certain extent!

A field goal percentage of only 44.4 % in Game 5 was certainly below par. Could Indiana be getting nervous? After all, the young squad hasn’t been used to playoff games in recent years

The action shifts back to Indianapolis on Friday, where the hosts have won each of their last seven home games.

That run includes five regular-season games and Games 3 & 4 against the Bucks, in which they prevailed 121-118 and 126-113, respectively.

Meanwhile, Milwaukee’s starting position of being eliminated in the event of another defeat has not changed. So I assume that even without their two injured top scorers, they are capable of another miraculous and highly motivated performance

Of course, at first glance, there’s not much to suggest that they will, but what they already achieved a few days ago can happen again – and in this context, the current Pacers Bucks odds give you the perfect reason to actually believe in the “miracle”!

The Pacers Bucks odds for Game 6, which can be accessed via every sports betting app we have checked in detail, are unbeatably good.

With some providers, you can almost quadruple your stake if the green-and-whites win with the same weakened starting five with which they already showed Indiana every trick in the book a few days ago.

This triumph by MIL with a 24-point lead is also thanks to the genius of Doc Rivers. The head coach made some tactical adjustments before Game 5 to curb the Pacers’ offensive production – with success.

As a result, my Pacers Bucks tip is a risky bet, no question, but one that also offers you the prospect of a decent payout that can justify the risk.

In addition, a surprise bet by Giannis Antetokounmpo cannot be completely ruled out, and that would make the odds offered to you by the providers really lucrative.

If, on the other hand, you bet on Indiana, you will only be offered odds of 1.30 on average, which, to be honest, just doesn’t stir up any “betting interest” in me based on the anemic performance a few days ago.

Conclusion: Due to the significant losses of the Bucks, the Pacers probably have the more talented team at the moment.

Still, the Bucks have plenty of playoff experience to be victorious in Indianapolis for the first time in this series under the leadership of Middleton and Portis.

Is this the most likely outcome? Possibly not! But the odds are just too good not to try! Alternatively, you could also consider a risk-reducing handicap bet in favor of the Green-Whites.

But whatever you decide: Avoid betting on the home win in your Pacers Bucks betting tip! I have a feeling that the young squad in blue and gold is struggling with nerves at the moment

My bet: Bucks win

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