Pacers – Celtics betting tip, prediction & odds NBA 28.05.2024

NBA Playoffs 2023/24, Conference Finals, Game 4, Tuesday, May 28, 2024

After going 133-128, 126-110 and 114-111, the Pacers have now fallen into the 0-3 pit that no one has ever found their way out of. In the history of the NBA playoffs, nobody has ever managed to get out of such an awkward situation.

And it is almost impossible to pull off a miracle here, especially against the strong Celtics. In my Pacers Celtics tip, you can find out whether the C’s will manage to win their fourth game in a row and make short work of the home side

The Bostonians won Game 3 primarily thanks to the outstanding defensive work of their two guards Jrue Holiday and Derrick White, who were named to the All-Defensive Second Team together.

Despite the Pacers’ size advantage, Holiday and White effectively prevented them from scoring points in the post. White, on the other hand, blocked several key shots, including four in the fourth quarter, while Holiday shined with three steals, especially a crucial one against Andrew Nembhard.

Their strong transition defense was ultimately decisive for the victory. In the last two games, the Celtics have always scored more points in transition than the Pacers. That will probably make the difference tonight as well

By the way: The Boston Celtics won despite an 18-point deficit, which proved to be an additional plus. Boston was finally able to prove to itself and its own critics that it can find its way back into a game even in hopeless situations.

The Celtics had faced little resistance in the playoffs so far and had previously failed in similar situations.

However, they showed impressive morale in Game 3 against Indiana and impressed both defensively and offensively under this pressure.

Especially in the decisive phase of the final minutes, in which they had previously had little experience, they proved they could deliver in crunch time. This should have instilled a lot of confidence in BOS.

Despite the challenges posed by the Pacers’ switching, which forced the Celtics into a stagnant flow of play and difficult shots, they showed more determination on offense.

They scored seven times in a row, especially in the final minutes. Al Horford capitalized on a mismatch against McConnell and Holiday created key opportunities, including a crucial and-one against Siakam that gave the Celtics the lead.

This combination of improved defense and smart offensive play was the key to victory. Consequently, after three games, I just don’t see how Indiana is going to make up for those glaring deficits.

Watch out: A pivotal moment in the final period was a long pass from Tatum to Horford, who converted a free three-pointer.

Tatum (36 points, eight assists, no turnovers) was able to repeatedly outmaneuver the Pacers’ defense despite their switches, with Horford often benefiting from that.

The 37-year-old scored 23 points and hit 7 of 12 threes, a personal career best. So you should definitely have him on your radar for a player bet tonight.

Despite a worse three-point percentage (16 of 46, 35%) than the league average, the Celtics made the difference with their 3-point superiority.

While the Pacers dominated in the paint (+28), the Celtics were superior from beyond the arc (+33). That strategy played a major role in their victory and proves that Boston is simply the more flexible team when it comes to scoring points.

The three games so far have been characterized by a lot of baskets. The Celtics have not been able to neutralize the Pacers’ strong offense so far, but thanks to Brown and Tatum they have at least outscored them in terms of points.

Consequently, it might be worth using the Admiralbet app to speculate on a game with at least 223 points. In any case, I will add this option to my Pacers Celtics tip as an additional condition in order to achieve a higher odds level

In Game 1 through 3, 261, 236 and finally 225 points were scored respectively, so I am confident that the Pacers will go down tonight with flags flying and many successful shots from half distance.

Incidentally, the bookmakers also consider it very likely that they will go down. Most bookmakers with a German license clearly favour the visitors from Boston with average odds of 1.30 to 3.70.

Conclusion: The Pacers have their backs to the wall, but I doubt they will find the strength to fight back now.

Of all the things Indiana can do with the ball, Boston simply has a bit more to offer.

What’s more, the home side are simply not capable of keeping two players of the caliber of Jaylen Brown or Jason Tatum in check at the same time. Their defense is even overrun in places by the C’s congenial duo.

My Pacers Celtics tip: Win Boston & Over 222.5 points.

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