Rijeka – Dinamo Zagreb betting tip, prediction & odds 22.05.2024

Croatia Cup, Final, Wednesday, 22.05.2024

A final in two acts with a first and second leg? Completely normal in Croatia! The title is at stake on Wednesday, as the 0-0 draw in the first clash between Dinamo Zagreb and HNK Rijeka has yet to reveal any trends.

The favorites have to prove themselves away from home, and the odds in our sports betting apps see them only slightly ahead. In my Rijeka Dinamo Zagreb betting tip, however, I will tell you why I think that the visitors will prevail and therefore have tip 2 in mind

There are teams for whom a cup final like this is something very special. And then there are teams who think: The same procedure as every year! Dinamo Zagreb is just such a team.

You have to look at the history to see when they did NOT actually reach the final. In 2020, 2022 and 2023 it didn’t work out, but otherwise every time since 1992. But that also means that the last few years weren’t even that successful

It’s by no means the first time we’ve faced Rijeka in the final. That’s why I’m taking a look at the direct comparison in my analysis. And lo and behold, it doesn’t look that good for Dinamo

The first leg was only a 0-0 draw, having lost three times in a row before that. Three wins, two draws and seven defeats – whenever these two teams meet in the cup, the results are not necessarily to be expected.

In the league, however, things look very different. With one defeat from their last 16 encounters, Zagreb are obviously not allowed to pick out the competition in which they are now competing

After the 0-0 draw in the first leg, the game is still wide open and Dinamo failed to capitalize on their home advantage. In any case, they have only conceded one goal in the competition, although the opponents here were not too difficult either.

4:1 against NK Ponikve, 8:0 against Oriolik, 4:0 against HNK Gorica and 1:0 against Hajduk Split, the 0:0 against Rijeka was the first match they did not win. In the league, Dinamo have won ten games in a row and have not lost since the first of October

The title has long been out of reach for the team, with a ten-point lead with one matchday to go. Whether at home or away, there are hardly any noticeable differences.

In this respect, it shouldn’t really be a disadvantage that Zagreb have to triumph outside their own stadium on Wednesday. The odds come to an average of 2.35 to 2.85, so the guests are slightly ahead

Rijeka will finish the Croatian league in second place, and as runners-up it would of course not be a sensation if they were to win the cup. The same applies here: one goal conceded in the competition, the defense is convincing

9:0 against NK Libertas, 3:1 against Cibalia, 1:0 against NK Rudes and 1:0 against NK Lokomotiva, the results read very similarly to those we have already discovered at Dinamo Zagreb.

So things are going well in the cup, but I can no longer confirm that in the league. Rijeka fought for the title for a long time, but that is long gone. They’ve lost their last four games, scoring 3:10 goals and hardly anything has worked out

HNK have lost two home games this season, one of which was a 2-1 defeat to Dinamo Zagreb at the beginning of May. So Rijeka are strong at home, if it weren’t for their many defeats against their final opponents

Dinamo Zagreb, the reigning champions, face HNK Rijeka, the runners-up! The fans in Croatia have found their dream final, but the 0-0 draw in the first leg fell far short of expectations.

The visitors have hardly lost at all this season, whereas Rijeka have suffered one or two more defeats. It’s interesting to note that Dinamo actually like playing against Rijeka, but unfortunately not in the cup.

Nevertheless, Zagreb have convinced me too much this season for me to go against the bookmakers’ slight favorite. And that’s why my tip is:

Dinamo Zagreb win in Rijeka!

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