Slovenia – Denmark betting tip, prediction & odds Euro 16.06.2024

Slovenia Denmark betting tip & the best odds for the match in Group C

First the near-sensation, then the fiasco! The Danish national team has experienced a lot in recent years, which makes it all the more difficult to answer the question of what is possible in the coming weeks.

I’ll make a first attempt with my Slovenia Denmark betting tip, which I wrote on the occasion of the Scandinavians’ opening game.

Danish Dynamite and their chances at the European Championship – how will it turn out? At the recently started European Championship in Germany, there will of course be one or two surprise teams.

The Scandinavians, who are firmly expected to reach the round of 16, would therefore like to “just” get through the group stage first

In Group C, England are the heavy favorites, with a battle for second place behind them. The Danes start with a game against Slovenia, and anything less than three points would be a minor miracle given the Slovenia-Denmark odds.

David meets Goliath, the battle lines have been drawn in Stuttgart’s MHP Arena. However, anything can happen at the start of a major tournament, as the Danes found out for themselves at the last World Cup.

In my Slovenia Denmark betting tip, I will now be looking very closely at what the underdogs have to offer to counter the bookmakers’ assumptions.

And since I believe that the game will be closer than many think, I advise you to place the following bet: 2.5 goals will be the final score here at the latest!

The bookmakers’ prediction Slovenia – Denmark

Let’s take a closer look at the Slovenia Denmark odds: I already revealed that there is a favorite. If you want to take a rather low risk, you can bet on a three-pointer from Danish Dynamite.

The odds would reach an average of 1.80 in this case. Of course, our European Championship betting providers also have the odds for a win for the underdog – if Slovenia wins surprisingly, we’re looking at 5.00.

That settles the score, but not the question of whether there might be no winner at all in the end. The draw is not unlikely, as the odds of 3.60 are completely normal

Slovenia – Denmark odds: Where are the highest Denmark odds?

With regard to the Slovenia Denmark betting tip, both win bets for this match are worthwhile, but of course the bookmakers are also offering one or two other opportunities to benefit from a lucrative odds boost on this European Championship weekend.

One of these bets has to do with the fact that I expect a close game with not quite as many goals. Apparently, NeoBet is following a similar line, offering strong odds if the result is 0:0 or 1:1.

The bookie boosts the odds to 4.55! So it’s a result bet with a high chance of winning, but still half the risk. At the same time, there is one player who is particularly popular at Bet365.

Rasmus Hojlund has netted seven times in eight qualifying matches, so he has a lot of responsibility in the offense. A special goal bet is being offered by the aforementioned bookmaker, because if Hojlund scores 1:0, you can secure a value of 5.50!

Analysis: Slovenia vs Denmark

Hello again! Denmark and Slovenia had only played each other four times before the 2024 European Championship qualifiers brought them together. A few months have passed since then, and now they are about to face each other again.

The duo will face England and Serbia in Group C, so whoever loses in the direct duel could be in big trouble down the line. The Slovenia-Denmark odds have picked the Scandinavians as the clear favorites, I’m a little more cautious

I’ll take a look at the two games in the qualifying round, because they were already tough. 1:1 and 2:1 for Denmark, the 1992 European champions had to really stretch themselves to get the four points here!

In the end, the direct comparison decided that first place went to Denmark, as Slovenia were level on points and also had the better goal difference.

The Danes had lost valuable points on their way to the group victory they had just achieved in the surprising defeats in Northern Ireland and Kazakhstan!

When predicting Slovenia and Denmark, you should keep in mind that the “Dynamite” is prone to misfiring against lightweights, especially away from home…

The Danes performed a little better in the final days of their European Championship preparations, but were still some way off their best form.

They came out on top against their Scandinavian neighbors Norway (3:1) and Sweden (2:1), but without exuding the esprit that they presumably need to achieve the desired result in Germany.

However, with a 1:1 draw against Bulgaria, the Slovenians also delivered a half-baked dress rehearsal at best for the soccer highlight of the year…

Odds analysis

Will the match between Denmark and Slovenia end with a winner? I’m not so sure! The Slovenians are passionate and have already put up a good fight in the European Championship qualifiers. I would therefore bet on the draw in the 1×2 bets.

The Danes and the Slovenes have played an almost identical qualifying campaign, meeting on equal terms. As I assume that both teams just don’t want to make a mistake, I’m betting on a prolonged feeling-out process and rate the probability of a draw at half-time as high.

I also think a result bet is a good possibility. A draw without a scoreline? I think goals are a distinct possibility and so only the result 1:1 comes into question. The odds of 6.50 also suggest that this result is anything but unlikely

Slovenia vs Denmark odds: Denmark struggling for form

As mentioned, there were surprising defeats against Kazakhstan and Northern Ireland, and four of the seven qualifying victories were very close with a one-goal margin. Even against the soccer dwarf from San Marino, results such as 4:0 and 2:1 read very thin.

So is the team no longer as strong as it was at Euro 2021, when it stormed through to the semi-finals and only lost to England due to a very bitter refereeing decision?

Also relevant for the Slovenia Denmark betting tip: Danish Dynamite are not usually among the title favorites. Betting on the new European champions is very risky anyway, but if you still want to do so, you could use one of the numerous free bets on offer

Slovenia? Don’t underestimate them!

For example, the free bet from Betano, because there is a €20 free bet without a deposit, all you need is the code BONUSVIP. The Danes, who failed quite disgracefully in the preliminary round of the 2022 World Cup, are still unbeaten in 2024.

In March, after a goalless draw against Switzerland, there was a relatively tired 2:0 against the Faroe Islands, and in recent weeks the aforementioned tests against their neighbors from Norway and Sweden have taken place.

By no means results that would scare Slovenia. The world number 57 is back at the European Championships for the second time since 2000 and is aiming to celebrate its first ever tournament treble – and get through the preliminary round.

We haven’t seen the Slovenians at the last three World Cups either. The German ground should help them surprise everyone in 2024 – it worked out wonderfully in the qualifiers!

The result was just as strong as that of the Danes, but now Serbia and England are also waiting. How confident are the outsiders? Based on the results so far this year, it should actually be quite good.

They beat the USA 1:0 in March, so fans could quickly forget the 2:2 draw against Malta. Also because a few days later they beat Portugal 2-0, which showed that we can keep up with the big boys!

The last test took place at the beginning of June. 2:1 against Armenia and 1:1 against Bulgaria. The main thing is that they didn’t lose. Two defeats out of the last 21 international matches, this series is absolutely respectable.

With Jan Oblak at the back and Benjamin Sesko at the front, the Slovenian national team has two absolute superstars. Sesko, who is under contract with RB Leipzig, knows the German stadiums, which will certainly not be a disadvantage.

On the contrary, it can be assumed that the top players, who are already based in Germany on a daily basis, will be particularly motivated at the EURO

My Slovenia Denmark prediction:

The Denmark Slovenia odds have spoken: The Whites and Reds go into the match clearly favored to kick off the European Championship! However, my analysis is not as certain as the values read.

Slovenia already put up a really strong fight in qualifying, and defeats have become very rare for the underdogs. In addition, the defense seems to be quite stable.

I’m therefore assuming that we’ll have to deal with a very tight game in which not quite as many goals will be scored. In this respect, my tip is now:

My Denmark Slovenia tip: At 2.5 goals it’s over!

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