Switzerland – Czech Republic betting tip, odds World Championship 26.05.2024

Ice Hockey World Championship Final, Sunday, 26.05.2024

Liters of tears of joy were shed last night when the Swiss won the penalty shootout in the semi-final. The ice comrades are now in the final of the 2024 Ice Hockey World Championship, which will take place just 24 hours later. This schedule is tight, that much is certain.

Who will win the final and which Switzerland Czech Republic betting tip is most worthwhile? Due to the home advantage and the extra strength that the Swiss had to leave behind, I expect the Eastern Europeans to return to the World Cup throne after almost two decades

Madness, the Czechs not only knocked out the Swedes, but did so without the help of their front row.

Because it was the host’s second line that paved the way to an outstanding 7:4 victory over the best team of the tournament so far with 9 scorer points. Much to the delight of the spectators, who created a crazy atmosphere.

Now the Czechs have the chance to win World Championship gold for the first time in 14 years and I can tell you one thing: The crowd is the sixth man on the ice, celebrating CZE’s every goal almost fanatically

The Czechs are clearly playing beyond their means. What gives them a boost is undoubtedly the support of the spectators in the stands, who spur them on to peak performances that were not thought possible.

With a shot ratio of 23:40, the Swedes clearly dominated the game – and with 6 and 12 penalty minutes, the Eastern Europeans spent twice as long in the cool box as the Scandinavians.

The fact that the Czech Republic nevertheless hammered almost every puck into the net in the end is of course due to their unusually high finishing efficiency and their self-sacrificing willingness to run. Can they keep up such a hellish pace in the final?

My mind tells me that the Swiss should win the final, but the way the Czechs are so passionate and throw themselves into every duel contradicts this feeling.

Just as the Swedes felt the pressure of the crowd every time they had possession of the puck, so too will the Swiss be exposed to the atmosphere of the Prague cauldron, which will undoubtedly also affect them.

After the semi-final against Canada, Switzerland can primarily thank their goalie Leonardo Genoni for getting this far at all.

The “Nati” goalkeeper, who has never played in the USA before, made a phenomenal save, but without his help the Swiss would probably have been overrun.

In fact, I’m increasingly getting the impression that those extra minutes on the ice and the intensity with which they were challenged by the Maple Leafs until the end will pay off tonight.

The Admiralbet app can also be used to get an overview of the Czech Republic Switzerland odds that have been put into circulation within a very short space of time.

On average, the odds are 2.16 to 2.90 in favor of the hosts. An assessment that I can live with very well, as I also see the Eastern Europeans in the role of favorites tonight.

Moreover, there could be several goals on both sides, as both teams prefer fast ice hockey and have various first-class attacking players.

The bet “Both teams to score at least twice”, which I already used in my successful Canada Switzerland betting tip, has now become one of my favorite bets and will probably be used again this time

Interestingly, both sides have already faced each other in a group match at this tournament that went the full distance. SUI only prevailed 2:1 in a penalty shoot-out.

The game was extremely even – both in terms of the shots on goal ratio (26 to 24 in Switzerland’s favor) and in terms of penalty minutes and power-play chances.

Consequently, it stands to reason that another overtime game at odds of around 4.20 should not be completely disregarded in your considerations.

However, I maintain that the extra effort and the enthusiasm that has prevailed in the host country since then will give CZE an extra bonus this time

Conclusion: Just 24 hours after the thriller against Canada, the Swiss have to play again. But can they repeat their previous round victory over the hosts?

The Czechs have gotten better and better since that thriller at the very beginning of the tournament. Their performances against the USA (1:0) and Sweden (7:3) were simply phenomenal.

Switzerland, on the other hand, came under a lot of pressure at times in both knockout games, so I don’t necessarily see them having the advantage. There is a whole range of factors that speak in favor of the hosts.

So my Switzerland-Czech Republic betting tip is: Win CZE & Over 4.5 goals

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