Switzerland – Great Britain betting tip, odds World Championship 15.05.2024

Ice Hockey World Championship Group Stage, Wednesday, 15.05.2024

Sometimes it is advisable to place a handicap bet with such a stark odds difference as the one in my Switzerland Great Britain betting tip, but sometimes not.

Because although the difference in performance between the two teams should be high – at least that’s what the bookmakers suggest – I expect the British to put up some resistance.

Consequently, I’m speculating that this group game at the 2024 Ice Hockey World Cup will be a hard-fought 5:2 or 6:2 for the ice comrades rather than a bloodcurdling 8:0

Of course, it’s not about reaching the quarter-finals for Great Britain. But I think the promoted team have a real chance of making it through. Everything depends on the direct comparison with the Austrians on March 21.

If everything goes according to plan, the two ice hockey superpowers in Group A will in all likelihood duel for 7th place with six defeats each in tow.

By next Tuesday, Great Britain should have lost all their games, and the upcoming showdown with our ice comrades should be no exception.

In any case, the sports betting providers are once again only offering symbolic odds of up to 1.02 for Team UK to win this time

Great Britain surprisingly lost their first game against Canada relatively narrowly with 2:4. On this occasion, you could even have picked up astronomical odds of 17.0 for a bet of the type “UK wins with HC +3”.

This shows that the promoted team overperformed on their debut. However, this was followed by an expected thrashing against the strong Finns, who came out on top 8:0.

Switzerland should be able to emulate the Scandinavians, at least at first glance. The squad is well-stocked and Roman Josi (2 goals, 4 assists) and Nico Hischier (3 goals, 2 assists) have scored many goals for the Nati so far

However, at this point I don’t really know what to make of the ice comrades. Although they have won their three group games so far against Norway (5:2), Austria (6:5) and hosts the Czech Republic (2:1 after overtime), their performance in the Alpine derby was particularly weak.

Switzerland only scored the winning goal in the last minute and conceded five goals to a team that is clearly fighting against relegation and that the bookmakers initially thought had no chance.

If we include the Czech Hockey Games, Switzerland have not conceded a goal in six competitive matches. And if the ÖEHV team has already conceded five goals, then Great Britain is at least capable of scoring a consolation goal

We can forget about placing a win bet on Switzerland. As already mentioned, the odds in this regard are around just 1.02, which is a losing proposition if you place a single bet with a bookmaker with tax.

Consequently, I looked around for suitable alternatives and found an offer in the Betano bookmaker’s range that perfectly matches my expectations for this match: Win SUI & Both score.

The odds for this scenario are already significantly higher at 1.52 – and the British are not without a chance of scoring. They scored twice against Canada and have so far only been thwarted by the strong Finnish defense, which has only conceded one goal in total

I can help you with a reference to a direct comparison at a world championship. And this example is also an excellent way to give my Switzerland Great Britain betting tip a sound statistical basis.

Because at the 2021 World Cup, the Swiss managed to celebrate a 6:3 victory, in which the promoted team had a surprisingly big say even then.

In any case, I expect a very similar game in Prague on Wednesday

Alternatively, you could also consider an over 6.5-goal bet, which promises odds of around 1.72 in the Crazybuzzer app, for example.

Switzerland’s victories over teams such as Norway and Austria, who are at a similar level of performance to the British selection, have already successfully broken this mark.

Conclusion: It should be a relatively one-sided affair, but the British should at least get their consolation goal.

Switzerland proved to be extremely vulnerable against Austria recently and still seem to be ready to concede an avoidable goal.

In any case, it’s worth believing that Team UK can now follow Canada in conceding a goal to Switzerland, even if it’s only to close the gap to 5:1.

My Switzerland Great Britain betting tip is: Sui wins & both score

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