Switzerland – Norway betting tip, odds World Championship 10.05.2024

Ice Hockey World Championship Group Stage, Friday, 10.05.2024

The Swiss will enter the “Arena” at the same time as the DEB team, the reigning runners-up! Strictly speaking, this is the O2 Arena in Prague, where the opening game of Group A will be played.

In the meantime, my Switzerland Norway tip makes it clear to you why the “ice comrades” won’t be eating good cherries this year! Because they have been able to recruit a whole host of NHL stars for the “Gold” mission.

However, the Scandinavians are still a little underestimated in the betting markets …

The “ice comrades” were eliminated in the quarter-finals at the last World Championship, but this team actually has the potential to become world champions with a bit of luck.

That’s why people in the neighboring country will have been all the more surprised that Germany, of all countries, was able to hang the silver medal around their necks in Tampere.

The Swiss have certainly brought out the heavy artillery for the 2024 Ice Hockey World Championships! Because the Helvetians have rarely been able to bring so many NHL players to a world championship

The Swiss have brought pretty much everything from overseas that wasn’t nailed down or still in the playoffs!

I officially count seven NHL superstars who have made their way to Prague to support the “ice comrades” in their opening game against Norway.

The Scandinavians will therefore have to make the unwelcome acquaintance of players such as Jonas Siegenthalter from the New Jersey Devils.

Pius Sutter of the Detroit Red Wings, on the other hand, will put the Norwegians’ defense to the test.

The Swiss’ preparation for this World Championship is also impressive! It has been extensive and they have hit when they had to!

Test matches against France and Latvia were both won in double-header format, while they even found time to take part in the Czech Hockey Games at the beginning of May.

They lost narrowly against Sweden (1-2) and Finland (1-3), but at least the dress rehearsal against World Cup hosts and secret favorites Czech Republic (2-1) was a success.

Norway, meanwhile, does not have a single NHL pro in its line-up, but the Scandinavians have nevertheless put together a powerful squad.

Although they have not yet managed to close ranks with Finland and Sweden, Norway is slowly developing an ice hockey culture.

Some players are now even under contract in the DEL, while others are about to recommend themselves for the North American AHL.

NOR will therefore not be fighting a losing battle on Friday

The test game series of the Norwegians was actually quite promising until shortly before the start of the tournament.

I emphasize the word “actually” because after back-to-back victories over Denmark, the first game against Latvia was also won (1-0), but the following one ended in disaster with a 0-8 loss.

Experience shows that it’s never good to start the tournament with such a defeat in the back of your mind at the dress rehearsal

Despite the difference in quality that undoubtedly exists between the two teams, the sports betting providers have gone too far out on a limb in my opinion.

A SUI win odds of just 1.20 expresses too much unfounded confidence that the Swiss will not only win, but will downright outplay their opponents.

Instead, I would rather use the Betway app to give the very capable Norwegians a handicap advantage of +3 goals.

This could well give them a “win”, if not on the ice, then at least on my betting slip.

Conclusion: The Swiss are under pressure, as they must finally make use of all the talent in their ranks if they are to win a medal at a World Championship for the first time since 2018.

The squad is of a high quality, but their opponents should not be underestimated. Admittedly, the Norwegians have nominated a lot of players who won’t mean much to most ice hockey fans, but I can assure you that this squad can handle the puck.

If we exclude the 8-0 defeat against Latvia just before the start of the tournament, it has to be said that they have never been defeated by the Swiss in a World Championship duel …

Consequently, with my Switzerland Norway betting tip, which gives the Scandinavians a three-goal HC advantage, I assume that the ice hockey superpower will sell itself dearly this time too

My tip: Victory NOR with HC +3

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