This is Bayern star Joshua Kimmich: salary, assets, wife, children & house

Joshua Kimmich has been an undisputed regular at FC Bayern for years. What’s more, he is one of the three captains at the record champions. That alone says everything about his status at the German soccer giants.

“Jo” is also a regular in the national team and will therefore also be an integral part of the Germany Euro 2024 squad at the home European Championships in the summer of 2024.

But what makes Joshua Kimmich tick in private?

Who is Jo Kimmich’s wife, how many children does he have, where does he come from and what is Kimmich’s salary at FC Bayern?

Joshua Kimmich salary: This is how much he earns at FC Bayern

Joshua Kimmich is one of the German footballers with the highest salary worldwide. At FC Bayern, he is also one of the absolute top earners.

In Munich, Joshua Kimmich’s salary is 19.5 million euros per year. His contract with this basic salary runs until June 30, 2025.

This means the midfielder earns impressive sums. FCB pay Kimmich 375,000 euros every week, which amounts to a daily salary of over 53,000 euros.

Even in the expensive Bavarian capital, it is possible to live quite comfortably on these sums.

Kimmich salary per year, month, week & day

It is the third different salary Kimmich has received since moving from VfB Stuttgart to the German record champions in the summer of 2015.

From 2015 to 2018, Kimmich’s salary in Munich was €1.49 million, and from 2018 to 2021 he earned €7.9 million per year.

It was not until the third contract extension that his salary rose to its current level of €19.5 million.

The Bayern salaries with Joshua Kimmich

At FC Bayern, the number 6 is in the top group with his salary, but not at the very top. The top earner in Munich is star striker Harry Kane, who receives a whopping 25 million euros a year in his bank account.

He is followed by three German internationals – Manuel Neuer, Thomas Müller and Leroy Sane. Immediately behind the top quartet in the Bayern salary rankings is Kimmich’s salary.

With his top five position, Kimmich can certainly be seen in the Bayern dressing room, making him one of the top earners in the Bundesliga.

Behind him, for example, is his midfield colleague Leon Goretzka

Joshua Kimmich’s fortune continues to grow

During his Bundesliga career at FC Bayern, Joshua Kimmich has so far earned gross wages of €69.6 million. Converted, this results in net income of around 37 million euros.

These figures make it clear that Kimmich’s assets have also continued to grow in recent years, especially as his annual salary has also been increased several times.

It is not known exactly how high Joshua Kimmich’s net worth is. In 2021, experts estimated it at around €9 million. It is highly likely that it has at least doubled since then.

The advertising deals that all top footballers have been signing for years are also helpful in building up assets. For example, Kimmich is the face of a Gilette campaign for the brand’s razors.

Furthermore, unlike his club, Kimmich is not under contract with Adidas, but with US giant Nike.

Joshua Kimmich profile: Age, height, family

Lina Meyer: This is the Joshua Kimmich woman

Joshua Kimmich and his wife Lina Meyer – now also Kimmich – have been a couple for almost eleven years. The two met and fell in love in Leipzig in 2013, when the current German international was on the ball for local club RB.

Kimmich’s wife Lina is four years older than him, was studying law and was working in the RB Leipzig fan store at the time, where they finally bumped into each other for the first time – almost too cheesy to be true.

For a long time, Lina Kimmich did not present herself as a classic player’s wife on Instagram and the like, but avoided public attention by setting her profile to private.

That has now changed. The 45,000 or so followers regularly receive private insights from Kimmich’s wife, but only rarely about their everyday life together. Vacation photos from all over the world are much more frequent.

Lina hikes, swims, can be seen in the snow – in short, she shares the sporting passion of her then boyfriend and now husband

The relationship first became public in 2016, when Lina Meyer was a guest at the European Championships in France and hugged and kissed her Joshua from the stands.

They had already had three children together before the couple said “yes” to each other and got married. The dream wedding took place on Lake Tegernsee in June 2022. It was made possible by the Winter World Cup in Qatar, which took the pressure off the normally packed summer of tournaments.

Kimmich himself does not post any private family content on his online profiles, for example on Instagram:

Joshua Kimmich kids? There are already 4 little Kimmichs

Lina and Joshua Kimmich already have four children together.

They first shared family happiness in April 2019, when daughter Lara was born. She was followed by son Lenny in August 2020 – shortly after Kimmich held his greatest sporting trophy in his hands with the Champions League trophy.

Two months before the wedding, the Kimmichs were finally able to toast again on April 4, 2022, when their third child was born. Neither the name, gender nor exact date of birth were made public.

In January 2024, the number of Joshua Kimmich children increased to four. After two sons and a daughter, Joshau and Lina’s fourth child together was born within five years.

Kimmich himself is regarded as a down-to-earth family man who enjoys spending his free time with his wife and children. However, this part of his private life remains just that – private.

His only statement about his children was years ago and was: “A child gives life a completely different content, a whole new task is there.” Now he has four tasks…

Heritage & Parents: How the Bayern star once grew up

Joshua Walter Kimmich was born in Rottweil near Stuttgart in 1995. He is the son of Anja and Berthold Kimmich.

Joshua has enjoyed playing soccer since he was a child and used to break the odd window in the family home with his friends.

Kimmich’s father has always supported his son in his efforts to make it into professional soccer one day. Berthold, nicknamed “Beppo”, is known in his home region as a promoter of junior soccer.

Whenever he has the time, he also contributes his knowledge as a coach at the soccer academy.

The footballer chats: “It was important to my father that I could kick with both feet as a child. When I tried to do it in the garden with my left foot, I always fell down – and cried. But I tried again and again. Until I could do it. Giving up was never an option. My motto to this day is to always believe in myself.”

In the 1990s, Berthold Kimmich married his wife Anja, who would soon become Joshua’s mother.

A few years after their first-born son, Anja became pregnant with their second child. Unlike her father and brother, daughter Deborah Kimmich was not so interested in soccer. She studied economics at Dublin Business School.

Home & House: Where does Joshua Kimmich live?

With his wife Lina and their three children, Joshua Kimmich has long since made himself at home in Bavaria. After all, the family man has been playing for FC Bayern for over eight years and always needs the support of his family to perform well.

While the two initially had to have a long-distance relationship due to Lina’s studies, Kimmich still lived in a shared flat in the Isarvorstadt district with his sister Deborah.

He has since left Gärtnerplatz behind him. Kimmich lives with Lina in the state capital of Munich so that he can get to training as easily as possible.

Details of his house are not actually known. However, it can be assumed that it offers enough space for the whole family.

Exciting fact: if he ever wants to go on vacation, Joshua Kimmich can also count on a house in St. Johann, not far from Kitzbühel. Incidentally, Bastian Schweinsteiger also has a vacation home in the neighborhood

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