Timberwolves – Mavericks betting tip, prediction & odds NBA 23.05.2024

NBA Playoffs 2023/24, Conference Finals, Game 1, Thursday, 23.05.2024

The Timberwolves have to keep the tension high more than ever after their victory over the defending champions. Because even though they were able to eliminate possibly the best team in the play-offs, they are just in the “semi-finals” as of Thursday.

In my Timberwolves Mavericks prediction for Game 1, you can find a well-founded recommendation for a potential winner tip.

I expect the home side to focus primarily on Doncic, which will give his teammate Irving above-average freedom …

Minnesota has just knocked the defending champions out of the competition according to my successful Nuggets Timberwolves prediction for Game 7 and has achieved something truly amazing.

The Timberwolves were able to pressure Jamal Murray perfectly. They allowed Denver’s second-best player after Nikola Jokic to shoot just 40.3 percent from the field and only 33.3 percent from the three-point line thanks to their first-class defensive work.

Can they do the same against Luka Doncic and the Mavs on Thursday? That is the question!

In the regular season, Doncic only took part in two of the joint duels against the Wolves, but averaged 36.5 points, 10.5 assists and 6.0 rebounds with a 50.9 percent shooting percentage from the field.

Jaden McDaniels was given the task of covering the Slovenian, but the Timberwolves’ best defender was already unable to get to grips with the Balkan wonder back then and could be overwhelmed again this time.

Incidentally, the Wolves also used other defenders against Doncic during the regular season, including a Nickeil Alexander-Walker and Anthony Edwards. But nobody could really stop him

Minnesota could use similar tactics that were successful against Murray and chase Doncic all over the court to wear him down.

This strategy has been used by several teams against the Mavericks in recent years. Since Doncic is not in top form, it might even work.

What makes the Mavericks special this year, however, is the fact that they have signed a second NBA superstar this season in Kyrie Irving, who can take over in such situations and take the pressure off Doncic.

Irving may have had a quiet second-round series against the Thunder, but he has settled in well in Dallas.

Possibly the best ballhandler of all time is still providing great defense and is still capable of winning a game single-handedly if necessary

Despite these advantages for Dallas, it’s hard to use the Betano Bonus to place a bet against the Wolves after they just beat the “Goliath” of the 2024 NBA Playoffs in the Nuggets.

This young squad also never gives up, as was impressively demonstrated again recently by overcoming a 15-point halftime deficit in Game 7 against the Nuggets.

Their defense is also very strong. How successful will Dallas’ lob game with Daniel Gafford and Dereck Lively II be when suddenly an outstanding center like Rudy Gobert is in the paint?

Minnesota has also been able to answer the question of how they’re going to generate enough offense to win games in the postseason.

Edwards has been brilliant up to this point, averaging 28.9 points per game since the end of the regular season.

His teammate Karl-Anthony Towns has also flashed his talent at key moments, scoring 18.8 points per game and hitting 44.0 percent of his threes. This series will definitely be a tough battle between two great teams

Meanwhile, what I gather from the various sports betting apps that my betting friends have examined in depth is that the Mavericks Timberwolves odds have turned out to be quite surprising.

The Wolves do have the all-important home court in this opening match, but that alone makes the Mavs win odds quite high at around 2.50? Personally, I almost instinctively go for it!

Furthermore, I can well imagine that Luka Doncic could put in another outstanding performance.

However, the Slovenian is banged up, which is why I’m really undecided whether the odds of 1.87 for 29 points against the Wolves’ stout defense are really such a good offer …

Personally, I think Doncic should be covered well, which is why his teammate Kyrie Irving should be able to crack the 22-point mark much easier

Conclusion: It will be a close game and the Wolves are of course the favorites for the title after their win over the Nuggets.

But Dallas is prepared for this Game 1. What’s more, the duo of Doncic & Irving can even embarrass the Timberwolves’ stout defense. Especially as the home side don’t have a suitable defender to take the Slovenian out of the game.

According to my Mavericks Timberwolves tip, we can expect an insanely close match that could be decided by a three-pointer. I also expect Kyrie Irving to be given enough space to conjure up at least 21.5 points on the board.

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