Betis Sevilla – Sevilla FC betting tip, prediction & odds 28.04.2024

La Liga, Sunday, 28.04.2024

There can only be one! In Sevilla, you have to choose a side on Sunday when Betis meet the Blanquirrojos. Green or red, for better or worse, both colors can’t cheer at the same time.

Such a derby is of course always a particularly hot affair, also in my Betis Sevilla FC Sevilla betting tip. In it, I’ll tell you why I disagree with the bookmakers, why I think my favorite is the “guests” and why I’m leaning towards the double chance in my sports betting app

The two Sevilla clubs have one thing in common: they are not satisfied with the season so far, which is not going to last much longer. Sevilla FC were already bobbing around in the lower midfield in 2022/23, and the team is doing the same this season.

Just nine out of 32 games ended in victory, with ten draws and 13 defeats. At least the results have been improving for a few weeks now; if they had been like this from the start, things would look very different

Two of the last eleven games have been lost, but there is better news for the fans. Once, at the beginning of February, they managed to win two games in a row.

But now the supporters have been presented with something completely new: three wins in a row! Admittedly, they were not soccer festivals, but that would not necessarily have been expected given this season

1:0 against Getafe, 2:0 against Las Palmas and 2:1 against Mallorca, of course this trio is not among the best. Close results are in the team’s favor anyway, that’s how they are known.

Ten of the last eleven results had a maximum difference of one goal, and now it makes no difference whether Sevilla are playing away or at home

The team have lost one of their last six away games, but have won two in a row. You can’t really pigeonhole the team, whether it’s 1-0, 1-5 or 2-2, almost any result is possible.

In a derby, it is of course also interesting to see what has happened in recent years. The direct comparison shows: Betis haven’t really had much to laugh about, winning just one of the past eleven matches.

The most recent win in La Liga? That was in September 2018! The duels have almost always been very close, with three draws in a row recently. Eleven of the last 13 results had a maximum difference of one goal.

Three times three goals, seven times less than that? With this pairing, you should probably stay away from betting too aggressively! So it’s no wonder that the odds for over 2.5 goals at MerkurSports are close to 2.00.

Speaking of odds, who is generally ahead with our bookmakers? 2.10 to 3.60, the tendency points relatively clearly to the home side. Are Betis Sevilla that much stronger?

The Whites are seventh, sixth place is still within reach. Twelve wins, twelve draws and eight defeats, plus 40 goals? No, this club isn’t having an absolutely fantastic season either

After four consecutive defeats (four in the previous 26 games), they have at least bounced back, picking up a 2-1 win against Celta Vigo and Valencia.

It was only the second time this season that they have won twice in a row, three wins in a row would be a real first. Betis have only lost twice in their own stadium, not unimportant ahead of the derby

2:1, 2:3, 3:1, 0:0, 1:1, 2:4? An excerpt from the last home results shows: It can be both high-scoring and rather dull. In any case, it is somewhat curious that Betis could jump to sixth place with a goal difference of +2.

Sevilla FC can’t do anything more this season, but if they were to snatch a win in the derby, the fans would be a little more satisfied! Good thing Betis Sevilla are not among the most fearful opponents

In recent years, the Whites have not cut a particularly good figure against their city rivals, and they have only just ended a crisis with difficulty. They have won half of their home games, often scoring just one point.

Since Sevilla FC have just won three times and can also claim the historical aspect for themselves, I have decided on the following Betis Sevilla FC Sevilla betting tip:

Betis will not win

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