Bolivar – Flamengo betting tip, prediction & odds 25.04.2024

Copa Libertadores 2024, Thursday, 25.04.2024

In this Bolivar Flamengo prediction, I will provide you with all the necessary information about the Copa Libertadores preliminary round match as well as a recommendation for the first-class Bet365 offer code.

You will also receive a tip that has a proven 100% guarantee of success in 2024. Because even next Thursday, I strongly assume that the Brazilians’ first defeat after the New Year will still be a long time coming.

After several failed coaching experiments, Flamengo RJ seem to have made the right decision in October 2023.

Tite brought a wealth of experience to Rio de Janeiro and since then the club has had every reason to dance the samba.

Under his leadership, 21 of the 29 competitive matches have been won so far, a success rate of 72%, which the coach has only surpassed in his entire career during his tenure as Brazil’s national coach between 2016 and 2022 (74%).

Meanwhile, the first two Serie A games of the new season against Atletico-GO and Sao Paulo were both won 2:1! Now the Ruby Reds are looking to go all the way in the Copa Libertadores as well

In South America’s biggest intercontinental club competition, Group E currently looks set for a duel between Bolivar and Flamengo.

However, the Bolivian club have won both of their previous matches against Palestino and Millonarios, while the Ruby Reds have slipped up once.

Against Millionarios (1-1), the Brazilians were unable to get past a 1-1 draw, while the 2-0 win over Palestino was rather meagre compared to Bolivar’s victory against this opponent

Does this automatically put the home side in the role of favorites? According to the Bolivar Flamengo odds from the leading sports betting providers, it does!

The Bolivar home win odds of around 2.25 have been set slightly lower than the 2.90 that the betting markets are offering for a FRJ treble.

After all, beating Bolivar at his own place of work won’t be easy! Only one club has managed to do so since June 2023 (!) – but it came from Brazil!

Internacional were able to set the course for the semi-finals of the 2023 Copa Libertadores early on thanks to a 1-0 goal from the legendary Enner Valencia – Ecuador’s scorer in the opening match of the 2022 World Cup

Bolivar should not be reduced to being part of a weaker league competition compared to their upcoming opponents.

Because in terms of quality, I can assure you that the “Celeste” would not be playing for relegation in Serie A under any circumstances.

However, a lot of sand has been thrown into the team’s gears in recent weeks, meaning that Bolivar’s role as favorites for next Thursday, as discussed earlier, can be openly questioned

Club Bolivar have recently managed to go three games in a row without a win in the domestic league, an occurrence that does not happen very often.

However, a 1:2 against GV San Jose and a 0:1 and 1:1 against SA Bulo Bulo automatically disqualify them from a home win bet on Thursday in my eyes.

In this regard, I would prefer to use the Betway app to select a double chance X2 bet at odds of around 1.60.

And yes, why not? For just under three times the stake, you can also play with the idea that Flamengo will equal their league rivals and now also win at the Estadio Hernando Siles. At least the odds are right

Another reason why the sports betting providers have given the home side the lower odds to win is that the league competition in Bolivia already began in mid-February.

In Brazil, on the other hand, the ball has only been rolling in Serie A for just over a week, so it is assumed that the Ruby Reds will lack a bit of competitive toughness compared to their opponents.

Nevertheless, after the FRJ’s first extremely successful appearances of the new 2024 season, I don’t get the impression that their lack of match practice will play a nasty trick on them next Thursday.

Interestingly, this Thursday will not be the first meeting between the two clubs in the Copa Libertadores!

Exactly a decade ago, their respective paths also crossed in the preliminary round, from which only the Bolivians advanced…

Partly because they scored 2:2 and 1:0 in both group games against Flamengo

Conclusion: It’s a game that will be fought out at the highest level! However, the bookmakers seem to be underestimating the Brazilians’ physical condition.

Tite has prepared his team perfectly for the 2024 season, so the two months less match practice won’t play too big a role in my eyes.

Especially as the Ruby Reds have performed extremely well in their few appearances this season, whereas Bolivar in particular have recently gone from one fumble to the next in the league…

My Bolivar Flamengo tip: Double chance X2

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