Germany – Sweden betting tip, odds World Championship 13.05.2024

Ice Hockey World Championship Group Stage, Monday, 13.05.2024

So far, I have successfully advised you on every DEB game of this Ice Hockey World Cup 2024 – and I want to continue to do so.

In any case, I’m looking forward to my Sweden-Germany prediction with even greater confidence than my first two predictions for the Eagles’ performance at this World Championship in the neighboring Czech Republic

My goodness, have you ever watched the Swedes? In my eyes, there is no other team in the tournament that can compete with them.

The US boys, packed with NHL pros, tried but failed on the first day of competition. The Scandinavians were able to win 5:2 with aplomb. And that is by no means a matter of course.

After all, the USA sent a team to the Czech Republic that has rarely featured so many top professionals. And although the North Americans didn’t take a single penalty, they were only able to thwart some of the 38 shots on goal

Sweden brought a total of 18 NHL pros with them – including some of the best players to inhabit this planet.

Particularly noticeable in the opening game against the USA was their dominant physical style of play, which they imposed on the North Americans. Despite this, they managed to maintain a high tempo for 60 minutes.

Germany are unlikely to have much to gain against this team. The German players are likely to have considerable problems against the Swedes’ first and second lines in particular.

Although they won their first game against Slovakia, they struggled to cope with the weaker Slovaks during every phase of pressure

And then there’s my equally successful USA Germany tip, which should have made you realize that the DEB team simply can’t win a duel against a team made up largely of NHL pros.

The USA showed a clear difference in class! Whenever Germany fought their way back, the Americans stepped up the pace without showing any signs of effort.

And the decision to put Niedermayer in goal for Grubauer was probably not the wisest one either. Be that as it may, it will be almost impossible to even get close to a medal

I’m reluctant to place player bets on this tournament as I prefer other offers from Happybet’s repertoire.

One goal bet I can recommend, however, is to speculate that Joel Eriksson will get the better of German goalkeeper Grubauer.

I’m leaving out his contribution against the Poles at this point, as the game wasn’t even a test match for the Swedes.

But against the strong US defense, the Minnesota Wild player scored two goals and set up another. If he rages in the same way in the DEB team’s third period, the bell could ring early on

Sweden is an opponent that does not suit the Germans. Since the turn of the millennium, there have been seven duels at world championships, and they have all gone to the Scandinavians.

Even last year, when the DEB team reached the final and eliminated Switzerland and even the USA in the knockout phase on the way there, the Tre Kronor once again proved too strong during the group stage (1:0).

At this Ice Hockey World Championship in particular, I see a good chance for Sweden to achieve a clearer victory over the German team than in Tampere a year ago.

With considerably more NHL pros in the squad and extremely strong players on the wings, they should be able to put in a more convincing performance against the Eagles in Prague.

The odds of around 1.45 for a Swedish victory over Germany, which are currently being offered by German bookmakers, are extremely good. They would even be “almost” suitable for a single bet.

Conclusion: Sweden should have a clear advantage in this highly anticipated encounter due to their impressive squad, which boasts 18 NHL players.

The Scandinavians have also already beaten the USA, the strongest opponent in the group, which underlines their form and strength. Germany, on the other hand, already looked overwhelmed in phases of the game against Slovakia and then showed enormous weaknesses against the USA.

So everything points to SWE dominating the game and outclassing the DEB team in a similar fashion to the Americans on Saturday.

My Germany-Sweden betting tip is therefore: Win SWE with handicap -1

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