Barcelona – Real Sociedad betting tip, prediction & odds 13.05.2024

La Liga, Monday, 13.05.2024

Second or third place – it’s the only question FC Barcelona still have to ask themselves in the 2023/24 Primera Division final! Having recently been overtaken by Girona, the Catalans are now looking to strike back.

A three-pointer is needed in the home game on Monday, so it’s good that it’s against one of their absolute favorite opponents. In my Barcelona Real Sociedad betting tip, I quickly side with the bookmakers, favor the home side like them and say: Take advantage of the good odds that come with a home win!

In the title fight? FC Barcelona have never really been able to do that this season. The gap to the leaders has been there from the start and is now 14 points with four games to go.

Yes, theoretically it’s still possible to catch up, but in practice it’s actually completely impossible for Real Madrid and Girona to lose everything. Girona is a good keyword, because: This team, currently one point ahead of Barca, are probably in a duel for the runners-up spot in the championship.

The Catalans could have pulled away quite a bit, but suffered a heavy defeat against the same FC Girona a few days ago. As in the first half of the season, they lost 2:4!

Two of the last three games ended without a point, but the opponents were the two best teams in Spain. Barcelona had not conceded a goal six times in a row, winning five and drawing once

The defense seemed to be holding, but then came the last three results: 2:3 against Real Madrid, 4:2 against Valencia and 2:4 against Girona, nine goals conceded in this period sound anything but positive.

The club is known for results of this kind time and again, whether it’s a 3-5 loss to Villarreal, a 3-3 draw against Granada or then suddenly another unadorned 1-0, which has already happened eight times this season.

Since it has been on the scoreboard six times at home, a result bet might be worthwhile. At Happybet, a 1:0 would result in odds of 7.00, and on top of that there’s also the Happybet bonus code for you.

The Catalans have won 13 of their 17 home games this season, and six of the last eight have ended successfully. A good keyword, because if we look at the direct comparison against Real Sociedad, home games can also be decisive

Generally speaking, with one defeat in the last 19 matches, the upcoming rivals are definitely among the most welcome opponents. They have won 15 times, so their success rate is very high.

Barca had racked up an incredible 27 home wins in a row over the coming decades, but then came the most recent match. Almost exactly a year ago, they lost 2-1, also on matchday 35!

But it should be added here: Barcelona had long been champions and no longer had to push themselves to the limit. The odds for this match show 1.82 to 4.30, the visitors of course know that Barca are one of their most feared opponents

Seven points behind fifth place, two points ahead of seventh place, the Basques are currently trying to finish sixth, at least. Real Sociedad are one of the teams that often lack penetration.

How does that manifest itself? Quite simply, the points have already been shared twelve times, 14 wins is a little thin on the ground. After three games without a win, they recently won 2-0 against Las Palmas

Good and bad phases alternate this season, there is no real difference between home and away games. 7-6-4? This record can be seen both at home and away.

Two defeats from the last 13 away games? This fact is definitely not to be neglected! Three 1:2 and one 2:3, and the four games that were lost weren’t necessary

FC Barcelona want to be runners-up, that was simply not possible in 2023/24. The Catalans aren’t playing a bad season per se, but are far too inconsistent. The best example is the nine goals conceded in the last three games.

Real Sociedad are undoubtedly one of their favorite opponents, and they only won in Barcelona recently because the championship was already secured. In addition, too many draws worsen the situation in the table.

Since Barca still want to catch Girona and have fallen behind, I believe in a motivated performance by Lewandowski and co. And since the history is clear, my bet is now:

Barca beat Real Sociedad!

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