Ouedraogo will not move to Bayern

Ouedraogo, Assan

 – FC Schalke 04
+ Bayern Munich

Assan Ouedraogo will not be leaving FC Schalke 04 for Munich this summer. “There was never a commitment from Assan and us to FC Bayern, although we had a well-paid and ready-to-sign contract from FC Bayern for months,” his father Alassane told “Sky” and emphasized: “Assan has Schalke in his heart, I can assure you of that.” Whether the 18-year-old will continue to play in royal blue in the coming season will be decided “soon”. In any case, Bayern have since announced “that they cannot afford to transfer Assan this summer for various reasons”. Ouedraogo could therefore move to England – after all, according to Alassane, several Premier League clubs are interested in his son

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