Spain – Northern Ireland betting tip, prediction & odds 08.06.2024

EM test match, Saturday, 08.06.2024

I’ll tell you two things I’m convinced of. Firstly: We have the recommendations for the best European Championship free bets. And secondly: The “Roja” is no longer the strongest soccer power on the Iberian Peninsula.

However, this well-founded assumption is initially irrelevant for my Spain-Northern Ireland betting tip.

Because while I won’t be placing any European Championship bets until next week, the Spanish line-up should still be good enough to deal with the Northern Irish without any problems

There are two groups of death at this European Championship. One is Group D with France, Holland and Austria, and the other is Group B with Spain, Croatia and Italy.

In the latter group, I see Spain relatively clearly in first place. After that, the order is completely open – even Albania in third place would not be inconceivable.

But the “Roja” are planning to field so many high-quality players at this Euro 2024 that Italy and Croatia simply won’t be able to keep up with them.

The Iberians’ June preparations consist of two games against Andorra and Northern Ireland, both of which they should of course win.

Yesterday, Wednesday, they won 5:0 against Andorra. Now I expect a significant improvement in performance from the Spaniards against the British. If only because it is their dress rehearsal before they travel to Germany as a whole.

The squad has enough quality up front and in midfield to sweep Northern Ireland off the pitch, even if I don’t think that will be Luis de la Fuente’s priority.

The coach’s primary focus should be on getting Rodri (Manchester City) and Fabian Ruiz (PSG) as much playing time together as possible. After all, these two will be pulling the strings in midfield at the European Championship

Northern Ireland are not as bad as many might think at first glance. In my eyes, this team belongs in the category of teams that can be dangerous even to a potential title contender on a good day.

After all, the men from the northern part of Ireland have played their last three international matches against European Championship participants without conceding a single goal in over 270 minutes of play.

Respect! A 2-0 win over Denmark, followed by a 1-1 draw with Romania and a 1-0 victory over Scotland in March, are all positive results that the oddsmakers would have least expected.

The Northern Irish have named a number of big-name players in this international break, including Manchester United, West Ham United and Liverpool.

However, many of them are either too young or too old. This applies to captain Jonny Evans (36), who has his best days behind him, but also to Conor Bradley (20) and Calum Marshall (19), who have yet to develop.

In general, the Northern Irish squad is of above-average youth, so it is clear that coach Michael O’Neill’s focus is on setting the course for long-term positive development rather than going toe-to-toe with the Spaniards on Saturday.

The only Premier League player of stature who has not yet passed his peak is Jamal Lewis of Newcastle United, while the rest of the squad is more at home in the second-tier English Championship in terms of quality.

The last sporting comparison with a Northern Irish selection was over 17 years ago, which is why I wouldn’t attach too much importance to the Iberians’ 1:0 victory back then.

What I find more interesting, however, is the fact that it was a British team that inflicted their only competitive defeat on the “Roja” since the start of the 2023 calendar year.

Perhaps you remember the 2:0 shock of the Scots on matchday 2 of the European Championship qualifiers? But don’t forget that Coach de la Fuente was at the very beginning of his career back then and his system is working much better now

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Conclusion: Spain play at home and want to make a statement in the last test match before the start of the European Championship. Spain’s quality in midfield and up front is outstanding and they will be keen to show their dominance.

Northern Ireland have up-and-coming talent, and on a good day they can be a threat even to strong teams. But on Saturday they may prove too young and inexperienced to succeed against a battle-hardened Spanish side.

This game will be an important dress rehearsal for the Roja to do some fine-tuning here and there.

My Spain-Northern Ireland betting tip: The home side win with a handicap of -1.

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