Switzerland – Austria betting tip, prediction & odds 08.06.2024

EM test match, Saturday, 08.06.2024

What not so long ago would have been a neighborly duel without any particular significance is now an extremely interesting test match shortly before the start of the 2024 European Championship.

Both Switzerland and Austria are considered to have a good chance of upsetting the usual favorites at the tournament in Germany.

Accordingly, I have an intense exchange of blows on the cards in my Switzerland-Austria betting tip, in which there will be plenty of action in front of both goals

After a mediocre qualifying campaign with five draws in ten games, the Swiss seem to have flipped the switch just in time for the European Championship.

After a 1:0 win against Ireland, they recently recorded a convincing 4:0 win against Estonia. Overall, it is striking that Switzerland have only conceded one goal in their last four games.

If you assume that the Nati will also keep a clean sheet against Austria, you’re looking at strong odds of around 2.70. To be honest, however, I would be surprised if the Swiss were to score zero. I think their opponents Austria are simply too strong for that

In general, my doubts about the Swiss national team are much more pronounced. The Swiss have been labeled “secret favorites” more than once in recent tournaments – and they have only delivered to a limited extent.

At the last European Championship, they did manage to reach the quarter-finals and thus achieve the best result in the association’s history.

However, the truth is that they have only won three European Championships in five appearances. I therefore expect resistance against Austria, but not a brilliant performance

Sounds strange, but it’s true: the fact that Austria were drawn in an absolute horror group at the European Championships could prove to be a big advantage for Ralf Rangnick’s team in the end.

Playing against the Netherlands, France and Poland in the group stage means you have to push yourself to the limit right from the start and also gives you the opportunity to build up the confidence you need for the knockout phase.

If you want to be the secret favorite, you can’t be without a chance against the top teams. If you want to compete for the title, there is no point in playing your way into the round of 16 in a group of larifari. In short: Austria must show its true colors right at the start of the European Championship.

The ÖFB team’s recent record speaks in its favor. They have won seven of their last eight matches. Their only defeat came against Belgium (2-3) – so Austria were able to keep pace here too

The team recently took a 2-0 lead against Serbia after just 13 minutes and then took it a little easier without losing control of the game (2-1).

If Austria also scores the first goal against Switzerland, the European Championship betting providers are offering excellent odds of around 1.85.

The Austrians have scored at least one goal in each of their last 16 matches. The last time they conceded a goal was in 2022 – 0:2 against France

But of course there are also some question marks behind the European Championship forecast for the Austrian team.

Particularly bitter: David Alaba, probably the most important player, is missing due to a cruciate ligament rupture.

In addition, the ÖFB team has yet to prove that it can actually compete at the very top at a European Championship. After all, they have not yet achieved more than a place in the round of 16 at the last European Championship

If you take a look at the direct comparison, it becomes clear at first glance that the Swiss still have some catching up to do against Austria.

After 42 matches, the Swiss are currently trailing by a clear margin with twelve wins, five draws and 25 defeats.

The Austrian team has been one of the Swiss national team’s favorite opponents in the recent past. Switzerland have won five of their last six matches

However, the last time they met was several years ago. In 2015, the Swiss won a test match 2:1.

Overall, it is noticeable that both teams have not held back on scoring goals in the duels of this century. Six games have been played since 2000.

Both teams have scored at least one goal in five of them. The three-goal mark has also been broken in six of the last seven games. For “Over 2.5 goals” on Saturday you can collect odds of 2.05.

Conclusion: You may think I’m crazy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we meet Switzerland or Austria again in the European Championship semi-finals in a few weeks’ time.

Both teams are extremely difficult to play against and already have to prove themselves in the preliminary round. The head-to-head clash could hardly be a more fitting dress rehearsal.

Accordingly, I assume that both the Swiss and the Austrians will play boldly from the start and serve us an entertaining test match.

The days of meaningless encounters are over (for now). My Switzerland-Austria betting tip is: Both teams will score at least one goal each

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